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interior decoration








interior view
chinese furnishings

restaurant interior








Greenland map






table set for Greenland hot pot (fondue)

Table set for Greenland hot pot (fondue)








Arctic Circle Race Sponsors Dinner at Misigisaq Restaurant - stafg view

During the Arctic Circle Race Sponsors’ dinner, our staff relax behind the scenes








Arctic Circle Race Sponsors Dinner at Misigisaq Restaurant - stafg view

Sisimiut and Nasaasaq






Happy Fish 喜庆鱼

Sisimiut wild salmon “Happy Fish”










greenland sashimi
beluga mattak
arctic shrimp
arctic scallops
daniella dukes
misigisaq restaurant
kinesisk restaurant












Greenlandic sashimi (Arctic scallops and shrimp & beluga whale mattak)













sisimiut winter scene
snow in greenland











Misigisaq’s food approaches the sublime…Go to Sisimiut and experience Misigisaq!” 

Nerisassaataat mamaqalutillu sullissineq pitsaaluinnarpoq.  Naggataatigut oqaannassaanga:  Sisimiuliarlusi Misigisamut misigisaqariartorniaritsi.”

“Oplevelsen af det kulinariske har været nær det sublime...Tag til Sisimiut og oplev Oplevelsen (Misigisaq).”

 (Sermitsiaq Weekly:  Nr 17, 2003)


Greenland’s largest selection of Greenlandic produce!


About Misigisaq Restaurant

When you are in Greenland, don’t miss its loveliest town – Sisimiut.  And when in Sisimiut, don’t miss Greenland’s special restaurant – Misigisaq!  You will find Misigisaq Restaurant down in the atmospheric and historic port area (JM Jensenip Aqquserna), just where you disembark from your ship or where you enter town from the airport. 


Misigisaq serves Greenlandic ingredients cooked in an authentic Chinese style - some of the best produce in the world cooked in the style of one of the world’s great cuisines.  


Misigisaq is the Greenlandic word for experience.  


Misigisaq is a Greenlandic company owned by seven friends from five countries:  Greenland, Canada, Australia, Israel and China.  Perhaps that is a record in Greenland and a unique combination anywhere in the world! 



Sisimiut is Greenland's 2nd largest town, with 5000 inhabitants.  Located on the west coast, surrounded by mountains, glaciers and fjords, 100kms north of the Arctic Circle, it is the country’s northernmost year-round ice free port, and a major fishing centre.  It is the southernmost town in which dog sledding is permitted in Greenland.

Eating at Misigisaq

The motto of Misigisaq is “Taste Greenland”, because its main ingredients are Greenlandic meat and seafood, much of it bought from local fishermen and hunters.  The cuisine is the product of the first-class certified Chinese chefs working in Misigisaq, who worked for many years in famous restaurants in China. 


The flavour of Misigisaq’s cuisine is authentic Chinese, with dishes from every part of China.  Many of these dishes are not well known outside China, but the cooks and management have chosen our favourite recipes from Chinese restaurants and homes.  Some, like “Lamb Like Honey”, a dish known mainly to the Moslems of Beijing, have become a big hit in Sisimiut.  “Apples in Silk”, another north Chinese specialty, has become a popular dessert. 


By using a big variety of Greenlandic ingredients, Misigisaq’s cooks have added a new dimension to Chinese cuisine:  Hot pots cooked on the table, popular in Beijing, in Sisimiut use Greenlandic lamb from Neqi (the national lamb supplier), which we cut into paper thin slices for fast cooking, with an option of adding caribou and musk ox meat.  The Davis Strait Hotpot is a fondue packed with local seafood.  The rejuvenating Chinese herb, ginseng, is added to caribou in a clay pot.  Fragrant and Spicy Snow Crabs is a dish based on cuisine in central China.  Shrimp in a Snowball is a Sichuan dish using Sisimiut shrimp.


Fish dishes in Misigisaq all use local fish - they usually combine a big portion with the art of food carving, such as Happy Fish like Pineapple (wild salmon), Ganshao Spicy Fish (redfish), and Sweet and Sour Whole Arctic Charr. 


Much of the food is cooked in interesting new ways, like Caribou in the Palace, Hunter’s Noodles (a mixture of game meats with noodles), White Spoon Nipisa (lumpsucker fish), Fragrant and Crispy Eider Duck, Dried Fried Seal, Spicy Beluga Whale, Qaqortoq Farmer’s Soup (mutton meat balls in a noodle soup), and Zedna’s Kingdom (a mixed seafood dish). 


In order to give our customers the freshest ingredients, Misigisaq makes in its own kitchen many of the basic Chinese ingredients like soya bean curd (doufu), thick noodles, and spring roll skins.  Other basic ingredients like spices and teas are imported direct from China.


We also serve excellent wines, made by an Australian friend of ours in Portugal, Peter Bright, who has twice won European red wine maker of the year awards.  The prices of these wines and our other drinks make them easily affordable to everyone. 


Misigisaq’s owners want all the residents of Sisimiut and visiting tourists to be able to afford to eat and drink regularly in the restaurant, so we have set very reasonable prices for the food.  Some of our prices, like those for our seafood and venison dishes, are even lower than what you can find in China.  In Misigisaq you can experience the Arctic at reasonable prices.


