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Pre employment screening can weed out applicants who lie, embellish, and omit items on their application and/or resume. Many job candidates, from recent college graduates to top-level executives, commit resume fraud. Experts report a virtual epidemic of fake credentials and inflated resumes among those seeking employment. As the labor market tightens, more people are deliberately falsifying their education and experience to gain a competitive advantage. These deceitful applicants are hoping that overworked human resource departments will not verify the information contained in their job application.

The following statistics illustrate the magnitude of the problem:

   The Society of Human Resource Managers estimates that 53% of all job      applications contained false information in 2003.

   Based on a survey of 2.6 million job applicants, 44% lied about their work     experience, 23% fabricated credentials or licenses, and 41% lied about their     education.

   According to the FBI, approximately half a million people in the United States falsely     claim to have college degrees.

  Online 'Diploma Mills' sell fraudulent diplomas to willing buyers for as little as $425     for a bachelor's degree and $550 for a master's degree.

  The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners estimates that occupational fraud and     abuse costs organizations about $600 billion annually, or roughly 6% of gross     revenues

Despite the widespread problem of resume fraud, companies can protect themselves from dishonest candidates by thoroughly verifying applicant information. A comprehensive pre employment screening program should include both education and previous employment verifications. Furthermore, education confirmation should include proof of accreditation for the institution being verified.

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