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GDC: Zimmerman Milks The Casual Cash Cow
GDC: Zimmerman Milks The Casual Cash Cow [03.06.07] In his Independent Games Summit panel, Eric Zimmerman of gameLab (Diner Dash), one of the strongest personalities in game design innovation, discusses not only how to build a studio from the ground up, but "rethinking and reinventing what a game studio is."
GDC: The Gatekeepers Of Indie Distribution
GDC: The Gatekeepers Of Indie Distribution [03.06.07] Publishers get inundated with game concepts, art, and prototypes from independent developers on an hourly basis. In this Independent Games Summit panel, employees from Sony, Microsoft, GameTap, and Manifesto talk about what it takes for indies to get distributed.
GDC: An MBA Crash Course From The Behemoth
GDC: An MBA Crash Course From The Behemoth [03.06.07] Even without an accredited university MBA on hand, The Behemoth's John Baez offered independent developers tips to utilize to get their game into the hearts and minds of publishers and consumers in this Independent Games Summit session.
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All For Games: An Interview With Warren Spector
All For Games: An Interview With Warren Spector [03.05.07] In this exclusive interview ahead of his GDC lecture this week, we spoke with Junction Point's Warren Spector about his stance on MMOs (preview: he doesn’t like them), writing in games, dynamic storytelling, and the potential of the medium.
GDC 2007: Live Coverage
GDC 2007: Live Coverage [03.05.07] Gamasutra is reporting live from the 2007 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco this week, with extensive event coverage, panel summaries, interviews, and more - click through for more.
Free Agency: Opening Up the Game Developer Market
Free Agency: Opening Up the Game Developer Market [03.02.07] In a preview of his upcoming GDC speech, veteran lead designer Michael John (Daxter) advocates for free agency in the game biz; that is, the destruction of full-time employment, and the beginning of per-project contracting.
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Industry News

February 12, 2007

2007 Game Developers Choice Awards To Honor Miyamoto, Pajitnov

2007 Game Developers Choice Awards To Honor Miyamoto, Pajitnov The Game Developers Choice Awards Advisory Board has named the 2007 special award recipients for the Awards, which will take place on March 7th at the Moscone Center in San Francisco during GDC, revealing the winners of its regular jury-selected special honors.

Alexey Pajitnov, creator of Tetris, will receive the First Penguin Award for pioneering the casual games market; veteran designer and Manifesto Games founder Greg Costikyan will receive the Maverick Award for his tireless efforts to create a viable channel for indie games; and game audio legend George "The Fatman" Sanger will receive the Community Contribution Award for his numerous programs that encourage interactive audio innovation and industry improvement.

In addition, Nintendo game design icon Shigeru Miyamoto will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award for a career that spans the creation of Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda to the company's recent revolutionary systems, Nintendo DS and Wii.

Recipients of the Lifetime Achievement Award, as with the other awards, are selected by the Choice Awards Advisory Board, comprised of a diverse set of developers from around the globe. Past recipients of this award include Richard Garriott, Eugene Jarvis, Mark Cerny, Gunpei Yokoi (posthumously), Yuji Naka and Will Wright.

"This year's recipients of the Game Developers Choice Award special honors reflect the dramatic impact of their visionary creations and industry work," said Jamil Moledina, Executive Director of the Game Developers Conference. "Our four honorees are each responsible for inspiring the industry to creative heights through personal example and challenging conventional wisdom."

The seventh annual Game Developers Choice Awards will also hand out honors for Best Game, Audio, Character Design, Game Design, Technology, Visual Arts, Writing and Innovation. For more information about the ceremony or award nominees, interested parties can visit the Game Developers Choice Awards website.

POSTED: 05.54AM PST, 02/12/07 - Simon Carless - LINK

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