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STEP 2: Establish a balanced aquarium with Bio-Spira

BIO-Spira, containing several newly discovered patented and patent pending species of the actual nitrifying bacteria found in closed, freshwater aquatic systems is "biological filtration" in a bottle. It literally works overnight to prevent fish loss due to ammonia and nitrite toxicity.

Discovered, isolated and cultured by Marineland Labs, BIO-Spira is the result of 10+ years of molecular biological research to identify and commercially produce the bacteria responsible for nitrification in aquaria. The discovery of BIO-Spira by Dr. Timothy Hovanec, Chief Science Officer of Marineland Labs, and his team has been well-documented and collaborated by other leading scientists around the world. Dr Hovanec talks about the discovery of BIO-Spira in the Marineland Labs Video Library. Several articles and peer-reviewed scientific papers are available by clicking BIO-Spira Research.

Over the last 18 months, BIO-Spira has been successfully field tested at public zoos, aquariums and in the aquaculture industry. Testimonials from individuals at those facilities with "hands-on" BIO-Spira experience are also available.

BIO-Spira is, perhaps, the most important aquarium product ever as it will make "new tank syndrome" a thing of the past. Fish can be safely introduced to new aquariums within 24 hours rather than weeks...and kept alive and healthy through the initial critical period. The discovery of BIO-Spira and the potential positive impact on fishkeeping was the cover story in the July 2002 issue of Pet Product News, a leading pet industry trade journal.


For new aquariums, first condition water with BIO-Safe™. Adjust aquarium water temperature. Add BIO-Spira™ and BIO-Coat™ along with fish. See your retailer for advice on the number of fish appropriate the size of your aquarium. BIO-Spira may also be added with each water change, when adding additional fish, and established aquaria that are experiencing water quality problems due to disruption of the bio-filter.


Shake well before each use. Use 1 ounce (29.6 ml) of BIO-Spira per 30 gallons of water. BIO-Spira cannot be overdosed. Keep refrigerated. Be sure to shut off any UV sterilizers and remove medication by means of a water change or activated carbon.


Purified water, patented and patent pending pure strains of Nitrosomonas, Nitrosospira and Nitrospira.


  • Prevents New Tank Syndrome Introduce fish safely within 24 hours, not weeks. Prevents ammonia and nitrite toxicity in freshwater aquariums during the initial critical period.
  • Patented and Patent Pending Discovered, isolated and now commercially grown exclusively by Marineland Labs.
Item Fluid Ounces mL Treats
PS0300 1 fl. oz. Pouch 29.6 30 Gallons
PS0313 3 fl. oz. Pouch 88.7 90 Gallons
PS0326 8 fl. oz. Bottle. 236.6 240 Gallons
PS0339 32 fl. oz. Bottle 946.2 960 Gallons


BIO-Spira is a "live" bacteria culture that is sold refrigerated and must be kept refrigerated until used. It can not be overdosed. Repeated dosing of your aquarium with ammonia removing liquids (such as BIO-Safe, Amquel, Ammo-lock and Aqua-Safe) can inhibit the beneficial action of BIO-Spira. Ammonia removing liquids should only be used to initially treat tap water. It is normal to have a small (<2 ppm) amount of ammonia or nitrate during the first few days after set-up. These concentrations are not harmful and will quickly drop to zero with proper use of BIO-Spira.
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