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Welcome to THE CYBER ZOOMOBILE, your virtual access to the wonders of the animal kingdom. Enter an interactive realm where you are able to bring many of the world's most exotic species into your home for study and research, or simply your viewing pleasure. The educational commentary is combined with hundreds of hyper-links, transforming ordinary text into visual images of animal behavior. Learn about classification, distribution, individual characteristics, life cycles, sex and reproduction, endangered/threatened sepcies status and many other interesting aspects of life on planet earth. Information "buttons" provide worldwide links to search engines; zoos and wildlife parks; animal related educational materials; scientific research; veterinary medicine; recreation and eco-tourism; mammals; birds; fish; invertebrates; microbes; primates; dinosaurs; wildlife rescue and rehabilitation; evolution and creationists theories and State and Federal Agencies. In addition to the educational commentary and photographs, THE CYBER ZOOMOBILE hopes to enhance your visit with a number of interactive quizes, humorous jokes and anecdotes, brain teasers, contests, sweepstakes, other "stuff" and intriguing information relating to the wonders of the animal kingdom. We hope you enjoy you visit!

THE CYBER ZOOMOBILE is being created from original photographs, and continuously updated by Cyberswat, a 1971 graduate of Arizona State University. Copies (4x6, 5x7, 8x10, 11x14, 20x30) of any image are available by request. Your input is useful in helping develop an interesting, and we hope educational site. All suggestions, recommendations and comments are welcome! Last updated December 16, 2002.

"Reflect on your significance while resting in the shadow of a large carnivore."

**All photographic images contained within these web pages ARE COPYRIGHTED and may not be reproduced, or utilized in any manner, without the express written consent of Jim Rang;**

ORDER CARNIVORA (meat eaters) *Carnivore Classification*

  • Family Felidae (cats) *Smaller Cats and Felid Classification*

    lion leopard jaguar tiger puma cloud

    cheet snow bobcat caracal serval tiger

    [COMMON NAMES: African golden cat, Asiatic golden cat, bay cat, black-footed cat, bobcat, caracal, Chinese desert cat, fishing cat, flat-headed cat, Geoffroy's cat, jaguar, jaguarundi, Iriomote cat, jungle cat, kodkod, leopard, leopard cat, lion, lynx, marbled cat, margay, mountain cat, ocelot, Pallas's cat, pampas cat, puma (mountain lion), rusty-spotted cat, sand cat, serval, tiger, tiger cat, wild cat]
  • Family Canidae (dogs) *Canid Classification*

    wolf fox

    [COMMON NAMES: red fox, corsac fox, Tibetan sand fox, Blandford's fox, swift fox, kit fox, Bengal fox, sand fox, pale fox, cape fox, fennec fox, arctic fox, hoary fox, Falkland Island wolf, crab-eating fox, small-eared dog, Simien jackal, side-striped jackal, black-backed jackal, golden jackal, coyote, red wolf, gray wolf, domestic dog, maned wolf, raccoon dog, bat-eared fox, bush dog, dhole, African hunting dog]

  • Family Procyonidae (coatimundis)


    [COMMON NAMES: ringtailed coati, white-nosed coati, island coati, mountain coati]

  • Family Ursidae (bears) *Ursidae Classification*


    [COMMON NAMES: spectacled bear, Asiatic black bear, American Black bear, brown bear (grizzly), polar bear, Malayan sun bear, sloth bear, giant panda]

    ORDER CETACEA (whales, dolphins) *Cetacea Classification*

    ORDER PINNIPEDIA (seals, sea lions, walruses) *Pinniped Classification*

    ORDER PRIMATE (monkey, ape and man) *Primate Classification*

    ORDER SQUAMATA (lizards, snakes) *Squamata Classification*

  • Family Boidae (boas)

  • Family Helodermatidae (beaded lizard, Gila monster)

  • Family Iguanadae (iguanas)

    UNUSUAL ALLIANCES (unique relationships)

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    Robert Silvers, of Runaway Technologies, Inc., and Jim Rang, curator of The Cyber Zoomobile, are pleased to present these exotic cat Photomosaic images. The Photomosaic images are composed of hundreds of individual photographs, of the world's exotic cats, arranged to create a stimulating and simply wonderful visual experience. These Photomosaic images are now available in poster and puzzle format through this web site.


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