“Heterosexually Yours”

I think I’m going to start ending all my letters and emails that way.

Anyway, here’re the EXTREMELY HETEROSEXUAL Valentines I sent out this year — all to INTERNET PEOPEL LOL!!11

Viral (board moderator): (card)
Sar (board moderator): (card)
Gummy (board moderator): (card)
Dave Cheung: (card)
Fred Gallagher: (card)
Josh Lesnick: (card)
Donald “Wayne” Lozen: (card)
Moot: (card)

So, yeah, I think I’m going to spend all of today crying while studying and eating chocolates that I bought for myself. SO WHAT ARE YOU UP TO TODAY?! HUH?!

Also, I totally expect something in return on white day from you guys.

Heterosexually yours,
Dan Kim

24 Responses to ““Heterosexually Yours””

  1. Chun Says:

    OH, you’ve reminded me; I need to make a chocolate for myself to school >>.

  2. Hanieh Says:

    Hahahaha. I should eat some chocolate, do I even have any at home? ;_; sad day.

  3. Weazal Says:

    I dont have any chocolate… I just have to synthesize it poorly with colby cheeze and frosted flakes! XD Heterosexually Yours, Weazal.

  4. Not One Of Us Says:

    I had a Pop Tart. Could’ve been chocolate, but was strawberry.

    Loveu loveu confession desu,

  5. Saitou Says:

    I envy you people. Not only is today Valentine’s, but also my anniversary with my significant? other.
    I think she’s expecting me to jump through a series of flaming hoops for her today.


  6. Viral Says:

    Thank you, Dan.
    I still doubt the title though :P

  7. senfood Says:

    I was expecting Brokeback Mountain: Part Deux for Moot’s. Also, age for Anonymous.

  8. Tzipora Says:

    AHH!! Shitting dick nipples! *runs screaming*
    LoL happy v-day.

  9. Peter Says:

    On an unrelated note: Clicking on one of the “buy poster” links returns an internal server error from the shopping site. Bad, BAD server.

  10. dkim Says:

    Oh, yeah, the store exploded. The links should point to a notice explaining things, now.

  11. Jess Says:

    I totally love those cards. And I will also be one of the doomed singles. Maybe I’ll just make my own drinkable chocolate.

  12. Alice Says:

    Hihi! I made a Nana valentine generator you can use to make your own custom Nana valentines! Check it out here: http://www.loverevolution21.com/

  13. Chimi Says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day, Dan!

    I wish you many lolis, all passionately in love with you!

  14. Mista_B Says:

    Happy liquor day, everyone!

  15. Matt S Says:

    Lol dan i loved the valentines, especially the one for Fred, nice! :D

  16. EvilGummy Says:

    ;____; WAIWAI DESU~~~

    I love it with all my black dickgirl heart

  17. Subaru Says:

    Oh gawd,
    It’s like a sick, twisted 8 year old little 4channer unleashed his fury on the poor crayons….
    And I thought Shitting dick nipples was supposed to be some sick joke. Next thing I know someone’s posting it in /b/… O~o

  18. APOKOLYPES Says:

    :( some how that doesn’t sound rquite ight:

    Dear Mr. & Mrs. So&So
    I’m sorry to hear about your loss, as you know little Timmy and I have been close friends since kindergarden. I’m sure he’s passed onto a better place now. You have my sympathy and condolences.
    Heterosexually Yours, Dan Kim

    PS: I both loath and admire your work, you Nana killer.

  19. Fronzel Says:

    “(i u)”?


  20. hitokage Says:

    Happy V day to you and your sister. Did you get her anything? I wish I had a sister……..

  21. danihana Says:

    Good god you’re weird, Dan.

  22. Mr. Goomba Says:

    Is that an NHK reference in Fred’s card? Jawsome!

  23. Tree Says:

    D-don’t cry, Dan!
    Tree loves you!

    And, um… Tree got a bunch of candy!
    And a cute little stuffed dog! ^.^

    And she loves those valentines. They are sexy…ful. Sexyful. :’3

  24. Von Says:

    Heterosexually yours as well.

    White day = Steak & BJ day in North America :) . (March 14th) http://www.steakandbjday.com/

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