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Furry FAQ: State of the Fandom
Numerous questions and answers about the furry fandom

Comprehensive FAQ of the furry fandom that I've spent almost a year making. I tried to find some reasoning behind the stereotypes associated with the fandom and why furries are regarded as freaks by the media and internet culture in general. I have some examples of fursection in action and an attempt to explain the stereotypes surrounding furry sexuality. I update my articles from time to time so this FAQ is never really outdated.

This FAQ's Furry Rating

Mild Nudity and Incessant Rambling

Furry Fandom Defined

Furry is anyone who is a fan of the anthropomorphic animal genre of stories, artwork, movies, series, and characters. The term furry is also used to describe characters who are drawn with anthropomorphic characteristics such as fur, tails and ears. For example, Inuyasha is a half-demon with dog-ears and thus considered furry even though he is technically an animal demon. Animals who talk like people (Lion King, Balto), bipedal animal morphs (Bagi, Inuyasha) or even aliens who look like furry animals (Outlaw Star) are all considered anthropomorphic and thus furry. Furry is at its very core is about an art style and the fans who admire it. The problem is some fans have different ways of expressing it.

Furry Fans

Fans are the vast majority of people in a fandom who saw the series/movie once and liked it. That's about it. Fans may not know the scriptlines by heart but they know enough about the characters to explain the storyline without flinching. Many people interested in the furry genre usually aren't even aware that a genre exists. They just think of them as cartoon animals. Hey, you're a fan. Consider yourself normal.


Furries are the vast majority of furry fans you meet online. They build their own websites, characters, cons, (hate sites?), fan fiction, games, and artwork. They register their own domain names and build flash-heavy sites to proclaim their furriness to the world. Furries are the most recognizable members of the furry fandom.

Furry fans in this category are fans of old television series and movies. Think Sonic the HedgeHog, Bucky'O'Hare, and Rescue Rangers, and movies like the Lion King, Tarzan, Animalympics, and Bambi. They are simply creating fansites and forums online to share their interests with other people.

Kemono, or the Japanese version of furry, is often the main reason fans become furries. Anime has animal demons known as Youkai that are very popular in anime culture with series such as Inuyasha, Naruto and others. The cat girl is also a well-known kemono that implies an enhanced sense of sexual energy and vitality. Cat girls are seen in series such as Escaflowne, Dragon Ball Z, and Hyper Police. While not a true youkai, furry races are not uncommon in anime and both appear and act human.

"Who doesn't like the Lion King?" --I'm in this category. Yay me!

Anti-furries, on the other hand, are furries who argue against being associated with less desirable parts of the fandom like fursuiting and furotica. It has also been used to describe people who generally hate the fandom's sexual aspects, mostly furry hate sites. While numerous anti-furry groups have tried to clean up the fandom few have met with any success. Burned Furs was an infamous example of an anti-furry group that died shortly after it was created. It was ridiculed by the same people who berated furry fandom because of the fursuits. The media continues to protray furries as sex-obsessed overweight people in animal costumes much to the dismay of all people in the furry fandom.

Strangely, anime has no movement to clean up the fandom. Hentai is often accepted as the Adult end of the fandom. They coexist side by side and each has its own reasons for its popularity. Hentai is popular because of the pornography while anime is popular because of characters, story and art style. Furry fandom has a similar setup with furotica.

Furtaku are the otaku of the furry fandom. Think of them as furry fanatics or connoisseurs of furry fandom, the anime equivalent of rabid fanboy/girls. They don't see furry as a lifestyle but more like a mania or a hobby.

Everyone has different ways of expressing their love of the fandom so some Furtaku will collect merchandise, a few will do fanfiction and artwork, roleplay or cosplay, and others will simply impress others with their knowledge of the series. Anime conventions are designed for these diverse interests; they often have cosplay, merchandise and people behind the series as part of the convention show.


In simplest terms, a fursona picture is what a fan would look like if they inhabited the cartoon/series/game universe. It is a caricature of the artist using the art style of the universe in question. This can range from anything from anime, hentai, disney, mech, furry, chibi, 3d polygons, to the artist's own personal style. It's mainly used by furry artists to show off their anthropomorphic art style.

Artist Fursonas are the furry artists version of personality tests. Personas include a list of a fans favorite series, interests, hobbies, and personal perks and traits. They are often seen as long lists of personal or semi-personal questions and their answers. Fursonas improve on this by including a furry picture of themselves and furry descriptions and interests. Most people are familiar with the pictorial aspect of fursonas.

Siggys in forums and chat rooms are the perfect place to look for artist fursonas. Instead of a real life picture of the author many people put in pictures of their interests and hobbies. Some people have pictures of their favorite anime character while others use funny photos they scrounged up from the web. Furries use fursonas for the same reason. A fursona is the preferred way to declare yourselves part of the furry fandom. Furry fandom is an art based fandom and fursonas are often more recognizable as being furry than clip art from furry series.

Character Fursonas have other uses by the roleplaying part of the fandom. Character Furplayers create fursonas for use in roleplaying sessions. The furry character is often adapted for use in the roleplaying world and its not uncommon for people to have multiple character fursonas. The character is used only for the roleplaying world like an RPG game character, and its not meant to reflect the artists real life aspects.

furrykins will also create and use fursonas as their ideal furry self. This is often reflected on hate sites like Portal of Evil and Something Awful where furries are ridiculed for dressing up in funny animal costumes. Creatures like Chakats often come to mind if you're into the adult roleplaying scene.


Furplay is the gaming/roleplaying aspect of the furry fandom. Furplay is roleplay in the RPG sense with furry humanoid creatures. MMORPGs such as Everquest, World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XI are very popular online and each has furry races as a prominent selling point for their world. It has nothing to with roleplaying as animals since furries portrayed in video games are animal Morphs; Intelligent like elves and dwarves and at the same time anthropomorphic. In fact most people don't consider themselves to be their roleplaying character whether furry or not. Its just the character they picked first or that they liked the most when they first started. It's usually the gameplay or the socializing that keeps players in the roleplaying world.

There are other types of roleplaying of course. Furry roleplaying sites where the roleplaying is the focus of the game allow people to roleplay as the furry of their choice. Many of these sites have strict rules and guidelines for roleplay that involves descriptive words and naming options. These types of sites require the person to like the character they roleplay as or else they wouldn't be roleplaying there in the first place. Live Action Role Playing (LARP) is one great example of this.

Character Furplay is just like traditional roleplaying with an added twist: The artist strongly identifies with the character they've created. They feel as though they share personality traits with their character which is why they created it in the first place. The distinction is that it is still a character they made up and are roleplaying as.

BabyFurs and Postfurry are examples of character furplay. Furries don't exist in a vacuum. Furries often mix their interests when roleplaying so a furry has an explanation for existing.

Character furplay is very popular online in chat rooms and forums. It takes place more openly in MUCKs and and graphical worlds like Furcadia that focus solely on social interaction. Character creation is often limited by sprite graphics or simply as a link to a picture online. Character Fursonas can be anything from semi-intelligent animal Morphs to regular animals depending on the series.

Morphs are often used for character roleplaying to give their character added abilities. Pokemorphs are popular characters in Pokemon roleplaying because of the series background with genetic engineering. Mewtwo is a Pokemorph who appeared in the series and the Pokemon Movie. Digimorphs are popular in digimon fanfiction because of seasons three and four. Neomorphs do exist but mostly in pornographic form. Furries are better known as animal morphs.

In contrast to regular furplay, character furplay has an adult side to it. Some roleplaying sites specialize in adult furplay though most have a closed off area just for that purpose. It's Cybersex (Tinysex) with furry Morphs and is about human sexual intercouse. Sexual roleplaying acts like Voreaphilia do exist and often attract the most ire from people inside and outside the fandom.


Furotica, better known as Yiff, is the genre of erotic furry artwork and adult furry stories. Their interests range from Tiny Toons pornography to Digimon bondage and are very affluent in furry culture. Currently, Furotica has reached a state of infamy in internet circles by becoming the target of hate sites even though many fandoms have their own fetish culture. Anime has hentai and fan service shots while furry has furotica and booblets.

Furries who download furotica are often called furverts or furverted. It's not an animal fetish exactly, but more akin to furry Toonophilia or Morphophilia. Some furverts have a thing for cartoons while others are attracted to the Morph physiology.

Incidently, everyone likes watching a celebrity have sex on tape. For some fans its the same thing with their favorite characters. While Pokemon porn and toaster sex might seem a bit odd to people unfamiliar to the fandom you'd be suprised to see how many people download anime porn and have no idea who the artist is or what series its from. They're here for the "pr0n". Plain and simple. Who doesn't like porn?

Toonophilia is the sexual fetish of cartoon characters. Toonophiles literally fall in love with cartoon characters. Furry Toonophiles often have a sexual attraction to cartoon characters because of a character's furry characteristics. For example, Minerva Mink or Sesshomaru because of their physical attractiveness and/or personality.

Some Toonophiles, on the other hand, are not attracted to the characters in question but more to the physics of the world that cartoon characters inhabit. Cartoon characters can change shape and can defy gravity at times in the old Looney Tunes style of cartoon world. It is something akin to a latex or balloon fetish where the characters physical consistency can change (flesh versus cartoon skin) but with sexual connotations. It is often used in Character Furplay to add realism or kink to the cybersex experience.

Morphophilia is the sexual fetish of the Morph physiology. Morphs are creatures that have human intelligence but are distinct and separate from human beings. Morphophiles like seeing said creatures with secondary sex characteristics. Some lesser known examples are Pokemorphs, Digimorphs, and Neomorphs. All furry characters are just animal morphs when you think about it.

Furries describe the furry fetish as toonophilia though I tend to disagree. Cartoon characters often lack the secondary sex characteristics necessary to perform human-style sex. Many are drawn full clothed or lacking those parts. Pornography artists tend to add those human traits to pornify cartoon characters. Digimon and Pokemon become digimorphs and pokemorphs. Neopets become Neomorphs. There is something unsettling about seeing a pikachu morph with breasts and human genitalia though I suspect this is what many furverts are attracted to.

Zoophilia is the sexual fetish of real life animals. Zoophiles describe it as real love for people directed at animals. Some zoophiles engage in bestiality though not all do. People with this type of fetish are attracted to the furry fandom for obvious reasons and Furries hate the stereotype religiously.


Fursuiters are the cosplayers of the furry fandom. Cosplay is all about costumes and makeup and looking like your favorite character (bishi) better than everyone else. People behind the fursuits feel a form of social empowerment with no else knowing who they really are behind the mask. Having a crappy costume usually has the opposite effect so positive feedback feeds into the fursuiting lifestyle. Live Action RolePlayers (LARPers) use fursuits for character roleplaying as furry races to great effect.

There is a debate going between furries as to whether fursuits are considered part of the furry fandom. Anime fans generally have a negative attitude toward anime cosplay and consider it a form of escapism and outside their fandom. Anime fans still cosplay at conventions however. Furry fans and non-furry fans dislike fursuits because of the stigma and media attention surrounding anatomically correct fursuits but some still use them. I tend to think of fursuits as part of the cosplay fandom and furry (because of the costumes anthropomorphic characteristics) at the same time but not part of the furry art fandom per se.

Sexy Fursuiters are people who wear anatomically correct fursuits. Sexy fursuits are a sexual fetish and a lifestyle that some furries engage in. No actual sexual contact occurs as sex is between the fake appendages of the fursuit.

