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Strogg Towers
Created By   -   DAV
Supports   -   Skill Levels, DM
Date Reviewed   -   02/13/00
Download   -   Local Mirrors
Download Size   -   1.34 MB
Alt. Download   -   Author's Site
Screenshot 1   Screenshot 2
Click on a screenshot to get the full-size version.

  [ Reviewed by Jed ]

DAV has released quite a few Quake II levels recently and it's good to see that his mapping abilities are somewhat improving with each subsequent release. I wouldn't really call Strogg Towers an instant classic but it is still a very enjoyable level.

The story that accompanies Strogg Towers is that the strogg have invented a teleportation system that allows them to teleport anywhere without using q2's trademark telepads. They have also apparently decided to put the plans for the system on a Data CD and leave it sitting around in some towers somewhere. Not exactly the best story out there but I thought the strogg teleport effect was kinda cool.

As you can see by looking at the screenshots the level is centered around some large tower-like structures with lots of interconnecting walkways. With Strogg Towers DAV definitely makes good use of vertical space as almost the entire level (with its 130+ enemies) is located in one huge courtyard area with 4 large towers. You'll be going over/under the same areas several times during the course of the level. I thought the layout was excellent except for the last few rooms where it got a little arbitrary and unrealistic.

The combat in Strogg Towers was great as well. Like I said before, there are 137 enemies on skill 2 so be prepared for a few big fights. You'll encounter almost every q2 monster in the level but there's always just the right amount of ammo and health to keep things moving and there's just something exhilarating (sorta) about fighting strogg on walkways located hundreds of feet above the ground.

If there was one area where I found this map to be a little lacking it would have to have been the visuals. The tower structures are very well constructed (there are r_speeds over 1000 but that's only if you're looking directly up or down at the towers) but on the inside they aren't quite as stunning. Most of the interior rooms are fairly bland in appearance as though they were added as an afterthought after creating the towers and the bright yellow lighting used in most of them wasn't all that appealing either. I really felt there should've been a little more attention to detail used here.

Although the uneven visuals keep Strogg Towers from being a truly great release they don't do anything to the gameplay, which really shines. This one's certainly worth getting and hopefully we'll see even better stuff from DAV in the near future.

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