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Delaware City Refinery

Delaware City

Fast Facts


 -  Total throughput capacity of 210,000 barrels per day (BPD)

  -  Processes 180,000 BPD of low-cost heavy sour and high acid crude oil, earning it a Nelson Complexity rating of 11.8

     -  Employs approximately 570 individuals

     -  Located on 5,000 acres

     -  Commissioned in 1957, the same year that the entire refinery was built




Acquired in 2005, the Delaware City refinery contributes to Valero’s strategy of converging heavy, sour feedstocks into cleaner-burning fuels, thus capturing better margins than our peers. Contributing to the plant’s efficiency is its 1,800-tons-per-day petroleum-coke gasification unit and 160-megawatt cogeneration power plant. The refinery’s petroleum coke production is sold to third parties or is gasified to fuel the cogeneration facility, which is designed to supply electricity and steam to the refinery.



Delaware City refinery’s production includes conventional and reformulated gasoline, diesel, low sulfur diesel and home-heating oil. Plus, it has the ability to produce ultra low sulfur diesel.  Major refinery units include:


  • 180,000-BPD crude unit
  • 82,000-BPD fluid catalytic cracking unit
  • 47,000-BPD fluid coker
  • 43,000-BPD catalytic reformer



Located along the Delaware River, Valero’s Delaware City refinery is easily accessible via pipeline, barge and truck-rack facilities. The refinery’s production is sold primarily in the U.S. Northeast.


Click here to view the  Delaware City refinery operational flow diagram.