The Sexy Fursuiter lifestyle has been compared to plushophilia and zoophilia though they are not the same thing. Magazine articles and the infamous CSI episodes detail the exploits of people inside anatomically correct fursuits. This may become a trend for anime cosplay in general though I have never seen it used for sexual purposes as of yet. It is possible that adult fursuits are similar to the leather and harnesses used in Bondage and Dominatrix fantasies though this is just a personal theory.


Otherfurs are furries who have some sort of spiritual connection to the animals they take up as their fursona. Some Otherfurs want to be animals while others believe they are part animal. They are the Trekkies of furry fandom who take the furry art style just a little too seriously as some sort of lifestyle.

Furrykin are furries who mix New Age beliefs with Otherkin new age spiritualism. Some examples are furry animal totems, animal spirit guides and reincarnation from a past life as a furry creature. There is no roleplaying here. They are part of a semi-spiritual movement known as Otherkin that is somewhat dubious in its ideology, somewhere along the lines of escapism and wishful thinking. The name is something reminiscent of Otakukin that some Otherfurs have adopted.

The situation for furrykin complicates when you throw Kitsune into the mix. Kitsune, or Japanese spirit foxes, are foxes with the spiritual powers of illusion and transformation into a person. They are very popular in anime and consequently in the Otherkin community. Other animal-like demons and Morphs exist in numerous mythologies of countries like japan or simply in an anime series and they have have no specific Otherkin grouping. They fall into the rather general term of furrykin or Mythic Otherkin. Some furrykin claim to be kitsune while others claim to be animals though they are both generally known as Furrykin.

Many of the furries people analyze on hate sites are furrykin. They call furry a lifestyle and dress up in fursuits in order to mimic their (fursona-like) true self. Some even have sex in fursuits as a way to explore their furry sexuality. The antics of furrykin tends to have a negative effect on the furry fandom as a whole.

Therianthropy is a more specific type of Otherkin phenotype many furrykin claim to be. Therians claim to be Werewolves or were-animals in spirit even though they can't transform into one in real life. Being a were is like an animal-like mood or state of mind that furrykin are supposed to have minus the super powers.

TransFurry is the furry version of Transhumanism. Transhumanism is a philosophy that deals with the improvement of mankind through science and philosophy; basically using technology to improve the human body. Transhumanists traditionally deal with genetics, technology and bioethical issues to improve humanity physically and socially.

Transfurry is for members of the furry fandom who actively try to become real life furries. This can mean anything from a anime style catgirl to a shippo-style kitsune from Inuyasha. Some furries would be happy with something as benign as a tail and ears while others opt for a full body of fur on a Morph bodyframe. Many create fursonas of their ideal self for character roleplay. Anatomically correct fursuits are part of the cosplay fandom though it still somewhat dubious if transfurries actually use fursuits to achieve a furry body type.

Psychologically, transfurry has been compared to Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD). People with BDD generally feel distant from their body. This can lead people to believe/conclude that they are not human or that they change into a non-human form such as animal at various times when their condition is the strongest. Lycanthrophy is well-known form of BDD.

Transfurries dismiss the notion that it is an illness of any sort and more of a lifestyle choice. TransFurry is more along the lines of body modification, (tatoos, tongue piercing) but somewhat more extreme in practice. Breast implants and nose jobs are more aesthetically pleasing and have sexual connotations while furry transformations do not. Furry itself has a mildly sexual context that people outside the fandom berate constantly.

Human-animal hybrids are one example of real life furries. Animals such as mice with human brains and rabbit-human chimeras are being created in labs for medicinal uses. While none of them resemble the Secret of NIMH as of yet many Transfurries are split on the animal experimentation issue. Some are against animal experimentation in any form while others are in favor of its use in medicine. For example, pig organs genetically modified to work in human transplants.

Not all Transfurries rely on biotechnology to become real life furries. Some notorious examples are the Tiger Man and the Lion-faced woman (Jocelyn Wildenstein). While many transfurries choose not to have elective plastic surgery they still rely on the future of Biotechnology to fill in the void of furry transformation.


Haters are people who really hate the furry fandom. They enjoy trolling forums and hate sites to make fun of the furries they consider so freaky. Sites like Portal of Evil and Something Awful live off the publicity and shock factory around fetish sites which many goons call home.

The difference between a hater and and anti-furry is that a hater relies on stereotypes to berate the fandom. Anti-furries actively try to clean up the fandom and make it yiff-free. Haters rely on negative publicity though television shows like CSI and furry magazine articles to make their opinions for them.

Roleplaying worlds are not immune to the haters influence. Goons still invade furplay forums and chat rooms calling furries names like animal lovers and other colorful words. They have even invaded online 3D worlds like the furry environment in Second Life. Many join Second Life simply to annoy and torment furries.

Of course, the situation has improved in the last few years. The furry hating heyday was around the time the CSI episode Fur and Loathing in Las Vegas came out so it's actually not as bad as it used to be. Furry hating is considered old news by the hate sites nowadays so only the true haters engage in it now.

"I hate that episode. I can think of a hundred technical details wrong with that series which I have listed on my website, [link here], in chronological order with thumbnails listed on the sidebar..." --Haters like to hate

The Furry art style: Furry versus Anthropomorphic
Why do furries have animal parts

" No one gossips about other people's secret virtues. " -- Bertrand Russell

Chibi has always been predominant in anime series. Whenever a character gets angry or does something comical their whole body deforms into a 2D child-sized version of themselves with supernatural abilities. Angry chibis will have the super strength to knock their friend into orbit while sad chibis will shrink and fade into the background. It's all done to add some comic effect to the scene. If a normal person beat the crap out of someone it would be considered hateful but if a chibi beats you up its usually someone you know, and funny, since the punk probably saw it coming anyway.

There are other visual themes that kind of repeat themselves in various anime series. The river of tears (sadness/crying), the pulsing forehead artery (anger), the cat mouth (yiffyness), and of course the guy who talks with his eyes closed (coolness?). Each chibi type adds something to the anime character's context (mood/persona) when it is used. An action in chibi form has a different meaning than if done in the character's normal form.

Furry has its own visual themes of course. Whatever animal you use to create a furry/fursona that character inherits its attributes and mannerisms. Collars indicate being "owned" or a type of submissiveness. The position of the tail and ears indicates the mood of the animal. Claws and sharp teeth indicate aggresiveness. Toys indicate playfulness or curiosity. And, as with all anime characters, the clothes and facial expression define their true character.

All fashion stereotypes aside, you decide how to approach a person based on their outward appearance. You approach men in business suits differently than biker chicks. Goths attract more idle stares than a person wearing a school uniform. Chibi and furry are just another layer of clothes.

Many furry artists and fans create their own idealistic version of the animal as they see fit (Human sexuality is implied BTW) when creating their furry character. Wolves become noble when they could also be seen as savage, otters as playful when they could also be stupid, and cats as aristocratic (stuckup) or better known as hairball factories. Much of the personality you see in a furry character, as with any anime character, is in the clothes and facial/body features and the character's personality. A well placed scarf, weapon, or even eye color can change an ordinary furry into an interesting one. Furryness simply adds to the character's personality.

Examples: Being part fox makes a furry more cunning and fox-like (Disney's Robin Hood). Being part rat makes a furry appear devious or evil, the attributes normally associated with rats (Gary the Rat). Simba, a lion, seems more regal (The Lion King). Cyborgs are robot Morphs and have superhuman abilities and are still considered human (Ghost in the Shell, Chobits). Furry Morphs have an increased sexual vibe and some animal abilites but are still considered human or a race similar to human (Usagi Yojimbo, Dragon Ball Z, Outlaw Star). Morphs are not just limited to furry creatures (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Gargoyles) though they are not considered furry.

Ultimately most of the characters personality comes from their actions and spoken dialogue. Most major American furry movies (and most fans hopefully) often pick the attributes they pass to their characters and avoid the sexual attributes per the majority Christian moral ethic. Most omit sexual organs in favor of personality and good plotlines. They're still considered humanoid anyway and have human sexuality, social contexts and taboos associated with them. That's why you rarely ever see fan service shots and gratuitous sex scenes in American furry movies.

Incidently, in anime circles kemono (Japanese furry) is more associated with being yiffy. Being part animal is like dressing half naked in skimpy clothing and being totally oblivious to that fact. It hints at sexual promiscuity and the emotional/social innocence of animals at the same time. They can be yiffy in public and not be considered perverted, just different. Cat girls are synonymous with Playboy bunnies in a way. I like to compare it to those topless tribes you tend to find in remote jungles; being naked is not perverted to them, just their way of life.

That's where fursonas come in. Fursonas are the equivalent of furry personality tests that you often see in thumbnail form in forums and webpages. People pick an animal that best suites their personality and pick other traits that best suit their character and lifestyle. An artist might pick a cartoon style fox to show their love for web comics, while a Lion King fan would use a hyena in the lion king art style, and a dark scifi manga novelist would have a humanoid jaguar with dark clothing and a giant sword strapped to her back. All of these are furry and noticably different from each other so it shows just how divergent the fandom has become in recent years. It now encompasses everything from saturday morning kids cartoons to anime-style adult content to any manga novelization with furry-humanoid creatures.

The awful truth is Furries have no definitive furry series. Star Trek fans have several series to choose from while Star Wars fans have lots of movies. Furry is just too generalized for anyone from the happy Disney cartoons viewers to agree with the anime-obsessed manga lovers. Star wars fans can use trivia and merchandise to show they are a hardcore star wars fan but a furry fan can talk about his favorite scene from Outlaw Star and receive a blank stare from a Sonic the HedgeHog fan. It's how furry fandom handles its potential identity crisis.

Unfortunately, furry artists who have a habit of focusing on the sexual nature of their furry character have fursonas of a sexual nature. They create dozens of pictures of sexy furs in compromising situations and all this says about the artist is that they like sex and it really shows. This has attributed to Toonophilia and Morphophilia by furries and Zoophilia by anti-furries.

NOTE: Furry is not the same thing as anthropomorphic. Anthropomorphic animals are the kind of animals you keep as pets or you see in zoos. Furry is like the Bishonen style of anime, a pretty furry if you will, with some human physiology. Furries are physically attractive animal morphs while anthropomorphic animals often resemble real life animals with some human traits such as intelligence, personality, etc. For example, Minerva Mink (Animaniacs) is a furry while Meeko (Pochanhantas) is a cartoon animal. Both are considered part of the furry genre of anthropomorphic animals. Balto (Balto) and Simba (The Lion King) are considered furry even though they are both four-legged and fuzzy. They are both drawn in anthropomorphic art styles and act human even though they are in animal form.

Star Wars has anthropomorphic characters like Chewbacca and the Ewoks but they are not considered furry. Furry characters have to have a certain cartoony physical attractiveness to them that makes them furry. Ugly and/or photorealistic animal morphs such as the Hollywood style of werewolves aren't considered furry. There is lots of furotica involving yiffable fluffy furries like the Care Bears and the Pound Puppies but curiously no Ewok or Chewbacca porn (to my knowledge).

Sexy furs are the stereotypical hyper-sexual furries you read about on hate sites. Many of the artists argue that human beings are sexual in nature as well. People have sex in the real world and there's nothing wrong if their roleplaying character or artwork has sex acts in it. Many fandoms have normal and adult subgroups in place. Chat rooms are available in adult and regular versions even though Cybersex involves no actual sex. Anime has Hentai and the much tamer Ecchi. Even fursuits come in squeaky clean and anatomically correct versions. People who create sexual furry artwork are just creating artwork that suits their adult view of the furry fandom much to the dismay of regular furries. Of course, the people who download yiffy artwork constantly are just furverted.

