RQW management has today formally announced the first three matches for its upcoming show on Saturday 24th March at the prestigious York Hall in Bethnal Green, London, to be taped for future presentation on TWC Fight. The show will once again feature the very best talent from all over the UK, representing the best promotions on offer to British fans today.

Main Event RQW Heavyweight Title Match
Martin Stone (Champion) vs Jody Fleisch (Challenger)

After a thrilling three-way encounter between ‘The Phoenix’ Jody Fleisch, Jonny Storm and PAC at York Hall in February to decide the next contender to Martin Stone’s RQW Heavyweight Championship, it was ‘The Phoenix’ whose hand was raised at the final bell. Fleisch is no stranger to title matches at York Hall. In fact, he won the FWA Heavyweight Championship in the very same building, defeating Flash Barker – the idol of the man Fleisch must beat to have his hand raised in triumph again – current RQW Champion, Martin Stone.

Stone has been cutting a wide path though his opponents as of late, both in and out of the RQW ring, having most recently defeated British legend ‘Rowdy’ Ricky Knight in February in an emotional and highly-charged battle for the gold. However, IPW:UK vs FWA: Final Frontiers is the following day, and the fate of IPW:UK sits squarely on the Guvnor’s shoulders. With the uncertainty over who his opponent will be for the match that will end the days of one of the two most successful promotions in the UK, can Stone keep his mind on the task at hand and defeat Fleisch?

RQW Women’s Title Match
‘The Jezebel’ Eden Black vs Allison Danger

Eden Black has had quite a year so far, and it seems that all is coming up roses for the rising UK female star. Having retained her title by a whisker in a three-way with SHIMMER Women Athlete stars Cheerleader Melissa and MsChif at RQW ‘No Pain, No Gain’, Black went on to enjoy success at the inaugural ChickFight UK show in Great Yarmouth, where she fought her way through Lacey and Daizee Haze to reach the finals. In her first match back for RQW since her recent injury – having bagged a booking with SHIMMER in April along the way – Black is keen to make a lasting impression on the woman she faces in March.

Allison Danger is a co-founder of SHIMMER Women Athletes, and is one of the most experienced and respected women on the SHIMMER scene. A mainstay on both the Ring of Honor and SHIMMER rosters, Danger has truly made an impact in getting professional women’s wrestling back in the limelight. Having wrestled across the USA and Japan, Danger is headed to UK shores for a month to find out what UK women are made of, and one thing is certain – she will be looking to take the RQW Women's Championship home to the US as a souvenir.

RQW Tag Team Championship Tournament – Semi-Final
The Hated Heroes (Andy Boy Simmonz & Aviv Mayaan) vs Madder Than You (J.P. Monroe & Mad Man Manson)

The battle to become the inaugural RQW Tag Team Champions is heating up, with all four semi-finalist teams now in place. Last month’s quarter finals at York Hall saw Hubba Bubba Lucha (Bubblegum and El Ligero) facing Team Charming (Jack Storm and Dave Moralez w/Charming Don Charles) and The Dragonhearts (Spud and Luke ‘Dragon’ Phoenix) taking on The Kartel (Sha Samuels and Terry Frazier).

RQW Cruiserweight Champion Bubblegum and his partner El Ligero fought hard throughout their quarter-final battle against Team Charming, but in the end could not overcome them, and once again Storm and Moralez proved why they are one of the most dominant tag teams in UK wrestling today. The victory over Hubba Bubba Lucha moved Team Charming swiftly into the second semi-final, to take place on an upcoming show.

Making their presence in RQW felt immediately, The Kartel dominated in their quarter-final bout, but were disqualified when they attacked Luke Phoenix with a foreign object, doing severe damage to his knee ligaments. Len Davies, the owner of RQW, banned The Kartel from the company for three months for their behaviour, but if one thing is for sure, it is that Frazier and Samuels will be back with a vengeance once their ban has been lifted, and will be ready to cause carnage in RQW, with their sights firmly set on whoever the RQW Tag Team Champions may be.

RQW in March sees the first semi-final of the Tag Team Championship tournament, and pits The Hated Heroes’ (Andy Boy Simmonz & Aviv Mayaan) against ‘Madder Than You’, who are, of course, J.P. Monroe and Mad Man Manson.

The Hated Heroes, it can be argued, need little or no introduction. Having formed a close bond in IPW:UK, Simmonz and Mayaan have become almost inseparable, and are a formidable team to face in any circumstances. With a victory over the last-minute team of Jonny Storm and Kid Kash (after Jonny’s original partner Jody Fleisch stepped in to fill the absent PAC’s shoes against Davey Richards), The Hated Heroes, as their entrance theme so clearly states, are loud, proud and ready to win the RQW tag team gold.

Many have questioned the reasons behind Monroe’s choice of tag partner, and no more than when during the ‘RQW: Not Just For Christmas’ four team elimination match, Mad Man Manson managed to make himself submit, causing Madder Than You to be eliminated from the match. More recently, the team have been successful, enjoying a victory over Team Shag I(n)T(ernational), comprising of ‘The Pukka One’ Darren Burridge and All Japan's Kikutaro, to advance into the semi-finals of the Tag Team Championship Tournament, and Madder Than You have garnered themselves quite a fan following with their comedy antics in and out of the ring. However, the Hated Heroes present a challenge not to be joked about, and JP and Manson may, for the first time in their lives, have to take something seriously.

PLUS 'The Bad Boy of British Wrestling' Jon Ryan will be in attendance at York Hall on 24th March, along with his manager, Greg ‘The Truth’ Lambert. After a month away from the RQW ring, and with pressure mounting on Lambert heading up to Final Frontiers, where his company, the FWA, could be forced to fold, Lambert will be keen to let his latest protégé Ryan loose on anyone who dares to take up his £10,000 Submission Challenge.
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