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DAV Half-Life Pack 1
Created By   -   DAV
Supports   -   Skill Levels
Date Reviewed   -   04/30/00
Download   -   Local Mirrors
Download Size   -   2.0 MB
Alt. Download   -   FilePlanet
Screenshot 1   Screenshot 2
Click on a screenshot to get the full-size version.

  [ Reviewed by eXodus ]

Frequent visitors to this site will know the name of this author from his numerous small Quake2 releases over the past few months. However, with this pack, DAV turns his Q2 experience into a couple of nice little maps for Half-Life.

The theme here is simple: Gordon has to fight the military for some reason or another (plot really isn't the biggest factor behind the levels, as the text file simply states the goal you're trying to accomplish in each map). As a result, both maps are of your basic HL grunt-fest variety. If you're tired of those, you probably won't enjoy this pack.

But if there's still room in your diet for some pure grunt combat action, this one will be right up your alley. DAV is an experienced mapper, so many of the problems that plague the first maps of new HL authors don't exist in this pack. Visually, the maps are very clean. Architecture is well done, and while never spectacular, it's nice all the way through. Texturing and lighting are both good, too.

Gameplay is, well... there's only so many ways a gruntfest map can be described. Combat takes place in the first map partially outside a building and partially inside, in an office complex. Though the complex is built very convincingly, there are a LOT of doors, so finding just one keycard in the middle of it all can be a little tricky if you get lost easy. Most of you shouldn't have any problems, though. In the second map, you're in more of a military base theme. Remote turrets are used extensively, so be on the lookout. And yes, you'll get more than your fill of marines.

However, no map is perfect, and these 2 are no exception. One issue is fairly minor... in the first level, one CD audio track during the entire duration of the level in a loop. Though it is cool music, it does get somewhat old after a bit. Plus, when the track ends and restarts, you'll notice some choppiness, which can come at a really inopportune moment. Not good.

*snip* The map has been corrected since its original version and no more transition problem occurs. Thanks, DAV!

All in all, these 2 maps very nicely constructed and will suit those that love grunt-fest fighting just perfectly. Despite the lack of originality in the theme and the changelevel problem, I did have fun playing the maps and if you're looking for more standard fare HL action, pick this one up.

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