Some Common Misconceptions
What people really want to ask furries

That everything that has animals in it is Furry:

Misconception: Not true. A documentary on animals just wouldn't sit well with me. The animals need some human attributes to be considered furry, i.e. human speech, bi-pedal (walks upright if they can't in nature), some hint of intelligence. People see anything anthropomorphised as being furry the same way people see pointy ears and think elf (Vulcans). Werewolves are not considered furry but werewolf art is. Meeko (Pochahontas) is not a furry just a cartoon animal. I know there are some people out there who will disagree with me but this is just my opinion. What is 'furry' is still on the drawing board so to speak.

What's a Furry?:

Misconception: A furry is someone with an interest in anthromorphic media, basically humans with animal traits and body parts. Whether animals with human characteristics, such as talking animals, are furry is often debatable. Some furries consider disney furry while others see it as childish and call them funny animals or fuzzy. Nowadays, furry means anyone with an interest in animals in general. Many furries resent the view of furries as animals and would prefer furry characters to be seen as humans or humanoid creatures with animal traits.

What's a Human-animal Hybrid?:

Misconception: A Human animal hybrid is an animal with parts of the human genome used for scientific research. Most hybrids contain less than 1% of the human genome though research is underway to create hybrids with higher percentages. Furries do not approve of any kind of animal experimentation. Only furrykins think this is a good idea.

What's an furrykin?:

Misconception: furrykins are the fringe elements of furry who believe technology will progress to the point where furries can become real in the future. They wear fursuits to become more like their animal/fursona or howl in public/online forums to convince other people they are a werewolf. Needless to say they do these things to convince themselves they are a wolf more than other people. Trekkies make similar arguments, BTW, and you can tell something's not quite right with them. It's just disturbing to the fandom as a whole.

What's a Spiritual Fur?:

Misconception: A Spiritual fur is a furry who combines furryness with their personal new age beliefs. Totem animals and animal spirit guides are common examples of spiritual furs. Many will create a fursona with their totem animal as the centerpiece. People who believe they are part animal in some form would fall under furrykin or Otherkin.

What's an Otherkin?:

Misconception: An Otherkin is someone who believes they are a fictional creature. Many will claim to have the geneology, physiology, or mental capacity associated with the creature as well as character traits and all typical mannerisms. Many furries who claim to be part animal in some form are considered Otherkin since furries are by nature fictional. Furries with fursonas are often confused for Otherkin.

That Furries are Depressed and Lonely:

Misconception: No were not. They're usually just angry that they get mixed up (i.e. associated) with people they consider freaky. :P

That Furries are obese:

Misconception: Yes, some of us are. The problem is so is everyone else.

That Furries believe they ARE animals:

Misconception: Well, yes and no. Most furries don't believe they are animals. They create something called a fursona which is a rendering of themselves with anthropomorphic characteristics (tail, fur, ears). They usually don't see themselves as that character since its just used for character furplay or for showing off their art skills.

A small minority of furries do believe they are like their fursona animal in some form and they are called furrykins. They are known in the internet community as Otherkin or more specifically therians. They claim to be animals in some form and also to be furries. This just hurts the way people view the furry fandom.

What's Sexual Furplay for again?:

Misconception: Sexual Furplay is Tinysex (cybersex) with animal personas. Furries who participate in sexual furplay roleplay as the furry of their choice with all the mannerisms and traits associated with that animal. They don't consider it beastiality, just kink since furries are considered animal Morphs and have human intelligence. Not all furries participate in the sexual form of Furplay since its considered yiff and furotica. Most furries Furplay without any sexual connotations in MMORPGs such as Everquest, Everquest 2, Final Fantasy 11, and World of Warcraft respectively.

Isn't Furry a Lifestyle?:

Misconception: No it's not. It's an art style. People who think of furry as a lifestyle are the same kind of people who wear fursuits in public. They are Furtaku or furrykins and are generally colorful people.

That all Furries are all over thirty and still single:

Misconception: No were not. Those are the only people who can afford to go to conventions. Most teenage and adult married furries have jobs and lives to worry about. When was the last time you went to a Star Wars convention?

What's the difference between Furries and cartoon animals?:

Misconception: Furries have some human physiology and are considered animal Morphs (Minerva Mink, Fifi Le Fume). Cartoon animals often only have human intelligence or the ability to speak (Home on the Range, Stallion of the Cimarron). Real animals don't have human intelligence.

Furries only draw sexy animals:

Misconception: No we don't. They're called Sexy Furs and are considered human beings with fur and tails not animals. Non-yiffy artwork is very common in the furry fandom but not very popular since many of these artists aren't that good. You're also confusing regular furries with the Furotica sub-genre of furry fandom. It has its own place in the fandom just like Anime and Hentai, or Star Trek and slash fiction.

That Furries are sexual deviants:

Misconception: No were not. Not all parts of the furry fandom have something to do with sexuality and erotica. Usually people confuse furries with other animal-related internet groups.

Furries are sexually attracted to cartoon animals:

Misconception: Surprisingly, for some furries, the answer is yes. Furotica and yiff are notorious for showing furries in sexually compromising positions. It is known in internet circles as Toonophilia or a sexual attraction to cartoon characters. But for some furs their sexual fetishism might fall under Morphophilia. Sexy furs are a part of furotica just like hentai is a part of Anime. Both are great examples of toonophilia. They are not attracted to the real life versions of animals. That's zoophilia and/or beastiality and is considered disgusting to many real life furries.

Furries draw animal fetish porn:

Misconception: No, many artists don't. Furry artists draw animal morphs. Artists simply have mixed interests when it comes to adult yiffy artwork. Many are gay, bisexual, BDSM, or satirical of the porn fetish circle and its only natural for this to show up in their artwork. A small minority of people who draw furotica often have interests in other non-furry groups and thus their artwork gets labeled as furry and perverted. The artwork is often a reflection of the artist who draws it, not the furry fandom as a whole. Much of the yiff artwork found online has humanoid people with animal characteristics in sexual situations. They're not animals per se, just people with animal parts.

Furries dress up in animal costumes:

Misconception: No we don't. Most of them are just talented artists, writers, web site builders, etc. You're thinking of Fursuiters.

Why are Fursuits not considered Furry?:

Fursuits are part of a little known about internet fandom known as costume play (Cosplay). People wear costumes of their favorite anime character or in the case of furry fandom, their fursona. Many Cosplay fans wear their costumes only at home or in conventions but some wear it as bona fide lifestyle. Some furries like fursuits and wear them to furry gatherings while anti-furries despise them, especially since they became a sexual fetish. Either way its still part of an established fandom: Cosplay.

NOTE: Kigurumi is the japanese equivalent of cosplay and it is considered a fandom separate from and maligned by anime. Anime fans hate Kigurumi too. It is generally assumed to be an Otaku lifestyle or escapism.

That Furries have sex with stuffed animals:

Misconception: No we don't. You're thinking of Plushophilia. Many of them just happen to be furry or call themselves furry the same way many star trek fans also love star wars.

That Furries have animal sex:

Misconception: No we don't. You're thinking of Beastiality. That's something COMPLETELY different.

What's with all the sexy fox porn?:

Misconception: Foxes are very popular in the furry fandom. Foxes and wolves are the most popular canine fursonas while cats and tigers are the most popular leonine fursonas. The word yiff is associated with the sound a fox makes when it is excited. Many furotica artists share this love of foxes in their adult artwork.

Why do furries send so much hate mail?:

Misconception: Many furries are often tired of being considered 'animal lovers' and send hate mail as a way of stamping out the biased views on furries. The people you see on tv representing the furry fandom are often the fringe elements of furry fandom who have interests in zoophilia, beastiality, fursuiting, and plushophilia. Anti-furries have simply grown tired of being associated with these elements.

The Furry Lifestyle

If you've gone to a Star Wars convention or saw the movies in theatres recently then you're familiar with star wars fanatics. You've seen the Jedi cloaks and the mock force powers and wondered if there were really adults behind those costumes. The thing is the Star Wars movies are one time events. More movies won't be coming out anytime soon. A hardcore star wars fanatic couldn't call themselves a fan if every other fan waited in line for tickets while they didn't. It's that same train of thought that allows people to rationalize wearing the costumes while waiting in line. 'It's just a one time thing', they say to themselves. It starts with one hardcore fan and it just sort of snowballs on from there.

Furry conventions are no different. One fan wears bunny ears or an Inuyasha-style cloak and jealous fanboys/girls would try to outdo them next year. Eventually full bodysuits started to appear and rabid fans eagerly embraced them. After all, each convention happened only once a year and they were among friends. A bodysuit counterculture soon formed, cosplay. Fursuits became the new fan style, like a fursona but better.

Some of these so-called furry lifestylers are furry otherkin in disguise. Hate sites and sane furries themselves question the logic of being a self-professed nine-tailed kitsune in a past life. They often use it as an excuse to don fursuits, create fursonas of their true self, and to call other people who don't share their spiritual view of the world inferior. furrykinries are trekkies (posers) of the furry fandom, though I hate to use that word. Otherkin are about New Age spirituality taken to strange logical extremes while furry fandom is all about an art style.

If you've seen MTV or the infamous CSI episode then you know how the public feels about fursuits now. Many keep their interest in fursuits a secret. Many furries and anime fans nowadays and poke fun at the "funny animal costumes". The sudden change of heart can be summed up in one simple phrase: "Fandom is a way of life not a lifestyle." Waiting in line three weeks to see a movie is the sign of a hardcore fan while dressing up as Jedi and grocery shopping isn't doing the fandom any lip service. Lifestylers take the fandom too far and integrate it into their personal lives. If you've seen the movie 'Trekkies' then you understand what the difference between a Trekkie and a Star Trek fan is.

Through Google and Portal of Evil I discovered that the majority of so-called furries were furrykins with fursuits of their alter ego. Now, furry fandom has nothing to do with religion or bodysuits. If someone came up to you dressed up as a character from Final Fantasy and claimed to be Yuna in real life you'd simply assume they were crazy. Everyone knows final fantasy isn't real. However if someone claimed to have the soul of animal in a human body or that a beaver was their totem animal you wouldn't know how to react. Are they crazy or is it just a religious belief that's taken somewhat lightly like angels or reincarnation, life after death. People are convinced these new age ideas might be real and no one wants to offend someone's religious beliefs. Their own religious beliefs are faith-based and difficult to prove scientifically. It complicates the whole "you're mentally unstable" argument.

Then I realized there was another media issue associated with the fandom: fansites. I had a hard time finding a lot of fansites with quality content. Some furry series had no fansites at all. Many are just character shrines with a few pics and words of wisdom abandoned shortly after the series or movie fades into obscurity. Furry and anime fansites are slowly being replaced by more dynamic sites like Wiki and Anime Info sites with PHP driven content. Wiki simply have more relevent information while the anime fansites have all the media content. Being a fan with a simple character shrine seems out of style these days.

Furry artists fill in the void of definitive series and sites with hand drawn and photoshopped artwork with some unintended results. Every furry artist of reasonable quality is respected within the furry community and many newb furries strive to create a recognizable fursona or art style. Many of these artists draw furotica and non-yiff art respectively and I suspect the yiffy artwork gets all the attention. Be honest, which one would hold your attention more: A pic of furry in clothing doing some mundane everyday task OR a pic of a furry in threesome skritch sex with two other furries. It's very possible that non-yiffy art gets overlooked entirely.