Misigisaq is a good address for finding books, films and souvenirs relating to traditional Inuit life.  We also serve a number of favourite Inuit foods not usually found in Greenland’s restaurants, such as Kaffi Tunnulik (coffee and caribou fat) and the traditional Inuit dessert Akutaq. 


Misigisaq is a good venue for functions and meetings, and also caters to outside functions of any size, so we can serve weddings, confirmation and kaffimiks in or out of the restaurant building.  And Misigisaq’s take away service has become quickly popular in Sisimiut. 


We have also initiated a service for residents of Denmark:  a Greenlandic meat and fish supply service – so that no Greenlander need miss the food he loves the best!  We have very competitive, new prices for this service.


The owners and staff of Misigisaq will repay our customers for their support with good food, warm service, friendship and a special cultural experience.  Misigisaq’s owners have come together to create the best Chinese restaurant north of the Arctic Circle and the best in Greenland. 


As Greenland’s national newspaper recently wrote:

Misigisaq’s food approaches the sublime…Go to Sisimiut and experience Misigisaq!”  (Sermitsiak Nr 17, 2003)


For bookings or questions about Misigisaq, about Sisimiut or Greenland in general, you can ring us at 299-863888.


Or email us at info@misigisaq.gl

Or write to us at Postboks 478, 3911, Sisimiut, Greenland.


Our opening hours are

Monday, Thursday, Friday:  12:00-00:00

Tuesday, Saturday, Sunday:  14:00-00:00

Wednesday: closed


So come to Misigisaq and taste Greenland!


Some reviews of Misigisaq:

“The Arctic meets the Far East at this Chinese restaurant, which is renowned in West Greenland for its superb food. Typical Chinese decor and bustling atmosphere form the backdrop to an extensive menu made up entirely of Greenlandic traditional foods cooked in Oriental style.”

(Lonely Planet “Greenland and the Arctic”)


 “This restaurant is a perfect example of well-made Chinese food adapting and adopting locally located ingredients, and mixing and serving them direct from the hands of good Chinese chefs…  Be there five thousand or five million folk in a town, all it takes is one or more Chinese master chefs and owners who know about, care about, and like to eat fine Chinese food.”

(Flavor and Fortune magazine, USA)


Misigisaq is recommended by the Los Angeles Times travel supplement


See the article on Misigisaq in Air Greenland in-flight magazine”Suluk



Et 'must' i Sisimiut er et besøg den kinesiske restaurant ved havnen hvor de serverer grønlanske råvarer tilberedt kinesisk. Alene retternes navne er fantastiske... Dette er simpelthen et af de bedste spisesteder i kongeriget!

(Outsite Magazine)


“…Sisimiut hvor der venter nye interessante overraskelser – blandt andet en kinesisk restaurant der serverer traditionel kinesisk gastronomi baseret på lokale råvarer som moskusokse, rensdyr, narhval og sæl.

(Danish TV, dk4)


Gibt es einen sehr guten Chinesen. Er bietet chinesische Speisen mit ausschließlich grönländischen Zutaten an. Mittags bietet er ein günstiges Menü für umgerechnet ca. 10 Euro an.

(Grönland: Artic-Circle-Trail, Conrad Stein)


Sisimiut restaurants: Twee daarvan hebben vrijwel hetzelfde eten op het menu staan. De derde is aan te raden: restaurant Misigisaq. Het heeft een unieke combinatie van de Groenlandse en Chinese keuken. De koks bereiden de maaltijden voor met Groenlandse ingrediënten op een Chinese manier. Naast pekingeend staat ook zeehond en walvis op het menu.”

(Yorin Travel web site from the Netherlands recommends Misigisaq, with its “unique combination of Greenlandic ingredients and Chinese cooking”…)


“Diese Mischung aus grönländischen Erzeugnissen und chinesischer Kochkunst erstaunte uns sehr und erfreute unsere Gaumen überaus... Es ist schwer in Worte zu fassen, wie Sau geil das war. Wir sind einfach nur hin und weg.”



”The latest issue of Flavor and Fortune has a little article about the best Chinese restaurant in Greenland
Check out the menu, and look at the rest of the website. It's my new mission in life to get to this restaurant before I die.”



“Don't miss it if you're in Sisimiut! Chinese food using local Greenland ingredients “



“My candidate for the most unlikely Chinese restaurant in creation”



I guess you'd kinda have to be excellent to keep a restaurant running in Greenland...Damn it. Now I have a restaurant I must visit before I die.”



Misigisaq was a success – I had 40 astonished agents after the meal in your restaurant - they were in heaven.

(Marketing Director, Greenland Travel)





Om aftenen foreslår vi et besøg den kinesisk/grønlandske restaurant ‘Misigisaq’, der laver god kinesisk mad baseret grønlandske råvarer.”

“We recommend you visit the Chinese/Greenlandic restaurant Misigisaq in the evening, where they cook good Chinese food based on Greenlandic ingredients.”

(Greenland Travel brochure 2005)


“En aften bør du spise på den kinesiske restaurant Misigissak, som er beliggende ved byens havn... Maden er god, portionerne store og det er lidt af en oplevelse at sidde i den kinesisk inspirerede restaurant og kigge ud over en grønlandsk havn.”

(Profil Rejser)


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