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*Peace maker - A security mechanism for Northeast Asia?
The establishment of the six-party talks mechanism and its continued cohesion has been one positive achievement among the many anxieties caused by North Korea's nuclear...

*Space to manoeuvre - Satellite attack upsets US space supremacy
On 11 January 2007, after three previous unsuccessful attempts, China's People's Liberation Army (PLA) succeeded in performing a successful surface-to-space kinetic kill of a polar...

*Foreign friends - China expands relations with India and Pakistan
A contingent of Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Special Forces troops from the Chengdu Military Region deployed to Pakistan for the Friendship 2006 counter-terrorism exercises...

Trains to Nepal leave India feeling the cold
During a visit by Nepalese Deputy Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli to Lhasa in September 2006, the chairman of the Tibet Autonomous Region announced that...

*Hu tightens his grip but still has to share
Four years after becoming Chinese Communist Party (CCP) general secretary, Hu Jintao has further consolidated the hold of his 'fourth generation' on the CCP. ...

*Taiwan stresses China's growing offensive options
The epic story of Taiwan's special arms procurement package from the US, first agreed in 2001, continues. Vice-Minister of National Defence Vice-Admiral Kao Kuang-hsi told...

Boom and bust: will the Chinese economy crash?
The stability of the Chinese economy, along with its continued rapid growth, is fundamental to the continued solidity of Chinese society. The Chinese Communist Party ...

Beijing displays its human rights diplomacy
China's vice-foreign minister Yang Jiechi's speech to the inaugural session of the UN Human Rights Council was a further reminder that human rights remain an ...

China's nuclear strategy
China maintains an official 'no first use' policy with regard to its nuclear weapons. However, the Pentagon report quotes Major-General Zhu Chenghu, from the PLA...

Pentagon raises eyebrow at China's military rise
The pace of Chinese military development has taken Washington unawares, according to a recent Pentagon report. The 2006 Annual Report on Military Power of the...

Sino-Arabian relations flourish with the oil trade
As a sign of China's increasing engagement with Arab countries, Beijing hosted the second ministerial meeting of the China-Arab Co-operation Forum from 31 May to ...

*China's ambiguity in Sudan
China deployed 25 peacekeepers to Sudan in early April, contributing to the UN effort to end the violence in the south of the country. The ...

Five-year plan reinforces Hu's confident reformism
The fourth session of the 10th National People's Congress (NPC), the annual meeting of China's unicameral parliament, finished in Beijing on 17 March. Although the ...

US Quadrennial Defense Review sparks anger in China
Once again, a report by the US military has provoked a public display of ire in Beijing. This time, it is the Pentagon's Quadrennial Defense ...

Beijing's censorship of the internet
The issue of internet censorship and monitoring in China came to the fore once again in mid-January 2006 when, at the behest of the Chinese ...

China's battle against designer drugs
While heroin abuse remains China's most serious illegal drug problem, the rapid rise in the popularity of synthetic drugs is causing concern. In addition to ...

China's strategic diplomacy
The 10th Sino-Russian prime ministers' meeting between Wen Jiabao and Mikhail Yefimovich Fradkov in Beijing in early November "epitomises the two countries' determined efforts to ...

Is China moving down a more socialist path?
China's latest five-year plan contains "revolutionary changes" to the country's economic and social development, according to the People's Daily. The changes, outlined by the 16th ...

Defections reveal extent of China's espionage operations
"China is the biggest [espionage] threat to the US today," David Szady, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation's (FBI) head of counterintelligence, told The Wall ...

*US concerned by China's growing military potential
On 19 July the Pentagon issued its annual report to Congress, The Military Power of the People's Republic of China. It expresses concern that although ...

China states opposition to Security Council expansion
As reform discussions intensify, it will become clear whether Beijing is simply a realist actor pursuing its sovereign interests, or whether it is genuinely ...

Relations between China and Taiwan remain at an impasse
The fundamental issue of Taiwan's sovereignty has again taken centre stage in its domestic politics, with pro-reunification parties appearing to gain the upper hand. The...

China arms ban hinders developing Sino-EU relations
Over the last year there has been open pressure from some European Union (EU) governments, notably Germany and France, to lift the EU embargo on ...

*China, Iran forge closer ties
The "common consensus between China and Iran in regional and international affairs is increasing", Chinese President Hu Jintao noted during a visit to Beijing by ...

White Paper reveals Beijing's defence thinking
Beijing issued a new defence White Paper in December 2004. More comprehensive than the previous one released in 2002, the new document outlining Beijing's national ...

China criticises Japanese defence policy
Japan's new national defence policy, which marks a significant move towards a more assertive role for its military, specifically identifies China as a potential threat. ...

China courts Latin America
Chinese President Hu Jintao made a major diplomatic expedition to Latin America in November 2004, visiting Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Cuba. During his 12-day visit, ...

Missile race heightens tension across the Taiwan Strait
Amid intensifying Taiwanese and mainland Chinese sabre rattling, speculation about their relative military capabilities has been mounting. John Hill reports on the recent missile race ...

China reshuffles Central Military Commission
Former Chinese leader Jiang Zemin relinquished his final major position as chair of the Central Military Commission (CMC) to his successor Hu Jintao on 19 ...

China covets African oil and trade
The government in Beijing has launched a major diplomatic effort to secure inroads into the African oil and infrastructure marketplace. John Hill examines the recent ...

China upgrades border security
Culturally and politically, China has been closed to outside influences. As a result, the state's boundaries mark a more charged transition than for nations with...

China struggles to satisfy thirst for water
China is facing increasing shortfalls in the water resources it needs to sustain economic growth. Despite infrastructure projects to address the problem, the consequences of ...

US report sees 10-year window to engage China
Two new reports from US government bodies have addressed the question of the challenge China's development poses to US security. The first of these, the ...

China struggles to fulfil spiralling energy demands
China must broaden its energy base and find new suppliers, as an inability to meet spiralling demands for power will undermine its economic growth and, ...

Europe considers ending Chinese arms embargo
Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao began his first official visit to Europe on 5 May with the issue of lifting the European Union's (EU) ban on ...

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