Unfortunately, most opinions about furry fandom have been formed by the virtual dominance of furrykins in the media. furrykins often attract the most attention at furry conventions because of their cloth-laden fursuits and consequently receive the most coverage by magazines and television specials. They're in most articles covering furry conventions and even in television specials like CSI. They call themselves by the rather general label of furry to a rather horrifying effect.

Again, fandom is a way of life not a lifestyle. Furry fandom started, like many other fandoms, in an IRC chat room, alt.fan.furry. Wide-eyed youths chatted away about their interests in a fandom about fictional cartoon animals on a text based environment. Furries are an openly social fandom and they like to network with people of similar interests and their conventions reflect. Over time this evolved into furries with other related interests like Toonophilia, Roleplaying, and Cybersex still under the rather general term of furry. When you come right down to it furry is just an art style that a furry is a fan of. A furry lifestyle just shouldn't exist but some furries unfortunately believe it should.

The Fursuit Reloaded
Why fursuits gets nothing but bad press

Imagine going to work one and you find yourself surrounded by hundreds of men in black suits. They all wear dark sunglasses, military-style haircuts, and are nearly identical in appearance. You jokingly brush off the feeling that you are in a scene from the Matrix when you suddenly spot Trinity and Neo boarding the train. You stare at them all inquisitively but no one seems to notice you. They both get off at the next stop and as if on a sugar rush break into a run. The men in black suits quietly disembark from the train and chase after them.

Strange as it may sound this scene actually happened in Japan. Twice. Costume Play (cosplay) is all about dressing up as your favorite anime/game character. It's part costume and part performance art embraced by the nerdier fanbase of anime fans. Anime Cosplayers reinacted scenes from the Matrix: Reloaded around the movies opening in Japan. Cos scenes like those are very popular among the cosplay community in Japan. Personally, I would have found the whole situation amusing if I had been there.

Kigurumi, the Japanese equivalent of a fursuit, is a form of cosplay. Kigurumi enthusiasts wear animal bodysuits to attract customers or to entertain children much like the fursuits you see as mascots or at theme parks. Clothes are sometimes worn over the fursuits as it is part of the costume. Disney characters such as Mickey and Tigger are considered Kigurumi because of the clothing. It's all stereotyped as being very kid friendly and sexually benign.

However, there is another type of Kigurumi that even Kigurumi fans disapprove of. The animegao (anime face) style of Kigurumi is like fursuits for anime fans. They wear bodysuits over their skin to achieve an anime style type of skin color. They wear the characters clothing over that. The coup de grace is the meticulously designed face mask that covers up the doller, uh, person inside the costume.

Anime fans hate animegao kigurumi because they see it as an otaku lifestyle. Much like fursuits they wear their bodysuits at home and even in public with some implied sexual connotations. I haven't heard of bodysuit sex as of yet because of the strength of gender roles in Japanese society but Fursuit sex does exist. Fursuits are less form fitting than kigurumi so fake bodyparts are just easier to improvise. Animegao is mainly done by men dressing up as anime women so I'll leave the anatomical jokes out of this. Both have everything to do with sexual anonymity. Inside a fursuit they can act out their fantasies or alternate personalities in ways that they would never do in real life. Some furrykin Fursuiters claim the costume IS their true self.

A recent Fursuit Hoax highlighted the stereotypes furry mascots now face because of negative publicity. Long story short, a child looks for images of his favorite mascot onine and encounters a website for fursuit sex. The child becomes warped by the experience and the school eventually bans the mascot altogether. The funny thing about the article is that is a work of fiction. No such newspaper ever existed. Even the town the article comes from doesn't exist so my guess is that its the work of someone at odds with the fandom.

Yes, Fursuit sex does exist, but it is limited to a very small segment of the furry cosplay fandom. Most of the fursuits you see at convention are the squeeky clean variety you take children to see at theme parks. They are often limited to tails and ears or a full bodysuit. It's very kid friendly and not meant to be taken so seriously.

Like the Matrix cosplay I would have found the lifestyle variety of fursuits funny to look at. It's all about the attention. Cosplay is a performance art that is meant to be fandom related and humorous to look at. Even Jedi fanboy lightsabers battles have an element fanboy humor that many furry Lifestylers seem to neglect. You can often see them smiling and laughing while play-acting cos scenes because even they know they look stupid. At the end of the day the costumes come off and they can all joke about it later.

Furries never seemed to question the fursuit issue before intense media scrutiny. In furry fandom cat paws, ears, tails and fur are common attributes of the stereotypical japanese cat girl. It's a sex symbol of sorts in anime and furry is full of its share of anthropomorphic anime series. A realistic full body suit of a panther doesn't exactly make any sense to regular furs. It reminds them more of those people they see at Disneyland working for minimum wage. Disney is known for G-rated furry movies and normal mascots wear those suits for comedic effect. Regular furs probably thought it was a joke or someone paid to entertain the kiddies instead of some spiritual-sexual fetish. That's what I thought anyway. Many newer conventions even had booths that explained how to build their own fursuits since they looked kind of cool. Hey, Star Wars has conventions too and a person in a Stormtrooper outfit is often seen as a bigger fan.

Fursuit sex was unheard of at that time. It wasn't an established sub-culture as of yet. Sites that indexed the weird and deranged sections of the internet and of course some notorious television programs brought the whole Otherkin-Fursuit issue into the limelight. Anatomically correct fursuits and people who have sex in mascot uniforms would make anyone cringe. It ranks right up there with people who think they can time travel and banzai kitties for sheer social creepiness.

People slow down to watch a car wreck and they watch fights on tv shows like Jerry Springer. People have a natural morbid curiosity about things they find offensive. Sites that cater to the shock value minded and that focus on ridicule are surprisingly popular nowadays and fursuits are just one of many things on their hit list.

Furotica and the Media

Every furry fan has a horror story. The sad tale of when they realized the rest of the fandom was 'furverted'. Many attend Anthrocon or Furconfurence and recount the many horrors they have seen. Fursuits, Furpiles, yiffy pornography by the aisle-full and of course the people who buy them. Unfortunately, many furries don't see their own personal faults until they see them prominently displayed in someone else. Usually its when they meet the people behind the fursuits and see a piece of their future self hiding behind the mask. Many simply leave the fandom out of self-disgust or most likely, the disgust of others. A small minority actually try to clean up the fandom often with less than stellar results.

Of course, it wasn't always this way. Many furry fans remember the earlier conventions where adult furry porn, yiff, was limited to a small section of the confurence. The fandom was about furry-related merchandise, movies, games, and series. Fursuits were worn by fans as costumes not lifestyles. Those were the good old days. Then, slowly but surely, people into the furotica segment of furry fandom became more dominant. Yiff artwork sold for more money than non-yiffy artwork. Personal religions with their furry persona as the centerpiece became all the rage. I found the trend disturbing but thought it was temporary. "People don't take this furry religion thing seriously," I thought. "Furotica was for people with the fuzzy cat ears and tail fetish," It must be temporary.

Every year afterwards it just seemed to snowball.

" Imagine the creepy burger king mascot except multipled thirtyfold, and all of them tearing it up on the dance floor. " --Hotel employees comment on a furry conference

Every now and then I would see furries with a wacked out sense of reality on Portal of Evil and think to myself, "Hey I know that guy." Or "I saw him at last years convention." And my heart sinks. The furry fandom was founded by artists like this. Artists who absolutely fell in love with furotica and drew it on a regular basis. Many furries who founded the confurences often had interests in zoophilia, beastiality, bisexuality, and of course furotica and fursuiting. It's only natural that they would create conventions that suited their interests and it isn't suprising that many of these mixed conventions have gone under. There are times I think to myself that maybe furries are just waiting for a 'clean' furry convention to hit the scene. And sigh.

I even hesitated to call myself a furry in public. It just makes more sense to tell people that I'm into Japanese anime. People who have heard of anime will just nod their head in agreement and move along quietly. "Are you into hentai?" hentai fans will ask me with a perverted half-smile. "No," I say wispfully, "I'm not into that." Anymore.

After a while furry fandom had everything to do with sex and religion and nothing to do with the anthropomorphic art style. Something was seriously wrong here. What happened to all the Lion King fans who liked Nala without spooge and fake boobs? What happened to all the people who thought furry was a cool art style like anime or mecha? When did the fandom become represented by people like Sibe (In jail), Cataroo (bestiality), and the infamous (furotica-inspired TDK) Erik Schwartz?

The backlash lasted for about a year or two and has sinced faded into obscurity. Many furries felt they are being overly generalized into the fursuit-plushie-bestiality groupings and acted accordingly with little success. Furotica still exists online and is a dominant part of the fandom. Portal of Evil forums often think of fursuit sex and furry vore as old news now but the stigma remains. To this day, dedicated Portal of Evil Goons and just plain regular goons still invade furry chat rooms and RPGs just to annoy and distress anyone connected to the fandom. Many longtime furries have since left the fandom while others try to make peace with the haters in intellectual debate. A select few have become embittered and angry against anyone who bad mouths the fandom. Comics like Penny Arcade generated an enourmous response by making fun of the furotica issue.

In truth, furries are not closet werewolves. They do not want to be animals in any form beyond roleplaying. Furry fandom is about a cartoon art style while Tranfurries are furries who want to turn into animals. If they wear a costume as part of daily life they are fursuiters. If they claim to be spirtually/religously affiliated to some animal they become a spiritual fur, and if they claim to be that animal they become an furrykin. Many Transfurries are furrykins who claim to be part-animal in some form, whether by soul, mind, mere spiritual guidance or transformation into that animal. Oh, and they call themselves furries in public too.

Why Internet Trolling is so Popular
Goon Fiction: Lessons in Ignorance

" There is much pleasure to be gained from useless knowledge. " -- Bertrand Russell

Goons are the bane of any roleplay session and internet forum. They post stigma-induced, hate-mail rewarding responses on message boards, internet forums, bulletin boards etc, and starting never ending flame wars. Do they find the attention rewarding the same way chat room junkies uses LOLZ. Possibly. I however have come to one startling conclusions: Goons actually like the forums they claim to be mocking.

Think about it. If they really hated Dragon Ball Z they would go to a forum about hating Dragon Ball Z. What would they talk about? Why hating Dragon Ball Z of course. That damn Goku, why doesn't he just kill that green bastard whats-his-face. Wait, why doesn't he transform until after his friend dies. Hmm... wait a minute. That's right in order to hate something you kind of have to have seen it first. Otherwise you sound kind of biased, hating the series simply because you've seen only one episode and who hasn't seen Dragon Ball Z (well, some people haven't seen it obviously). They usually don't take the time to build a website to profess their hatred of the series. Instead they go to an existing website that likes what they hate and post it there. It's sort of like going into a bar and saying you hate drunks.

The same theory applies with furry porn, yiff, and furotica. While some trolls are just lazy haters you have to respect the people who saw the medias representation of furry fandom on CSI and say I'm not into that. Given the fact that Dragon Ball Z has a monumental number of episodes not everyone has the time or resources to see them all. Some people see a few episodes and conclude they don't like them. Some people just don't like the genre, and some people just don't care about anime. People are ignorant. It's a proven fact. If you respond intelligably to their comments they will go away. Often times they will post once and never come back.

