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    Overpopulation and Mandatory Spay/Neuter

    One of the primary problems facing dogs and cats is their physiological capacity to reproduce an exponential number of unwanted offspring. Exponential reproduction creates the breeding reservoir from which future irresponsible pet owners, animal profiteers and animal experimenters will retrieve the neglected and abused dogs and cats of tomorrow. From this reservoir streams the estimated 5.4 million unwanted dogs and cats that die each year in our Nations shelters. The need is unequivocally clear: We need to stop the senseless killing of companion animals in our Nation by becoming part of the humane solutionspaying and neutering.

    Large numbers of puppies and kittens as well as dogs and cats are adopted unspayed and unneutered from poorly funded shelters across the country. National studies indicate that more than 50 percent of persons adopting unaltered animals fail to comply with their contractual agreements to spay/neuter their adopted pets. These 50-plus percent of persons who fail to comply are simply perpetuating epidemic overpopulation by allowing their animals to breed.

    NHES believes the only solution to the rampant overpopulation and suffering of unwanted dogs and cats isappropriate animal adoption services, responsible pet ownership, and population control through nationwide Mandatory Spay/Neuter programs. As a testament to this belief, NHES and its affiliates adhere to Mandatory Spay/Neuter before Adoption Policies, including Early-Age Spay/Neuter of puppies and kittens.

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