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Sebastopol House State Historic Site

located in seguin, a town called the “mother of concrete cities,” this historic home endures as a testament to its structural integrity. In an 1854 visit, Frederick Law Olmstead, architect of New York City’s Central Park, found it noteworthy that a remote Texas town would be utilizing advanced building techniques less than 20 years after introduction in eastern states. In 1847, Dr. John Park, who obtained several patents on concrete use, relocated to Seguin from Georgia and constructed Sebastopol House. He utilized concrete, then called limecrete, to build this charming, Greek Revival structure. The house is also unique in that no stairs or hallways connect interior rooms and the roof was designed to catch rainwater in an early conservation effort.

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p.o. box 900, seguin 78156 Phone: (830) 379-4833

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