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Teleportation System Complex
Created By   -   DAV
Supports   -   Skill Levels, DM
Date Reviewed   -   03/19/00
Download   -   Local Mirrors
Download Size   -   1.4 MB
Alt. Download   -   Author's Site
Screenshot 1   Screenshot 2
Click on a screenshot to get the full-size version.

  [ Reviewed by Jed ]

DAV is a very prolific spq2 author (of which there are very few these days) and although he has yet to release anything really special his levels, including this one, are still quite enjoyable.

I had fun playing Teleportation System Complex mainly because it was a large level with plently of strogg to kill (151) and a good challenge. There are some great combat sequences (especially in the beginning) where you'll be fighting multiple enemies and just when you think you've killed them all a bunch of new ones teleport in. New monsters also show up when you backtrack through areas so there's hardly ever a dull moment. And did I mention that there are five boss creatures you'll have to take out? Anyway, expect some big fights.

The architecture in Teleportation System Complex is a little bit of an improvement over DAV's previous work. The lighting could've been better (in terms of both brightness and technique) but the biggest problem with the visuals is the lack of theme. Aside from one room with a bunch of telepads in it and the fact that are strogg teleporting in all the time there isn't much to suggest that the level is any sort of teleportation system complex. Also, almost every room has a totally different look as though DAV's intention was to use every single Q2 texture in one level.

Teleportation System Complex is a good follow-up to Strogg Towers (which was, in my oppinion, a slightly better level) and is pretty much a mandatory download given the state of spq2 these days but there is a lot here that could've been improved upon. Still, I look foward to seeing what DAV will come up with next.

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