Notable acts of Fursecution

Furries, PokeMorphs, and Cyborgs
Why people compare furries to LESS desirable groups

"Hey, what does Furi Kuri mean anyway?"-- Haruko, Furi Kuri

I was watching Ghost in the Shell on DVD once and a peculiar thought hit me. The main female character (as well as the male) is a modified human, one that has had their entire body replaced by machinery at a young age. The only thing still left human is the brain and even that is still hooked up to the internet. A friend of mine would always get excited during the brief nude scenes and I would get into an argument over him slowing and/or pausing the movie altogether. "Those breasts aren't real," I pointed out. "She's a machine." My friend corrected me immediately, "No she still has human boobs."

Every now and then I would stop and think about my friend's response. Human versus machine boobs. Her breasts technically were not real and considered robotic but she was still considered human and the breasts looked real. I haven't heard of a robot fetish on google (I should probably check though) and while sex toys are made of machinery and are considered sexual objects they are not considered an affinity to robots. People are just bleeding off hormones. Strangely, being a cyborg doesn't mean having robot sex. Not reading too much into that I brushed the topic aside as another conversation piece.

Sometime later I came across a pokemon muck site and joined in out of sheer boredom. Hey, I like Pokemon and I had time to kill. While in the character selection screen I came across an interesting term, Pokemorph. I stared at the screen wondering if I had missed some episode of Johto league that had someone/something by that name. I searched through old episode guides and came up emptyhanded. "What's a pokemorph?" I wondered. Heading back to the muck site in despair I selected Pokemorph in the character selection screen hoping some of the resident roleplayers could fill me in on the definition. Turns out it was an adult site and through some TinySex lurking the answer became all too clear.

Pokemorphs are people who are part pokemon or pokemon who are genetically engineered to be part human. MewTwo is one excellent example of a Pokemorph gone bad. I know pokemon don't exist in real life so why people claim to be half-pikachu is beyond me. The promiscuous chatter got me thinking: Is sex with Pokemorphs still pokemon sex or human sex?

Then I started putting the pieces together. If you want to get technical about it, true cyborgs don't really exist in the body-part replacement sense. Prosthetics are not true robotics. Pokemon don't exist at all. I had encountered similar results with DiaperFurs and Babyfurs roleplay thing troubled me just a bit.

Cyborgs are regular human beings with robotic attachments. If a person has sex with a cyborg its not considered robot sex because the core/soul/mind/heart/spirit of the person is still human. If a person has promiscuous chatter with a pokemorph online its not considered Pokemon sex since there is an actual person playing as the other Pokemorph. They're just roleplaying and using the kink factor of Pokemon. It's just like traditional offline Roleplay sex where one person plays the maid and the other person as the sexually repressed boss-person but with Pokemon. Sex toys are not considered a robot sex fetish because they are toys and not an actual sex partner. Why the misconception I wondered?

The anime series Chobits is a perfect example of this moe fetishism in action. For those of you unfamiliar with the anime series Chobits, Ghost in the Shell and the sequel Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence are other good examples. Sexual robots or personal computers redefined become the social norm and normal social interaction is becoming old hat. "Just don't fall in love," is a quote of one of the more realistic characters Minoru, though I'm just paraphrasing. Honestly, now. Is it really possible for people to fall in love with machines?

Well, there are other series with similar plotlines. The plot of the Chobits anime series is about the general isolation people feel when they are alone and how they fill in the void. PersonComs or personal computers take on a vaguely human form with human appendages and emotion programs. Make no mistake this isn't the terminator-esque view of the view with evil robots and nuclear war. Here robots are relegated to the taboo task of sexual gratification for their masters and as an intelligent Cell phone (iPod). The theme of the series seems to be how emotional love (moe) for people overcomes loneliness. Robots are just like personal laptops, no pun intended.

Japanese society views sex as healthy and a normal part of everyday life. People have sex all the time to have kids after all and who doesn't do that. Of course the issue of love is something more spiritual and akin to souls and spiritual enlightenment. The japanese religions of Buddhism and to a lesser extent Shintoism rely heavily on reincarnation, karma, and good social practices. Being a good person has spiritual ramifications and social ones as well. Sex is just for reproduction and human desire while love is often idealized as food for the soul or eternal between spiritual bodies. You could theoretically come back in the next life as the opposite sex and fall in love with the same (soul) person. It's a common theme in popular series such as Inuyasha.

In America, however, and with other countries with western ideology the soul lives on on forever. It doesn't come back in any earthly form unless you've been remarkably evil. Good people go to heaven and stay there. Bad people go to hell and really twisted people get stuck on earth as evil spirits. Either way you get only one shot at being human. Unconditional love is a common theme associated with angels, or god since they are universal. People's normal lives and love are humbled by the 'love' of their religions god and consequently love is optional for some people (priests/nuns anyway).

Make no mistake, Western and Eastern ideas of sexuality are different. Eastern philosophy allows normal married people to have sex with prostitutes in brothels without ticking off the wife. The theory is that he can do so with no negative connotations as long as he doesn't love her. Sex but not Love? Sounds strange to someone from the Western philosophy. We generally link sex with love and its something you don't show off in public. Love (sex) is essentially a private matter between two people who are in love.

This philosophical trend is reflected in American and Japanese animation and cinema. American movies often omit the sexual body parts in movies like the Lion King and Spirit: Stallion of the Cimmaron; Networks tone down the naked scenes on tv. Japanese people take no offense to nudity since it shows the more human aspects to a character. Japanese television shows have nudity prominently displayed and many anime as well as hentai series have nudity and sexual relations as a plot point. Fan service shots, anyone? Of course to the japanese it's not always about sexual intercourse since people are physical as well as spiritual beings. It's an interesting balance to say the least.

So, what does the future hold for human sexuality? Think about virtual reality sex across the Internet in anatomically correct biosuits. Or better yet, robotic sex partners whose sole purpose is to fulfill every earthly human desire and print, collate, and copy. Perverts are everywhere nowadays. Both philosophies have a thing against perversion (gluttony and lust, earthly desires) and admire the people who can go against human impulses. Martial arts masters are often taught to control such impulses and are as shone as lecherous in anime series for comic effect. Asexuality is often an admired character trait of priests and nuns. Getting comforted by someone devoid of sexual connotations can be comforting in some instances. It's like talking to someone of the same sex for sexual advice. Sometimes people need to be reminded that they are something beyond a collection of cells and nerve endings created solely for reproduction. That's moe spirituality in a nutshell.

Burned Furs lament: Why hardcore Furotica refuses to die
Pro-Yiff Argument

Burned Furs was an anti-furry organization that reached some element of notoriety in its inception with its members-only premise to clean up the fandom. Groups on its hit list included Fursuits, Therians, Otherkin, Plushies, Petplay, and other unmentionable yet undesirable elements. Mostly it was created in response to the MTV / CSI television specials protraying furries in a negative light. After those specials debuted a backlash of sorts hit the furry fandom. Furries were seen as perverted people who dressed up in animal costumes and secretly wanted to have sex with animals. People began trolling furry forums and posting messages like "all furries are freaks" and "furries like animal sex". Many hate sites formed and began defacing furry fansites on a regular basis.

For a fandom whose biggest accomplishments are The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast some years earlier, this was quite a shock. No one even knew what a furry was back then. Many furries still don't. Most don't realize they are furry until they go online and find a furry fansite, (a small minority never find out) and had never even heard of Fursuits. "Hey," they thought, "That's not me. I don't dress up in animal costume." Lots of furs simply brushed the topic aside as media bias or bad television.

Burned Furs was created shortly after those incidents to counter the hate sites that had sprung up overnight. "Furries who aren't freaks" was one of their mottos. They sought to eliminate the whole Fursuit-Plushie-Animal Sex issue by eliminating the whole furotica sub-genre of artists and writers and labeling them all as freaks and furverts. Burned Furs is now no more. Hate sites mocked Burned Furs while regular furries disowned them. Membership stagnated with only a handful of members and it is remembered as a complete and utter failure.

What went wrong when the group had such noble intentions? Simple. It was all a matter of conflict of interest. Fursuits have nothing to do with furries. They're people who dress up in animal costumes and many just happen to have an interest in furry fandom. Plushies are people with interests in plush animals as sex toys the same way some people view dildos or plastic dolls. Zoophilia is often frowned upon by all other groups since it involves animals not people. Furotica has nothing to do with these other groups and is a big part of the furry fandom. While other groups are often mistaken for furry, Furotica is still considered part of the fandom.

In fact, many fandoms have regular and adult versions of themselves, like anime and hentai, fursuits and fursuit sexers, fanfiction and slash. Burned Furs mocked the whole community of yiff artists because they knew they had a weak argument. Sure, "furries draw women with fur on their bodies but they don't think of them animals" doesn't make too much sense to those outside the fandom. Toonophilia is often misunderstood in Internet culture. Burned Furs saw this too and consequently lumped furotica in with all other deviant groups into one starcrossed clean up campaign.

Think of the situation as it stands now. Non-furry people still see the fur artwork and think fursuit, plushie, animal sex. Well-known furry artists and writers embrace furotica as a form of artwork like drawing the human form naked and incorporate that into their works. Others create yiffy works because Furotica simply has a higher retail value on furbid. The economics behind pornography is one thing keeping that part of the fandom alive and its not going to change anytime soon.

Burned Furs missed a prime opportunity to isolate furries from Fursuits and Plushies (and other groups). The art of the mockumentary: If yiff artists had drawn sexy cheetahs next to a fat person in a cheetah costume as satire then people would start to separate the two groups. Some people will disagree with me on this. Hate sites will still think of furries as people who like sexy animals but at least furries would have differentiated themselves from the Fursuit and Plushie groups. In time people will stop making that connection. For zoophilia, of course, sexy cartoon cat girl cheetahs next to satirical regular cheetah with the cat girl clearly marked as the better choice. "She can't even talk?!" in a sardonic sense.

Before you start flaming me with emails I do offer some proof that this idea will have some long-term effect. Hardcore furries created a mock wedding with Minerva Mink as the bride at one convention as testament to the wackiness of Fursuits. Many of Minerva Mink's original animators were attending the convention that day and took this the wrong way. They declared that "She was still single," and posted artwork to that effect throughout the convention. The animators response is disturbing in every sense of the word. It's just a cartoon character, and the marriage was openly satirical of fursuits and furrykins. The so-called priest was just a convention regular. Still many hate sites refuse to mention the marriage even though it would sound like prime joke material. The reason is furries were not afraid to make fun of other so-called furries. Fursuits got added to the hate sites vocabulary that day and that's one peg down in their arsenal of stereotypes.

In a word, Furries shouldn't be afraid to poke fun at themselves sometimes. "Advertising" this point is a big part of it. If furries start to mock people who claim to be furry then regular people will stop mixing up regular furries with every other animal-related group online. Furrydom at its core is just an anthropomorphic art style after all.

The problem today is many anti-furries repeat this total annihilation idealogy. They happily compare furotica to some kind of perverted, ancient evil like the one ring in Lord of the Rings. It's not. It's artwork. Don't download or view it if you don't like. Many also naively believe they are cleaning up the fandom by removing all references to sex in furry artwork. They're not. Learning from history and many anti-furries firsthand experience, every major movement has died shortly after its conception because they refuse to clean up their act. Think about it. If a majority of furries truly felt that furplay, yiff, and furotica were devoid of any culturally redeeming value then all interest in the sub-genre would have dried up and died long ago. Furries would have made fun of the Furotica issue.

