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Extra Terrestrial Migration - Gene Engineering

Eternal Life Society
Migrating to Infinite Space-Time.

"We Can Become the Engineers of Our Own Body Chemistry.
- In the Right Environment We Can Live Forever"

Once we get off the finite surface of the planet earth and are capable of living in potentially infinite orbital space, there is no reason to have a finite lifespan.

As engineers of our own body chemistry we can disable the genes that dictate the termination of our lifespan, as scientists have already demonstrated with plants and animals. There is no inherent limit to the "Lebensraum" (living space) in orbital space as there is on our planetary surface.

The life span of each organism is determined by the environment to which it has adapted.

The new environment will be our imagination which we can only fill if we live forever. We have to be immortal. There is no inherent limit to our imagination as long as there is time and space.

The incentive to be a member in good standing in society is the pursuit of immortality. Humankind's social activity, ultimately its urge to mate, is an instinct, just like the instinct to live. If the purpose of society is to protect and enhance the wellbeing of its members, then providing the means to achieve immortality should be one of its highest priorities. The "New World" must provide individuals with access to the experts, the education and the means to achieve immortality.

The difference between our present world based on the formation and protection of family, tribe, nation and the "New World" is that the latter must have as its goal the pursuit of individual immortality.

The purpose of this website is to bring like-minded people together by providing:

Alfred Schickentanz

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