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This site is for NJ's Deaf and hard of hearing community and parents of children with hearing loss. It is an online resource for NJ's long overdue injustice....NO insurance coverage for hearing aids!  With your help we can make a difference and join other other states like Conneticut, Maryland, Rhode Island and others that have passed legislation!
There are 720,000 deaf and hard of hearing people in NJ. PLEASE sign the online petition on the left sidebar! We now have over 5000 signatures!

ABC World News Tonight with Charles Gibson 12/12 segment on Grace's Law! Watch it here!

A289 was heard in the Assembly Financial Institution Committee on 6/12/06 and unaminously passed. It has been referred to the Assembly Appropriations Committee.  Mention of this passage good news was on NJN tv news and an article in the Star-Ledger on 6/13/06.
Also On 3/3/2006 the Pension and Health Benefits Review Commission reviewed bill S899 "Grace's Law which would provide hearing aid coverage for children under 18 ($2000 per aid every 48 months).  The Commission RECOMMENDED ENACTMENT!
This is a good positive step!
I'll make changes to this site periodically sharing the latest status on HAIL, how you can help the cause, etc. Be sure to bookmark this site or www.graceslaw.com so you can check back often!
Thanks to all those who have supported this cause in the past with letters, advice, unwavering hope. Together we can make a difference!

Pass Grace's Law (A289) in 2006!