Wow. A Lord of the Rings analogy with yiffy porn. Never thought I'd be writing this one day. Anti-yiff furries, take note, and read the counterargument in the next section.

Japan: An Erotica Case Study
Anti-Yiff Argument

Back in the early nineties at the height of Disney's movie box office successes I remember going to see the Lion King movie twice. That might not sound impressive, but considering I've seen every other movie once, it does make me sound fan-ish. If I remember my ancient history correctly they re-released the movie a few months after it received some award nominations and I believe it won one award for best song. Wait, why I am talking about the Lion King in a section labeled 'Japan'. Context silly.

Now consider the position Disney is in now. Its last few movies sucked, many with animal themes and characters prominently displayed. The next few movies don't look any better. People are worried that traditional animation may be replaced by 3D.

Now consider the situation in Japan. Video tapes and DVDs of various odious qualities are sold in Japan. 2D animation is often mixed with 3D to gives some series a surreal quality. Try doing an internet search for anime and compare with the number of American animated movies made. Sales of Anime comic books, manga, often outstrip that of American comic books. Did I mention that animators are often known by name and idolized like celebrities? Sounds pretty sweet to be an animator in Japan.

But all is not good in the land of the rising sun. There is a downside to the nation's obsession with Anime. Hentai. Simply put its anime with adult content. Hentai is clearly labeled as adult only so what could be the harm in having a whole genre separate from anime. Anime fans can get the shows they love while porn freaks can still get their fix. In a sense that is true, but there is still a problem. Hentai often outsells Anime series. Sex just sells.

Now the animators in Japan are not stupid, they simply know their audience. Their audience is typically male though a female genre does exist, and men like breasts. Logically if an animator adds a gratuitos sex scene or has the character wear a skimpy outfit sales increase. That's good, right?

Nowadays I look back at all the series with blatant sexual innuendo, many meant for kids, and wonder if something is wrong with this picture. Yes, even Pokemon is laden with sexual references, injokes, asides. You can't really miss them especially if you're a kid. We're way beyond the "Houston, we have a problem" stage when otaku are becoming the norm and sexualizing cartoon characters is seen as 'good business'.

Cowboy Bebop is one great example. Its an interesting, almost insanely popular series in Japan, though I partly believe its because of the fan service shots of the eccentric female hacker Edward, who is underage BTW. Seriously underaged. The storyline is one of the biggest draws and the fan service shots seem almost unnecessary unless you're into that sort of thing.

Animators raise the sexual perversion bar ever so slightly with each impending series. Fan service shots are the norm in Japan. Do we want the same thing to happen to Disney cartoons?

In a sense its already happened to the furry community. In Disney's Tarzan many adults held their breath in the theatres as Tarzan poked Jane in the breast for just a second in the first half of the movie. Didn't catch that one?

I don't want to see Simba jack off in front of Nala in the Lion King 4: Hyena Slumber Party. That's just gross. If an American animator tried to sell crap like that in the U.S. the morality police would put him in his place. And I wouldn't mind. Yiff is essentially the American equivalent of tentacle porn. At least that's how I see it. When people think of furries in the general sense they think back upon the old Disney movies of their youth (all were kid friendly): Sleeping Beauty, Bambi, Dumbo, Beauty and the Beast. Its like having the cast of Happy Days throw a Gay Bash for the Fonz. Its having someone yiff on your childhood memories and say "its my life I can do what I want," and many furries as well as mature adults don't appreciate it.

I'm happy to say that Beauty and the Beast had no sex scenes that I'm aware of. I rue the day when Disney starts storyboarding fan service shots. *shudders*

Furry Terminology

Anthropomorphic- Anthropomorphic means an animal that has human characteristics or a human with animal characteristics.

Anti-furry- Anti-furry refers to people who dislike the furry fandom and its associated stereotypes but who seem to have a strong interest and knowledge of the fandom. Some anti-furries are furries who are trying to distance themselves from the sexual aspects of the fandom.

BabyFur- Furry character roleplayers who use baby furries as their fursona or roleplaying character. It has connotations similar to an infantilism fetish but with furry characters.

Booblet- Booblets are furry caricatures of breasts without nipples. Many female cartoon characters are drawn with booblets to signify that they are female.

Burned Fur- Burned Fur is an anti-furry organization that became infamous for trying to clean up the fandom. Sites like these generally die after a year and are considered by many in the furotica genre to be the minority.

Cartoon Animal- Cartoon animals that are not anthropomorphic are said to just be Cartoon Animals or Funny Animals. They are not considered furry. A great example is Meeko from Pochahontas.

Cat Girl- Cat Girls are the cartoon Playboy Bunnys of Japan. Cat Girls have roots in Japanese culturual mythology as male black cats are the symbol of fatherhood or manhood, while white female cats are associated with motherhood or effeminancy. They are often depicted holding one paw up which depending on left or right paw has different mythological/social connotations.

DiaperFur- Furry character roleplayers who use adult furries wearing diapers as their fursona or roleplaying character. It has connotations similar to an infantilism fetish but with furry characters.

Floofy- Alternate spelling for fluffy.

Fluffy- Furry slang for cute and/or kawaii furries. For example, baby Pegasus from Disney's Hercules is a fluffy furry. This term is not well known or recognized among the furry fandom however.

Funny Animal- Are essentially old cartoon animals with some anthropomorphic characteristics. Funny animals often refer to the golden age of comics and cartoons that included anthropomorphic characters. Think of the old disney cartoons and the old WB Loony Toons cartoons. Some Disney characters such as Mickey and Goofy are not considered furry and are called funny animals instead.

Furnacular- The practice of changing words to fit into the furry subculture. Also known as Portmanteau. Some examples are fursecution and furvert. (derived from Vernacular)

Furotica- Furotica defines the sub-genre of the artists, furries, and furverts who draw or download yiffy artwork, stories, etc. (derived from Erotica)

Furplay- Furplayers are people who roleplay as their fursona or as a furry character of their choice. This can involve Tinysex, real life roleplaying, or online roleplaying. Furplaying online in non-sexual context is most common. (derived from Roleplay or Foreplay)

Furry- A general term used to describe the anthropomorphic animal/creature genre. Furry fans sometimes call themselves furry/furries or just furs. A furry character is a anthropomorphic creature with human-like sentience with Morph or animal form.

Furry Code- A Furry Code was a set of keywords listed on a persons webpage to identify specific furry-related interests. A link to decode the keywords is often included. Again this is because the fandom is often mixed with other non-furry groups.

Furrykin- Furry Otherkin who spiritually connect with real and mythological creatures. (derived from Otherkin)

Furry Nazi- Furries with an interest in Nazi paraphernalia. Furries nazis often have fursonas in nazi uniforms but they do not support nazism or rascism in any form. The term has also been used to describe rabid (furry) anti-furries.

Furs- Also known as Furries, are fans with an interest in the anthropomorphic genre.

Fursecution- Fursecution is the belief that furries are being unfairly targeted by other social groups. The list often includes the media, hate sites, and faith-based organizations. (derived from Persecution)

Furson- An alternate term for a furry fan or furry. Very few furries seem to use this term and prefer the term furry or furry fan. (derived from Person)

Fursona- A Fursona is a caricature of an furry fan with anthropomorphic characteristics. It is often used to determine what type of personality a furry has. For example, a person would choose a wolf persona because they consider a wolf noble, or an otter persona because they consider otters as playful creatures. It's a matter of personal preference. It is not uncommon for people to have more than one fursona. (derived from Persona)

Furtaku- A furtaku is a furry who obsesses/specializes in one part of the furry fandom. This can be anything from furplay, fanfiction, to collecting animation cells. They are better known as the rabid fanboys/girls of the furry fandom. (derived from Otaku)

Furvert- Furverts are furry fans who draw or download furry pornography, yiff. Sexual perversion or deviancy of the furry in question is often hinted at. (derived from Pervert)

Fuzzy- Furry slang for clean (non-adult) furries. For example, Simba is a fuzzy furry. This term is not well known or recognized among the furry fandom however.

Goon- Goons are people who hate the furry fandom and take steps to discredit it. This can be in the form of websites, trolling forums, or attacking furs in real life.

GothFur- Furries with an interest in gothic subculture. Can also refer to furries drawn in a gothic art style. Also known as Darkfur.

Kemono- Kemono is the Japanese equivalent of furry. The most well known Kemonos are the sex symbol of the Cat Girl or the symbol of childhood simplicity Hello Kitty.

MacroFur- Macrofurries are furries with a giant furry fetish. Macrofurries fall under the Furotica section of the fandom.

Morph- Morph is used as shorthand for a character with human and non-human characteristics. It's similar to Anthropomorphic and Chimera, but human intelligence is implied and it can also apply to fantasy creatures such as dragons, aliens, and fairies and fictional creatures like Digimon and Pokemon. Sexy furs and normal furries are an example of morphs. (derived from Anthropomorphic)

Otherfur- Furry equivalent of otaku who dream of one day becoming anthropomorphic animals. Some even try to be more like their animal/fursona in real life with things like fursuits and faux tails while some merely copy the mannerisms of their favorite animal. (derived from Otherkin)

Plurries- Furry ravers who use the motto of Peace, Love, Unity, Respect. It's also an art style apparantly.

PostFurry- Sub-genre of furries who use anthropomorphic characters in futuristic environments mainly as roleplaying device. Postfurry is considered a form of furplay.

Sexy fur- Sexy furs are anthropomorphic characters drawn in sexually explicit poses. It can also refer to an artist or a fan of yiffy artwork.

Spiritual Fur- Spiritual furs are furries who tie in the furry genre into their spirtual beliefs. Some notable examples are totem animals and animal spirit guides.

Spooge- The furry equivalent of cum. Sexual body fluids are said to be abundant in yiffy artwork and the word Spooge can also have comic connotations. Also spelled as Splooge.

TransFurry- The furry equivalent of Transhumanism. Transfurries actively try to become real life furries through the use of biotechnology. Bioethical concerns aside, they regard furry as a purely vanity issue no different than using plastic surgery to give people different noses or bigger breasts. It is a form of body modification in their minds.

Yiff- Yiff is the assumed sound a fox makes when it is excited. Because of the prevalence of adult furry artwork with the word yiff mentioned, yiff is often associated with Furotica or adult furry artwork.

Non-Furry Terminology

Animal Spirit Guides- A new age belief that spirit guides can take animal form. Spirit guides are said to float around people and help them in times of need.

Bishi- Americanization of Bishoujo and Bishounen. Bishi are an anime fans favorite character(s). People with Bishi often pick one female and one male bishi though just one bishi is often the standard. Bishi of the fan's opposite sex are considered the character the fan would most likely sleep with. It's not a fetish exactly, but more along the lines of a harmless crush since no fan can fulfill that sexual fantasy.

Bishi behaviorism- The act of protecting a fictional characters reputation. This character may or may not be their bishi.

Chimera- Literally a genetically engineered hybrid between two different species. In furry fandom it is assumed to mean genetic human-animal hybrid.

Furpile- The act of fursuiters piling together, usually on a pre-defined person. This can take place online or in fursuits and can often have sexual connotations. (derived from Dogpile)

Fursuit- Fursuits are anthropomorphic costumes. They range from simple hats and tails to full body suits and anatomically correct body suits. (derived from Bodysuit)

Fursuit Sex- The act of having sex with anatomically correct fursuits. Actual sexual contact is an optional part of Fursuit Sex.

