In approximately 75% of the cases, awards in the categories of Best Direction, Cinematography, Editing and Screenplay went to the same film winning the Best Film Award. Unless stated otherwise, the Best Actor or Actress award was for a role in the Best FIlm.

2005 Look Both Ways Hugo Weaving (Little Fish) Cate Blanchett (Little Fish)
2004 Somersault Sam Wothington Abbie Cornish
2003 Japanese Story David Wenham (Gettin' Square) Toni Collette
2002 Rabbit Proof Fence David Gullpilil (The Tracker) Maria Theodorakis (Walking on Water)
2001 Lantana Anthony LaPaglia Kerry Armstrong
2000 Looking For Alibrandi Eric Bana (Chopper) Pia Miranda
1999 Two Hands Russell Dykstra (Soft Fruit) Sacha Horler (Praise)
1998 The Interview Hugo Weaving Deborah Mailman (Radiance)
1997 Kiss or Kill Richard Roxburgh (Doing Time For Patsy ...) Pamela Rabe (The Well)
1996 Shine Geoffrey Rush Judy Davis (Children of the Revolution)
1995 Angel Baby John Lynch Jacqueline McKenzie
1994 Muriel's Wedding Nicholas Hope (Bad Boy Bubby) Toni Collette
1993 The Piano Harvey Keitel Holly Hunter
1992 Strictly Ballroom Russell Crowe (Romper Stomper) Lisa Harrow (The Last Days of Chez Nous)
1991 Proof Hugo Weaving Sheila Florance (A Woman's Tale)
1990 Flirting Max Von Sydow (Father) Catherine McClements (Weekend With Kate)
1989 Evil Angels Sam Neil Meryl Streep
1988 The Navigator Joh Waters (Boulevard of Broken Dreams) Nadine Garner (Mullaway)
1987 The Year My Voice Broke Leo McKern (Travelling North) Judy Davis (High Tide)
1986 Malcolm Colin Friels Judy Davis (Kangaroo)
1985 Bliss Chris Haywood (A Street To Die) Noni Hazelhurst (Fran)
1984 Annie's Coming Out John Heargreaves (My First Wife) Angela Punch-McGregor (Annie's Coming Out)
1983 Careful, He Might Hear You Norman Kaye (Man of Flowers) Wendy Hughes
1982 Lonely Hearts Ray Barrett (Goodbye Paradise) Noni Hazelhurst (Monkey Grip)
1981 Gallipoli Mel Gibson Judy Davis (Winter of Our Dreams)
1980 Breaker Morant Jack Thompson Tracy Mann (Hard Knocks)
1979 My Brilliant Career Mel Gibson (Tim) MIchelle Fawdon (Cathy's Child)
1978 Newsfront Bill Hunter Angela Punch-McGregor (Chant of Jimmie B...)
1977 Storm Boy John Mellion (The Fourth Wish) Pat Bishop (Don's Party)
1976 Devil's Playground Simon Burke & Nick Tate Helen Morse (Caddie)
1974/5 Sunday Too Far Away Jack Thompson & Martin Vaughan (Bill & Percy) Julie Dawson (Who Killed Jenny Langby?)
1973 Libido:The Child & 27A Robert McDarra (27A) Judy Morris (Libido:The Child)
1972 Stork Bruce Spence Jacki Weaver
1971 Homesdale none given Monica Maughan (A City's Tale)


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