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NEWS    January 31, 1999
The Infamous "Chair" Picture

Every Tomb Raider fan knows the "chair" picture. Some even consider it too scandalous for their taste, while other consider it just sexy.

But no matter what you think, you might not know that this picture does have an interesting background history. It is based on a real and fairly famous picture.

Lachlan A. McGrath revealed it first on the forums, we went ahead and did some research to bring you the full story.

Back in 1963, Britain was shocked by what would be known as the "Profumo affair", when British Minister of War John Profumo was forced from office after admitting that he had lied about his affair with the model and prostitute Christine Keeler, then 21.

Keeler was also intimate with a Soviet attaché who was said to have been a spy, and the affairs shook public confidence in the British security establishment, although a government report later found that national security had not been breached. Many people also think that this affair costed the next election to Prime Minister Harold Macmillan.

One picture of Christine Keeler was made particularly famous at the time, due to it's scandalous nature, not usual for that period.

Rather familiar, don't you think?

More recently, in 1989, Michael Caton-Jones directed a movie based on this affair. It was called, rather unsurprisingly, "Scandal".

Starring Joanne Whalley-Kilmer (Val Kilmer's wife) as Christine Keeler, the movie featured the famous picture on it's poster.

Joanne's redition of the "chair" picture is, as you can see, even more familiar...

Undoubtedly the artist at Core who did this rendition of Lara inspired himself (or herself) on Joanne Whalley-Kilmer's picture. We tried to contact Core to know what moved them to do this picture but no one seem keen to answer our queries... Too bad, their story would have been interesting to know.

On a side note, Joanne Whalley-Kilmer would be a fine candidate for Lara's role in the Tomb Raider movie. Maybe we'll run an article on her later...

In the mean time, we leave you with a wallpaper of the infamous "chair" picture. Click HERE to get it.

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