Human-animal Hybrid- The scientific term for chimera or animal that has a percentage of the human genome or human with animal genome.

Hyooman- A derogatory term used by furrykins for people unfamiliar with the furry fandom. furrykins use this term because they feel superior to 'regular' people because of their otherkin nature. (derived from Human)

Morphophilia- A term for people who are sexually attracted to Morphs. Morphs are often human looking with human intelligence and mannerisms and are seen as a race on par with humans but different physically. Morph pornography often adds secondary sex characteristics to the characters if they don't already have them.

Moe- Anime otakus term for non-sexual love. Moe is like an honest love/protection of all things they consider moe. Some examples are chibi moe and kawaii moe. Similar to a parents unconditional love for a child though the term moe is sometimes used with sexual connotations.

Mundane- A term for people unfamiliar with the furry fandom that is often used by furrykins.

Otaku- Japanese word that is assumed to mean an anime fanatic with no social life. Otaku literally means a hobby that is treated like an obsession. Otaku are not just limited to anime and colloquialisms like 'work otaku' or 'monster movie otaku' are quite common usage in japan.

Otherkin- People who believe they are partially fictitious, mythological creatures like elves and dragons. Otherkin often mix new age ideology like reincarnation and spiritual healing with their otherkin identity. For example, an otherkin would be a dragon in a past life and was reincarnated as a human in this life.

PetPlay- People who roleplay as animals during sexual encounters. This can be in the form of roleplaying with animal traits (noises, mannerisms), tinysex as the animal of choice, or fursuiting as the animal of choice. The person in question does not believe they are that animal or in beastiality. Often confused for furplay.

Skritch- The act of scratching another furry on the back. It is sometimes used in a roleplaying context but is better known as a term fursuiters use. Also spelled as Scritch.

Therian- Therians are people into therianthropy. Therians often have spiritual/mental connections with the animal they associate themselves with and are a form of Otherkin.

TinySex- Another name for cybersex. Sexual encounters that take place online that involve no physical sexual intercourse.

Toonophilia- People who are sexually attracted to cartoon characters. This can range from furry series such as Rescue Rangers to mainstream cartoons such as the Simpsons and Family Guy.

Totem Animals- A shamanistic belief that everyone has an animal associated to their lifestyle/personality. It is often used as a symbol of that persons life or family, like a coat of arms or a logo of sorts.

Trichophilia- People with a sexual fetish regarding hair, body hair, or fur coats on a person.

Viral fandom- A fandom that is open to fans who create extensions to their favorite series/universe. This can be through fan fiction, artwork or creating a new character in that series art style or universe.

Voreaphilia- Often used with petplay, it is the sexual fetish of being devoured or eating your partner for sexual gratification. Even in a Tinysex context it seems unusual.

Were- People who believe they are were-animals and can change into that animal from human form. Also considered a therian.

Links and Research Articles

These are links to some of my furry research. You've been forewarned.

Other Furry FAQs

Furry fandom - Wikipedia- A wikipedia description of the furry fandom. Very thorough and informative.

PeterCat's Furry InfoPage: The FAQs About Fur...- Very popular information page on furries and furry related internet interests.

xydexx.com: The Anthrofurry Infocenter- Short furry info page with some links. Very useful if you're new to the world of furry anthropomorphic artwork.

Alt.fan.furry - Furry Description- Informative take on the furry fandom from a non-furry.

The Furry Lifestyle- Alt.lifestyle.furry article on furry fandom and furry lifestyles. It's a bit dated.

The Furry Subculture- Another short furry info page with some links.

A short furry dictionary- Explains the mystery of why some furries are addicted to Altoids. Seriously outdated but useful for historical purposes.

Furry info sites

WikiFur- A furry wiki or dictionary of sorts. Great place to understand the terminology behind the furry mind.

Pressed Fur- Large collection of furry articles that have appeared on the web are usually out of print. Particularly enlightening are the series of photographs comparing trekkies to furries. You know something is wrong when Star Trek looks sane compared to furries.

The Furnpike -- Furry and Transformation Web- Up to date furry and furrykin archive site with lots of links to all things furry and furrykin.

Flayrah.com- Up to date news site on furry related news.

Furry Movie/Series Fansites

Lionking.org- Fansite for everything Lion King. Has everything you ever wanted to know about the Disney series of movies.

Balto fansite: The Ice Cave- Comprehensive fansite on the furry movie many fans haven't heard of. Balto the movie is inspired by the real story of Balto and a pack of dogs sledding their way through alaska with medication meant for sick children. It's very well animated.

The Unofficial Cats Don't Dance Fansite- The plot is based off the discrimination of cartoon animals in an oldschool movie studio. It has a good art style and animation quality and is an all around good comedy. It will always be remembered as the furry movie no one saw. That says a lot about the fandom in of itself.

Sonic Fans United for SatAM- The sonic fans who enjoyed the saturday morning cartoon that appeared on network tv some years. Even I remember seeing this one. It also has information on the unfinished third season and plot twists and whatnot.

The Gargoyles Fans Website- Information on the Gargoyles tv series that appeared on Disney afternoon some time ago. Has lots of information related to merchandise and episode bios.

Krankors Road Rovers Page- Information on the Road Rovers television series. It only had one season but furries still love this series.

Furry Anime Fansites

InuYasha World dot com- Most people have heard about or seen the adventures of the half-breed dog demon and her love interest from the future. This site has everything related to the series.

Naruto World- Naruto is about a kid named Naruto who is a half-demon and training to become a ninja. A Naruto fansite with lots of information related to the series and the characters.

Wolf's Rain- The ultimate furry movie! Has talking animals with psychic powers, human-plant hybrids and werewolves. Oh, and they are looking for paradise. Yes, there are some human characters as well. The main villain is the stereotypical furrykin.

Full Metal Alchemist- A popular anime series that deals with theories about alchemy (matter transmutation), humanity and the human soul. Has chimeras as a prominent plot point throughout the series. A villain and one of their closest friends becomes one.

Outlaw Star- Anime series about the adventures of one human outlaw named Gene Starwind and his partner Jim Hawking. Has lots of mech, storyline arcs and a cat girl named Aisha ClanClan. Also prominently features a race of cat people and birds as aliens.

Visions of Escaflowne- Anime series about a meloncholy girl who gets transported to another world because she is fated to destroy it. Has an anime cat girl named Merle as a main character.

HyperPolice.Net: A Hyper Police fan page- A very short fansite that helped bring Hyper Police to the states. Hyper Police is about what happens when a futuristic society is mixed together with sorcery accidently.

Furry character shrines

MysticFox.com- A site dedicated to Sonic's sidekick Miles "Tails" Prower. Turns out strangely enough that tails was originally a girl and was changed into a boy following the U.S. release. Americans have a thing against naked female foxes I guess.

The Secret of N.I.M.H. Justin & Jenner Shrine- Very thorough Secret of NIMH fansite that focuses mainly on Justin and Jenner, two rival mice. Also has an animation cell cut from the movie featuring a kissing scene between Justin and Mrs. Brisby. Odd...

Furry artwork

Yerf- The most well-known squeaky clean furry image archive. Has lots of talented artists and has strict quality control on new artists.

Furnation- A large index of furry artists, some furotica since there is few content restrictions. Very popular index site that has now established itself online through a 3D roleplaying site on Second Life.

Deviant Art: Anthro Gallery- Not specifically furry but some furries do have accounts here. Deviant is just cool marketing BTW, nothing to do with real porn. Deviations are the websites slang term for art posted on the site. Any adult content? Well, it all depends on the artist.

VCL- The notorious Vixen Controlled Library, THE largest furry image and story archive. Has no quality control measures so a lot of the artwork and artists are of questionable quality.

Fur Affinity [dot] net- The furry equivalent of Deviant Art with a similar layout. Lots of good furry artists post here.

Fur.com- A large index of furry artists, maybe some furotica.

Kemono artwork

Fang- The most well-known kemono archive. It's also a magazine with a loyal fan following.

Kemono Search- A kemono search engine.

Welcome to the Comet's Oekaki Website Directory- The personal Oekaki site of a well known kemono artist.

Kemono Island- The personal work of Dr. Comet. A kemono artist whose artwork is unparalleled in the kemono community and even sells his work on CDs. The links page is probably the largest collection of Kemono links I have ever seen.

Karabiner- The kemono works of Karabiner. He draws digimon and furries in an unber-realistic art style reminiscent of comic books. A lot of it is furotica though.

Kemono Studio- Another well known kemono artist.

Furry comics

Sabrina Online- Insanely popular web comic about the internet life and real life of a female anthropomorphic skunk. It's actually an interesting read.

VG Cats- Video Game related comic starring video game cats. It has a nice anime art style.

Jack- Dark comic about death, life, and rebirth furry style.

Exterminatus Now- A four man team works on these comics set in a sonic the hedgehog art style universe. It's very well animated and popular among non-furries as well.

Ozy and Millie, by D.C. Simpson- Another popular furry webcomic. This one is about anthropomorphic foxes and their everyday city lives.

Gonterman FAQ- The infamous Gontermon. While his comics are adult in nature some of the more well known ones have little sexual conduct. The comic on the gun wielding samurai killer was interesting.

Anime News Network - Apocalypse Meow (manga)- A fairly new manga with furry characters set in Vietnam. Similar to the Maus comic for World War II but not as critically acclaimed.

Keenspace- Web comic hosting site that features both furry and non-furry comics. Some are better than others.

Furry Conventions

ANTHROCON- Most well known furry convention and quite possibly the largest. This one takes place in Pittsburgh.

Further Confusion- A popular furry convention that takes place in Northern California.

MFF - Midwest Furfest- A midwest furry convention that takes place in Illinois.

Conifur NorthWest- A midwest furry convention that takes place in Wisconsin.

Furfright- A midwest furry convention that takes place in Connecticut with a Halloween theme.

Confurence- A failed furry convention that was once popular in the 1990s.

Furry-related articles

My Life as a Furry- A furry article that is somewhat balanced in its view of the fandom.

Sex2k: Plushies and Furries Transcript- Almost as disturbing as the MTV special itself. Prepare to enter the twilight zone. See the fursuits and otherkin who call themselves furries.

CrimeLab.nl CSI Transcript- Transcript of the infamous Fur and Loathing episode of CSI. It is biased and factual incorrect in some places.

Loaded Magazine: Heavy Petting- A firsthand account of a furry convention, Confurence 9. Plenty of personal interviews and interesting pictures of people in fursuits. The best one is when you can see normal people in the frame staring at the people in fursuits. It then jumps into zoophilia...

Maire Claire: Creature Comforts- Original Maire Claire article with an anti-furry afterthought. Come explore the horrors of fursuiting as seen by the anti-furry community. Apparently, some of the furries in the news have quite a notorious history.

Vanity Fair: Pleasures of the fur- Vanity fair article on the nature of the furry fandom. Very, very disturbing on how fursuits call themselves furry. o.O

Alt.Fan.Furry Usenet Article: The State of Furry- A furry comic artist's take on the state of the comic book industry and furry comics.

Alfador's Tail Article- Somewhat infamous article on the college student who wore a tail.

Where Has All The Cat Soup Gone: An investigation of manga artist suicides- An indepth look at a kemono artist in Japan and her untimely death. Talks about japanese society as a whole and the manga history. Very informative and sad.

lainspotting: What happened to anime "shrines" on the web?- A writer speculates on the decline of anime shrines on the web. Furry fandom has a similar problem with fan sites.

