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I am finally going to reveal
one of my biggest income
streams that I do on the
internet with out selling, and
with out any recruiting. It only
takes me about 10-15 minutes
a day.
I want to reveal this secret to
a few people only. This income
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people make all year.
Here are my earnings for one week:
Monday… $2,000.00
Tuesday… $2,000.00
Wednesday… $700.00
Thursday… $8,000.00
Friday… $4,000.00
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Liberty Funding Service
Our company is not just about
services, but it is about peoples'
dreams. We understand that
sometimes in life obstacles hit
all of us, and in many cases if
you are not prepared to handle
them, you may be knocked off
balance. We believe balance for
life is the key for success. At
Liberty Funding Services
Who is Lonnie McCowan?
Lonnie McCowan is a Pastor/Teacher, Author, Entrepreneur, and a undisputed master of marketing that delivers highly successful enterprises. He was personally trained and mentored by one of the best master marketers of all times who was Mr. E. Joseph Crossman a self-made multi-millionaire. What Mr. McCowan learned from E. Joseph Crossman combined with what he has learned from studying and researching biblical economics for over twenty years has allowed him to start living a life that most people dream about. One of his dreams was to be taken off of the payroll at the church he pastors. At his request, he is now able to pastor the same church as a labor of love without having to be on the church's payroll or receiving a paycheck from the church.
He has learned how to create multiple streams of income. Mr. McCowan says, "it is an absolute phenomenon!" and he wants to teach others how to do the same thing. It's usually pretty tough to get top marketers to share their top-secrets of success and a lot of these people have spent years practicing their craft and honing their techniques so they can earn the most money possible from every opportunity. Mr. McCowan is different because he really does want to see people free from financial bondage and as a pastor of a growing church he has a passion to help people. Others choose to help people because of the money they can make by helping others try to make money. Mr. McCowan has chosen to help people because he has a deep call by God on his life to help people live impeccable lives.
His multiple streams of income seminar programs are just one of the many ways he helps people maximize their lives. The seminar participants will learn the inside secrets including foolproof formulas for marketing success. Each participant will learn how to maximize the number of streams of income with minimum up front cash. The best thing about what you will learn is that you don't have to have an amazing talent to put these techniques into action.
Participants will learn the secret way to drive more traffic to their own web-site, how to get people flocking to your site at minimum cost and how to write an irresistible headline. Once people get to your site, you have to get them interested. Mr. McCowan shows you a foolproof way to write headlines that people can't help reading!
Being a part of this program is like having the goose that laid the golden egg.
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