Morishima Defeats Ron Harris - Becomes New WLW World Champion



          On September 12th in Budokan Hall, Takeshi Morishima defeated Ron Harris to become the new WLW World Heavyweight Champion.  Morishima became the second NOAH wrestler to win the title, following Takeo Omori, who held the title from the summer of 2002 through early 2003.  Morishima will be coming to the US to defend the title in future WLW events.

          Former champion Ron Harris had won the title in July 2003, when he was a last minute replacement for the injured Trevor Rhodes against then-champion Ron Powers.  For additional stories about the title match, please see:

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          Below are some photos from Harley Race's visit to Japan.


Harley Race and Joe Higuchi of Pro Wrestling NOAH Harley with NOAH's Ken Hirayama and Joe Higuchi

Harley and Rhu Nakata, one of NOAH's top executives.

Harley again with Rhu Nakata.

Harley autographs an item for a NOAH fan. Ron Harris and Takeshi Morishima in the title match at Budokan. Harley with Ken Hirayama, who works for NOAH out of Honolulu.