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Huntington Beach, CA (Dexter)


Wow, you guys seemed to really enjoy the last post from me. Maybe we really should do this more often. I bugged Noodles a little bit to write something to put up also, but I don‘t think he‘s gotten around to it yet. I tried to tell him how much you guys would like it. Maybe you guys should write in and bug him about it.

Well what‘s up this week? We went back in the demo studio last weekend, just Noodles and I, doing some guitar tracks. It was a blast. It feels good to get back in the studio and do some recording and just be a band, you know? I‘m sure you do if you‘re in a band. We knocked off early because it was Noodles‘ birthday (remember?) and he had some ragin‘ to do.

People are asking us about possibly doing some festivals in Europe this summer, which would be fun, but we thought it would be better to stay home and work on songs for another record. What do you think?

Well, I guess that‘s it for now. Oh yeah, did I tell you guys that we re-recorded Dirty Magic last year?


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