Strong and Andrews head back to the Cabin
Date : March 4, 2007     Posted By : Clint Morris

Love “Cabin Fever” – I’ll even go so far as to say it’s one of the best horror films in recent years. OK, so it’s not an out-and-out fright fest (like, say, Eli Roth’s follow-up “Hostel” was), but the way it combined blood with belly laughs was absolutely inspired.

I’m excited to see what they – and by they, I mean everyone but the original films helmer, Eli Roth – have come up with for the sequel. The only thing going against it at this stage is the fact that its direct-to-DVD… so its obviously not going to have the bucks (which, honestly, wasn’t a lot of bank anyway) of the original to play with. I dunno… how much is a crate of corn syrup these days?

Bloody Disgusting got the good word that Rider Strong and Giuseppe Andrews are returning to reprise their roles from the first film – as Paul and Winston, respectively – for the forthcoming “Cabin Fever 2”. They’ll be joined by Judah Friedlander (“Feast”), Noah Segan (“Brick”), Marc Senter (“The Lost”), Mark Borchardt (“American Movie”), Larry Fessenden (“Session 9”), Alexi Wasser (“Factory Girl”) and Rusty Kelley (“The Cassidy Kids”).

I am a little disappointed that Lionsgate didn’t take on Eli Roth’s idea for a sequel – he wanted it to be like “Song of the South”, remember? – But still, this sounds OK – if even just because they’ve had the smarts to re-recruit Strong and Andrews back for it.

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