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Huntington Beach, CA (Dexter)


Last week I went out of town to meet with a guy who might produce our next record. I thought it went really well. Right now we‘re just kind of in that mode of figuring out what the next record is gonna be like, and writing songs. Why don‘t you guys write in and tell us what you think?

The version of Dirty Magic we recorded last year is an electric version with drums. That song is kind of special to us because it‘s one of those requests we always get from our most hardcore fans. Unfortunately, most people don‘t know the song, cause most people don‘t know our music from before Smash. We always thought that it was a good song, but that we could do a better job recording it now than we could back then. So we did it, and Atom played on it. It sounds great. I‘m not sure if it will come out someday or what. Maybe if you guys are really really nice…

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