Fish, hunt, explore with small plywood boat

"Build an Inexpensive, Small Plywood Boat in a Weekend"

Have you ever thought about building your own boat? Imagine yourself gliding effortlessly over lakes and rivers enjoying the wonders of nature in a boat crafted by your own hands. Or, if you're a fisherman or hunter, silently stalking your prey in a stealthy craft of your own creation. Maybe you've always wanted a small boat to throw in the back of your truck or on top of the car for those refreshing planned-the-last-minute weekend getaways. Anyway you look at it, there are lots of outdoor activities you can enjoy in a Cajun Secret Pirogue... a small, flat bottom boat you can build quickly, easily and affordably that's been tested and proven for centuries in the swamps of Louisiana. This versatile little boat was designed by Cajuns to be:

  • Easy to build. Cajuns like things simple, quick and easy. If you can build a box you can build this pirogue.

  • Constructed using basic tools. You probably have most of the tools you'll need already

  • Inexpensive. Easily one-half to one-third the cost of a comparable canoe or john boat

  • Quickly constructed. You can build this boat and be out on the water in a weekend or two
Cajun Secret pirogue plans are drawn from the traditional Cajun pirogue, which wasn't designed to have any "hard-parts." The information is presented in a straightforward, step-by-step format, including simple diagrams and a materials list.

"Small Boat Plans, Not Rocket Science"

If you're like me, you want to build a boat and get it on the water fast, without spending countless hours decoding confusing and awkward directions. It should be fun - that's why I created these simple plans with the Cajun motto in mind:

"Laissez les Bons Temps Rouler!" (Let the Good Times Roll!).

There are no complicated jigs or frames to set up, only simple, proven building methods that have been used by Cajun outdoorsmen for many years. I don't have the patience for bad instructions, and neither should you. So get the plans, build the boat, and let the good times roll. There's a whole lot of water out there waiting to be explored.
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