Karl's G4 part/component information

I made this page so hard-to-find information that I have about Power Mac G4s could be used by more people than me.
If you have anything that might be useful, please send it to me.

CPU fan on a G4 933:

Sunon 60x60x25mm
12 Volt, 2.2 Watt
23.5 CFM, 4500 RPM (max), 33.5 dBA
Heat regulated

2 wires connected to Motherboard
Blows INTO the case

Big case fan on a G4 933 and 450 Sawtooth

Sensflow 120x120x25mm (made by Deta Electronics)
12 Volt, 4.32 Watt, 0.44 Amp
86.52 CFM, 2470 RPM (max), 37.6 dBA
Heat regulated

Update 8/18/04: Alan Kotik recently notified me that my information information was false... I have check and updated it and it is now true as far as I can tell. Thanks Alan! Delta doesn't advertise a WFC1212B, but a WFB1212H has similar specs, and those are the ones shown here. This fan has 2 wires. More can be seen on this at www.barnabas.com/sound/quietbox/index.shtml. This fan is connected to the Power Supply, blows out of the back and through a duct to the bottom of the case. You could probably fit a fan with a thickness of 40mm or so in the shroud, if you modified one side to allow it to continue to blow out the back of the case. Peter wrote to tell me the same fan is used in his 450 mhz Sawtooth G4

Fan in G4 Quicksilver PSU

Protechnic 80x80x25mm MAGIC (made by Sechang Micro)
12 Volt, 0.24 Amp
38.27 CFM, 3000 RPM (max), 29 dBA
Heat regulated (probably)

This information was submitted by generously submitted by Alan Kotik. Many more thanks to him. He notes that the 29 dBA on the manufacture's website is woefully different the roar that most Quicksilvers emit from their PSUs. This is a sleeve bearing fan, and should have 2 wires.

Fan in G4 450 Sawtooth PSU

Delta 80x80x25mm (made by Deta Electronics)
4-13.8 Volt, 0.14 Amp, 1.64 Watt
31.57.27 CFM, 2850 RPM (max), 30.5 dBA

This fan has sleeve bearings and a 2 pin connector. Thanks for Daan Zeydner for this information.

G4 933 Power supply

344 Watt
Model Number:API1PC12
Apple P/N:614-0157

(Updated 1/25/06) Rod Pearson tells me that the the third character in the model number is "I" not "L". Updated. Model number was previously listed as "APL1PC12".
(Updated 1/6/02)This information was submitted by generously submitted by Alan Kotik. This appears to be a unique item manufactured for Apple. It seems to be relatively unique in the fact that it has +/- 25 volt supply in a separate 4 lead connector. The purpose of these extra connectors is to provide power to the ADC connector. If anyone knows about the pin out of the motherboard connector compared to an ATX or B&W; connector, please contact me.

G4 Digital Audio (433-733 mhz) Power supply

??? Watt
Model Number:API-9841
Apple P/N:????

(Added 9-1-04)This power supply has no pass through to to connect a monitor. This information comes from ebay auction 5120290337.

G4 Gigabit Ethernet Power supply

??? Watt
Model Number:API-9841-291
Apple P/N:????

(Added 9-1-04) This powersupply has a pass-through to power the monitor. This information comes from ebay auction 5119791568.

Blue and White (B&W;) G3, Sawtooth G4, and Yikes! G4 Power supply

208-273 Watt
Model Number:SA202-3549-058
Apple P/N:614-0091

(Added 8/18/04) (Updated 9/1/04) The power supplies used in the Blue and White, Yikes! (PCI graphics), and Sawtooth (AGP Graphics) G4s are all similiarly pinned out. They are essentially ATX power supplies that have the pins re-arranged by Apple to their own devious intentions. These powersupplies have 20 pin connectors that are the same shape as standard ATX connectors. The higher wattage power supplies were made for the Sawtooth models, although they work in the slower models. There is a page at XLR8YourMac.com that describes how to convert an ATX power supply to this purpose. Here is an (Image) of the 208 watt model. Thanks to Kieth for his help in generating the information for this section.

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