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Heroes 1.18 Parasite

Posted Monday, March 5, 2007

This show is just fantastic. It's so good, and all the characters are starting to interact more it makes it harder to do what I have been doing. But no way is that going to stop me! It's just time for a new format.

We start out where we left off two episodes ago, the death of Simone. Peter picks her up and takes her over to the bed and declares her dead. Isaac gets all upset and shoots at him again, but Peter turns invisible and runs away. Isaac...isn't all that shooting what got you into trouble in the first place? Hiro finally arrives at Linderman's casino, but a couple of mean ol' security guards won't let him in because of him being flagged from their last outing to the casino where they won a lot of money.

We next see Mr. Bennet telling Eric Roberts that he can't remember anything, just driving back home from the hospital. It turns out Eric Roberts' name is Thompson (we learn this later, as a casual name drop). Mr. Bennet wants to go after Claire and Thompson reminds him of his responsibilities, and apparently one of those is not be a father. Thompson leaves Bennet in the room, and goes to another where Matt is sitting (or bound, you can't tell) and the girl we saw last week were watching their conversation. Matt tells Thompson that Bennet is telling the truth, and if he can go now. Thompson says "No" and Matt brings up the fact that they had a deal, that if he helped them he could go free. Thompson says "We'll get to that" Did he mean we'll get to the letting Matt go, or the Matt helping them?

The Haitian and Claire are on a road trip out of town, and Claire is being quiet. She of course wants to go back and asks when they can. The Haitian says they can't, at least not for a while. They pull over so he can make a phone call, and talk in French to whoever he called (I'll reveal that later), then take off again for the airport to skip the country.

Now we fly on back to New York where Nathan gets visited by 2 FBI dudes. It turns out Nathan has been trying to take Linderman down since the car accident that took his wife's ability to use her legs. Nathan is headed to Vegas for a meeting with Linderman, about how he's down 4 points blah blah blah political dullness. Finally the FBI leave and Peter materializes out of nowhere and tells Nathan about the death of Simone, and Nathan being who he is says he'll take care of it, just steer clear of Isaac.

Mr. Bennet comes back to the hotel room his family is staying at, and when he says he has to go on a trip, his wife turns up some opera really loud. Not because she wanted to punish him, but because before his memory got wiped he took her in the shower and told her everything about Organization XIII, (except for where Claire is). So Mrs. Bennet is just faking not remembering anything, but Mr. Bennet isn't. Got it? Good. They get a visitor known as Candice (the woman from last week) informing Mr. Bennet that they had to go to New York because of Isaac's mess. (This is where Bennet says that Thompson doesn't need him for this one).

Mohinder shows Sylar he dad's list and whines about how hard it all is, and how he's exhausted. Sylar tries to call Isaac for him, but it's busy. I wonder if that's how he kills Isaac he knows his number and name now (since he stole Charlie's ability). Mohinder takes a moment from his whining to make them some tea, and grows a pair by drugging Sylar saying he figured out who he was right before Sylar passes out. I never thought I'd see the day.

Hiro runs into Nathan outside the casino and after a nice conversation about how Hiro know how Nathan really is (care too much about everyone) Nathan gets Hiro into the casino AND the art gallery. Claire and the Haitian arrive at the airport and after they have an argument about going to Peter instead of leaving the country Claire gives the Haitian the slip, and takes off on her own.

Back in New York two cops stop by Isaacs to ask some questions about Simone, but luckily Simone walks through the front door and the cops leave. A few seconds later Mr. Bennet walks through the door, and Simone changes into Candice. So Candice's power is to alter reality. At a first look she is just a shape shifter, but if you look closely when Candice is Simone standing in front of the bed the body is no longer there, then when she changes back the body returns to the bed. Mr. Bennet tells Isaac that they will clean up the mess, and he should just keep painting. So Isaac goes crazy and starts painting. He might or might not have shot up, and ends up painting himself dead, with his head cut open. Not that it's that surprising since we saw him dead in like the second episode. In Las Vegas Jessica is awesome at video games, and after Micah goes to school D.L. confronts her about a picture of Nathan placed on his pillow. Apparently Niki is gaining some control.

Sylar wake up to find that he is paralyzed and after some preaching from Mohinder and threatening to kill him Mohinder just takes some spinal fluid instead. Hiro delivers the painting that his dad ripped up, and gets caught trying to steal the sword. Luckily the first security guard on the scene knocks the curator out. Why would the security guard do that? It's Ando! I'm glad he showed up, those two characters have great dynamics. In another part of the hotel Jessica forces the FBI officers on their knees then kills them both.

Mohinder being so wrapped up in figuring out his father's research (which he did) didn't notice Sylar turn off his IV Drip. So when Mohinder finally gets the guts up to shoot him, Sylar stops the bullet in mid air. So much for Mohinder's testicular fortitude. Sylar frees himself, and says Mohinder might be useful before he dies. Back in Linderman's hotel Niki (that's right Niki) busts in on Nathan and rips the wire off of him. She then tells him that Linderman is going to make him and offer and he can't refuse. She also tells him she killed the FBI officers, and to knock her out and take her gun so he can kill Linderman.

Mr. Bennet returns to Texas, and has a nice little chat with his wife. Unfortunately it wasn't his wife it was Candice, and the char wasn't about Mr. Muggles. Her phone rings and Thompson and some other dudes show up, and Candice changes back to herself. This does not bode well for Mr. Bennet. Especially since in the conversation he says that Organization XIII must be destroyed.

Hiro and Ando get the sword and as security breaks through the door Hiro grabs Ando's shoulders and teleports them both away. They end up in the future on the pigeon roof, and all of New York is destroyed. Hiro says how he didn't stop the bomb. Oh Mr. Hiro, I know you watched Back To The Future, didn't you watch the end of Part 3? The future hasn't been written yet, it's what you make of it. Still in New York, but present time, Claire arrives at Peter's door. Peter's mom answers, and says that Claire came at a bad time, but she should still come it. Claire is confused that Peter's mom knows her name. Then Peter's mom starts speaking in French and the Haitian emerges. She tells Claire that she's been trying to protect her, because she's her Grandma. So that's who the Haitian was following orders from last week. He's know all along who her parents were, and Peter's mom knew about Nathan having a child out of wedlock.

Finally after 18 episodes of hearing his name we finally meet Mr. Linderman. And it's non other than Malcolm McDowell. And we meet him in a place that breaks all expectations of him. The kitchen, where he's cooking. Nathan pulls out the gun and threatens to kill him, but Mr. Linderman being a clever man tells him he knows about Nathan being able to fly and about Peter, and implies that he knows what's going on with all the heroes. He then tells Nathan that he will win the election and in two months be in the White House with a chance for the presidency. So needless to say Nathan lowers his gun and becomes Linderman's bitch again.

To end the episode Peter stops by Mohinder's apartment only to find Mohinder pinned to the ceiling with blood dripping off of him. It was very much like the way Jessica on Supernatural died in the pilot, you know except for the whole fire bit. Mohinder gasps out "Sylar!" as Sylar sneaks up on Peter and pins him to the wall with his telekinesis. Sylar says that he remembers Peter and wonder how he works. Sylar starts to slice Peter's head open and Peter screams, then we see blood fall to the ground along with some of Peter's super size bangs. Hey, Peter finally got a hair cut! Maybe his bangs will no longer poke him in the eyes! Well...if he lives that is. And speaking of which we have wait for April 23rd to see the last 5 episodes of the season. It has been one hell of a ride that's for sure though. There is no new Veronica Mars on Tuesday, so tune in after Wednesday for new episodes of Jericho, and Lost. Until then,


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