The New Lildobe.net - Furry Media Attention- Archive of furry related news articles and movies.

Roleplaying Psychology articles

Role-playing - Wikipedia- Wikipedia article the psychology of roleplaying.

New World Notes: FURRY LIKE ME- Interesting article on the furry fandom from an outsider new to the world of furry roleplaying. This rolplaying takes place in the fictional world of Second Life where furries have a large presence.

Role Play Simulation for Teaching and Learning- Interesting psychological view points on the nature of roleplaying. It deals with empathy and animal nature in general. Very informative.

Suppose you were someone else: Learning from Role-play simulation- Related article on the psychological view points on the nature of roleplaying.

Furry MUCKs

Second Life: Furnation Worlds- Furries are now the biggest online presence on Second life. Because of that achievement, Second Life is now updating its software to better accomodate the furry avatar. Coming soon: Movable tails.

Furcadia- Calls itself a Multi-player Online Social Game which means no combat. It's a graphical furry MUCK that is free but also has some pay elements for munchkins. Very popular online because its free.

Furry.org's FurryMUCK- Official FurryMUCK site with lots of general roleplaying info.

Tapestries MUCK: Home- The most well known adult furry roleplaying site. Yes, furry cybersex is allowed in more public areas of the world here.

The Napping Cat's Dream- Furry roleplaying site that focuses more on abstract worlds and roleplaying.

puzzlebox::what is postfurry?- PuzzleBox MUCK focuses on Postfurry characters and environments. Even has a description of Postfurry.

Babyfurs and nurseries of FurryMUCK- An essay on infantilism and Babyfurs on FurryMuck.

Vaguely Furry MMORPGs

Everquest- Yes, the Vah Shir are considered furry. Also has lizardmen and frogmen.

Everquest 2- The second incarnation of Everquest.

Final Fantasy XI online- Has lots of furry races and elements. The japanese have a thing for sexy cat girls.

World Of Warcraft- The minotaurs race is somewhat furry.

Star Wars Galaxies- Beware the dancing wookies.

Anti-Yiff sites

Crush! Yiff! Destroy!- Anti-furry site with lots of indepth articles and feedback. Lots of interesting links to various furry MUCK sites and fan sites.

Fur Central- Furry flame site with articles related to what's on current furries minds. Has a decidedly anti-furry stance.

Furry Fans.com- Anti-Furry site that pokes fun at furries and all their stereotypes. Oh, I love the Lion king banner intro; it's hilarious. It's a flash site so it takes a while to load.

Furrie Truth- Short anti-furry rant about furry stereotypes. It's hard finding any website like this on the web.

Furotica Research articles

Manawolf's Furry Lifestyle- A furry faq that deals with the subject of furry sexuality.

Deviant Desires: Furverts- A book that focuses on strange sexual phenomenon documents the furry fandom.

Re Fur and Loathing in the Bedroom: A Savage Look at Furry Sex- A forum on the nature of furry sexuality following the Fur and Loathing episode of CSI.

Wired News: Cybersex: Seek and Ye Shall Find- A writer notes the decline of cybersex in forums and chat rooms. She believes it has moved to the MUCKs and other roleplaying venues.

Culture Review: MOE- Otakus have a new buzzword that means a non-sexual attraction to something.

Welcome to Furry Daycare!- An entire LiveJournal community on Babyfurs.

MacroFurry Homepage- A whole website dedicated to a giant furry fetish.

Vanjas world- Read MY DREAMS- For anyone interested in what Toonophilia is like from a female perspective there's this site. Has extensive thoughts and furry artwork. It even has a comic on the subject.

FoxWolfie Galen's Plushie Page- More information than you wanted to know on plushies and plushophilia. There is some sections on furries and furrykins.

Welcome to HumanFauna.com!- A site dedicated to animal roleplay (Ponyplay) fetishists.

Anima's MUCK logs- For anyone interested in what voreaphilia looks like there's this site.

Mother of all Fetish Lists - Sacrificial Rabbit- A comprehensive list of various sexual fetishes.

Something Awful - Erotic TV Fan Art SWAT- A look back at cartoon shows that inspired pornography.

THE UNICORN ORGY- Has to be seen to be believed. A case study of furry sexuality gone horribly wrong.

Manawolf's Zoophilia Essay- A furvert's view on the morality of bestiality.

Pressed Fur Essay: Understanding Furry Art Market Dynamics- An interesting article on the nature of the popularity of furotica.

Furotica / Yiff

Toon Pimp's Palace- Ruining Cartoons for Everyone!- A satirical look at toonophilia and furry pornography. It would be in the Anti-yiff section but this site seems to brand itself as an adult site.

fchan-The infamous Fchan image bulletin board. While there is some clean furry artwork it is mainly to showcase adult furry artworks.

SexyFur.com- Come explore the strange passion that is photoshopped hand-drawn sexy furs as seen through the eyes of a talented furotica artist. Paysite.

Hotfurs.com- Another furotica pay-site with lots and lots of sexy furs.

Vixine - Adult Furry Fantasy - hardcore, furry, furry art and furry comics- A furry adult comic and a paysite. What more needs to be said.

Playmouse.com- It's like playboy but with sexy mice. Yeah, furotica is strange.

SawRena: Sawblade Renamon Project- Renamon is one the most overused characters in furotica. Right behind Minerva Mink, Fifi Le Fume and the Road Rovers.

Welcome To Toonotopia.com!- Cartoons pornified in all their spooge-filled poses.

Pokemon Porn - Super XXX Actions- Yes, Pokemon porn. This really doesn't need a description.

The Digimon Hentai Zone- The largest repository of Digimon porn I have ever seen. Do any kids watch these kids shows?

CosPlay Articles

GameGirlAdvance - Playing Dress Up- A thorough look at cosplay and otaku culture. In short, kids play dress up to be in style while nerds dress up to look like a fanboy. Has some information on the gothic lolitas as well.

F*CKIN' OTAKU - Your Hobby Hates You- A somewhat revealing look at the anime hobby in general.

Chanpon: Matrix in Shibuya- The stranger than fiction story of Japanese cosplayers on the streets of Tokyo.

Juergen Specht - Photographs - True Story 4: The Matrix Reloaded in Tokyo- The same matrix story in japan, but this time with lots of pictures.

F*CKIN' OTAKU - Cosplay Bottom Ten- Yes, the horrors of cosplay as seen at various anime conventions.

Costume Play

Costume play- For people who like to wear anime body suits of their favorite manga there's this informative convention page.

SKA : Strange Kigurumi Army- The japanese cosplay scene is known as Kigurumi. It's often attributed to japanese fursuits but there is a subculture that deals specifically with dressing up as anime characters (animegao).

Kigurumi KUN- Japanese cosplay site. I can't read the title but apparently Kigurumi is the japanese word for cosplay. This is the Animegao variety of Kigurumi.

Costume play- Another Japanese cosplay site. More female anime characters.

Fursuit articles

CrushYiffDestroy - Mascot Hoax- A fursuit hoax that displays some of the more negative stereotypes of the furry fandom.

F*CKIN' OTAKU - Yiffin Furries- A biased view on the fandom following the same CSI episode.

Mystie's Place - Fursuits in television- An incomplete article on some of the more famous fursuits in television history.

gallery: FurtherConfusion2K5- A gallery of pictures from a furry convention. Fursuits and normal people abound.

Boners: Tigger Meets Death- A picture of Fursuit humor.


Fursuit.org- For people who like to wear fursuits there's this page.

mixedcandy fursuits- A site thats sells custom made fursuits.

FurSuitSex.com- A pornography site that specializes in fursuit sex.

WebRing: Fursuit- The official fursuit webring.

Morph Examples

Deviant Art: Pokemorphs- A deviant art group about Pokemorphs. They DO exist.

MediaMiner - Fan Fic: Dragon Morphs: A Digimorphs Tale- Short stories about people who turn into digimon and how they survive.

Neomorph fanart- Elfwood gallery with some neomorph images. What are neomorphs? Try neopets.com.

thatvideosite.com :: Guy gets caught masturbating to World of Warcraft- A great example of morphophilia in action.

Body Modification

The Lizard Man- Not everyone uses body modification to look more beautiful. No, he doesn't actually believe he is a lizard nor does he want to be a lizard trapped in a human body. He's a performance artist with a love of body modification apparently.

VietNamNet Tigerman- Article on the Tigerman. Yes, it looks like he is an furrykin.

"TIGER MAN" WANTS FUR GRAFT- The title is pretty self explanatory.

Divas - Jocelyne Wildenstein Cat woman- Behold the strange saga of the lion-faced woman.

Cat woman- Yes, the cat/lion woman. More pictures of her.

Furry hate articles

Furry - Encyclopedia Dramatica- See what haters really think of the furry fandom.

Fursecution - Encyclopedia Dramatica- The description of fursecution as written by someone with a grudge against the fandom.

Furry debate: Demented freaks of nature- The infamous furry-normal vs furry-freak LiveJournal discussion that sprang up in response to the bad media attention surrounding the CSI episode Fur and Loathing in Las Vegas. Furries and Portal of Evil goons test their wits in a battle that haunts furries to this day.

The Adventures of Accordion Guy in the 21st Century- One bloggers opinion on the nature of the LiveJournal debate.

I caught my brother jacking off to furry porn- The title is pretty self explanatory. See what other people think of furrydom in general.

Portal Of Evil Forums - Kimmah Primer- The notorious Kimmah primer. See how hate sites reacted to a scuffle in the Road Rovers fandom during the height of hate site activity. These forums seem to think of furry porn as old news now.

Portal Of Evil Forums - Fur Club- Another favorite referenced by hate sites. It's about a furry cartoon club on Yahoo and their responses on the subject.

Portal Of Evil Forums - VCL- Portal of Evil forums has a whole section dedicated to the horrors of the VCL.

philadelphia weekly online - Furry fandom- Short rant on the psychology of the furry fandom.

The Geek Hierarchy | The Brunching Shuttlecocks- A geek hierarchy with the furry fandom included.

Anti-Furry Movement Petition- Not the squeeky clean type of anti-furry. The hateful kind.

Furry hate sites

God Hates Furries- The perfect site to see what normal people think of the furry fandom. Has numerous examples of the various perversions of furotica and fursuiting. Has a whole section dedicated to furry hate mail.

Portal Of Evil- Web site that indexes weird and the insane web sites located on the World Wide Web. Unfortunately, many of them are furotica, otherkin or fursuit related.

Something Awful- This website is infamous in the furry fandom for trolling furry conventions. Also a insane site index.

Miscellaneous, yet Furry

Adopt a Censor! You know you wanna!- Furry version of a webpage rating system.

Liliy.net - Furry Adoptables- Cute anime furry webpage adoptables. I only posted this here because of the furry version of sephiroth.

Ready Kids, From the U.S. Department of Homeland Security- The government is now using anthropomorphic mountain lions to teach kids to be better citizens. Am I the only person who found this ironic?

Mozilla's FireFox- Yeah, furries love Firefox. Can't imagine why...

DogsPlayingPoker.org- There's not just one painting of dogs playing poker. Nope. In truth the artist made a series of them.

Add 'Yiff' to the dictionary- Online petition to add 'yiff' to the Oxford dictionary.

You know you're a furry fan when...- A comical take on how to tell if you're a furry fan.

deviantART: Pookyone by *cuteEevee- If you're bored from reading this long article you can visit this site.


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