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Car Care Basics
Synthetic or Conventional Oil?  Breaking down a slippery subject
Avoiding Auto Repair Rip-Offs  Expert advice from an ASE-Certified Mechanic
Flushing Your Radiator  Cooling-system maintenance
Auto Transmissions: How Many Speeds Do You Need?  More choices, performance, and economy
Club Racing  Amateur drivers duke it out for bragging rights
What’s Stopping You?  Tech tips for brake upgrades
Drive Smart
The Importance of Coolant  Another easy way to protect your engine
Pothole Tech  Prepare for – and survive – road craters
Strict Safety Standards Primary Lifesavers  The effects of technology and safe driving
   Going Strong at 75,000 Miles: Special Articles | Videos | Animations
   See our section devoted to Car Care Beyond 75,000 Miles
Most Popular Articles
1 Oil Change 101:  Simple steps for doing the job yourself
2 High Mileage Lubricants:  Why special oils can extend the life of your engine when it reaches 75,000 miles & beyond
3 Oil Viscosity:  Weighing in on engine lubrication
4 Engine Maintenance:  Regular tune-ups, rubber replacement and filter changes extend vehicle life
5 Car Care Tips:  Maintenance is the key to a trouble-free vehicle
Heat’s On!  Installing a low-cost heater/defroster
Installing Window Weather Stripping  Sealing out Mother Nature
Paint Flake Fortitude  Paint problems and how to fix them

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Car Care
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