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Created By   -   DAV
Supports   -   Skill Levels, DM
Date Reviewed   -   02/03/00
Download   -   Local Mirrors
Download Size   -   1.1 MB
Alt. Download   -   Author's Site
Screenshot 1   Screenshot 2
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  [ Reviewed by Jed ]

Caves by DAV is another rather small, average release but there's still a good amount of fun to be had playing it.

In Caves you're supposed to enter some underground installation and wipe out all the Strogg in it. The way you enter the caves is rather unique but that was about the only original part of the map. From then on it's just pretty much your standard 'mine' style level. The architecture was decent with some rather well made cave areas but the overall quality of the visuals is brought down by a few boxy, poorly constructed rooms and strange looking doors. Another thing that detracts from the atmosphere is the fact that almost no ambient sounds were used.

Gameplay-wise, however, there's a lot to like about Caves. The combat is fun and provides enough challenge to satisy most Q2 players without frustrating anyone. I found the amount of ammo and health supplied to be just as balanced as in the original id levels and the enemy placement was good as well except for one part where you can totally avoid fighting the big tank thingey. I went in there and blasted him anyway but I was rather puzzled as to why he was there if you don't have to fight him. Also, r_speeds went over 1000 in two places but that would've only been a problem 2 years ago when we all had lower end systems.

In conclusion, Caves definitely isn't the most well made level out there and it only lasts for 15 minutes or so but it still gives Q2 fans the good gameplay they have grown to love, so if that's what you're looking for then go get this one!

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