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Project Q-031

Project Q-031:
motor ships of the type "VOLGA"

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Project facts. Large passenger vessels, intended for work on cruise routes on Danube river. The project included double and 3-bed cabins, equipped with personal WCs, "luxe" cabins, restaurant, bar, two saloons, sauna. Air condition system was installed.

Serial building. Since 1970 till 1971 2 units were built. The ships were named after the rivers of the USSR.

Designations. Project Q-031, type "Volga".

Distribution. Both ships were delivered to Danube Shipping Company for operation on different cruise routes between Izmail (Ukraine) on Lower Danube and Passau (Germany) on Upper Danube, where they are used till present.

Modernizations. During the operation the ships were undergoing different modernizations with the main goal to increase the comfort for the passengers.

Main data
Ship type cruise motor ship
River Register class R
Region of sail Danube river
Place of built Korneuburg, Austria
Shipbuilding yard Osterreichische Schiffswerften AG Linz Korneuburg
Year of built and name of the first ship 1970, VOLGA
Length b.p. / o.a., m 100,7 / 105,9
Breadth b.p. / o.a., m 11,4 / 16,1
Fixed point above baseline, m 8,3
Superstructure two decks
Passenger and cargo capacity
Passengers, pers. total 212
"luxe" cabins 8
double cabins 72
3-bed cabins 132
Sitting places, pers. restaurant 170
bar and saloon 64
Crew, pers. 77
Displacement and draught
Gross register tonnage 2 125
Mean draught, m 1,65
Main engines
Diesels MWM Typ. TbD 440-8
4-cycle turbo reversive
Number and power, kWatts (h.p.) 2 х 662 (900)
Speed (at deep waters), km/h 26,2
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