Obrien's Truth

"You can tell a true war story by the way it never seems to end." This quote from O'Brien's The Things They Carried bleeds through the whole book, becoming its philosophy. Kiowa's death is a never-ending event linking "Speaking of Courage", to "Notes", to "In the Field". Each retelling comes from a different perspective; the words that are left unsaid give new insights. The dialogic method reveals clues that give away the boy soldier's identity in "In the Field".

"Speaking of Courage"

"In the Field"


Here's a side by side format to compare the memories of Kiowa's death, as given by the boy and by Norman Bowker.

Here is a site highlighting some of the art done by American soldiers during the Vietnam conflict.

The photos I borrowed are from this site.

Here you'll find some great links to lots of info on Vietnam history and the Vietnam conflict.

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