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Geoffrey Moorhouse

Geoffrey Moorhouse is 'one of the best writers of our time' (Byron Rogers, The Times), 'a brilliant historian' (Dirk Bogarde, Daily Telegraph) and 'a writer whose gifts are beyond category' (Jan Morris, Independent on Sunday). He is the author of eighteen books, which have won prizes and been translated into several languages. In 1982 he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature. His To the Frontier won the Thomas Cook Award for the best travel book of its year in 1984. He has recently concentrated on Tudor history, notably with THE PILGRIMAGE OF GRACE and, in 2005, GREAT HARRY'S NAVY. He lives in a hill village in North Yorkshire.



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Geoffrey MoorhouseGreat Harry's NavyPaperback01/11/2006£9.990753820994
Geoffrey MoorhouseGreat Harry's Navy How Henry VIII Gave England SeapowerHardback11/08/2005£20.000297645447
Geoffrey MoorhouseThe Pilgrimage of Grace The Rebellion that Shook King Henry VIII's ThronePaperback03/07/2003£8.991842126660
Geoffrey MoorhouseTo The FrontierPaperback19/06/1998£8.990753804786

Great Harry's Navy

"Henry VIII's complex domestic life - he had six wives - has rather overshadowed that he founded what was to become the Royal Navy. But no more, in this well-researched and pacy account..."


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