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Pain And Palliative Centre

The society has consciously ignored and neglected a group of individuals-those who are suffering from a fatal disease-Cancer. But just as on a rainy and cloudy day, the sight of sun gives us a relief , in the same manner, in the dejected lives of many of the cancer patient Padmasri Mammootty has entered as a ray of hope. He is, at present the main ambassodor of pain and palliative centre,. Sri Pannaparambil Muhammad kutty alias Mammootty, has been the fuel and the engine of the pain and palliate centre, situated at Calicut. More than a thousand number of people are getting the benefits which the institution is providing. Sri Mammootty, has now put forth a novel project to provide the pain and palliative care to those suffering from cancer, living all over Kerala . Sooner, he will put this decision into action.


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