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Spinning Top --- Step Folds page 1
begin with lily base* with 6" dark kami, valley fold ~1cm from bottom of colored triangle through all layers
*lily base
a) start with a colored preliminary base b) squash fold the four flaps
open paper completely, fold in corners using last crease made in step 1, mountain fold along creases going through colored points, valley fold along existing creases to left and right of new mountain (this crease is already on the back layer, you will need to make a new crease on the front layer)
collapse back down into lily base
valley fold up bottom flap on all four sides, on one of these new white rectangles pinch a valley fold at the midpoint to intersect with the center vertical crease, valley fold top point of triangle to intersect with this crosshair
the model is now separated by the last valley fold made in step 4, I will call this the top and bottom of model:  on top of model divide angle into thirds through all layers (left-valley, right-mountain); on bottom of model precrease small triangles with valleys on all four sides, landmark for top of small triangles is where the center vertical crease meets the last valley fold formed in step 4, the other landmark is illustrated in step 7
forming one side of small triangle, front view