Projects In Progress (Hong Kong)


Project Description
Airport Authority Hong Kong (AA) has established a Master Plan for future development of Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA). SkyCity is one of the infrastructure under the Master Plan, comprising SkyPlaza, AsiaWorld-Expo, SkyPier, hotel and SkyCity golf course.

SkyPlaza is the extended passenger facility at the HKIA, located on the east side of the existing Passenger Terminal Building (PTB) and the Ground Transportation Centre. It is an integrated terminal and commercial complex, housing the second passenger terminal with customs, immigration and quarantine facilities; a coach station; retailing, catering and entertainment areas.

In order to offer Airport Express (AEL) passengers a convenient and efficient transportation link to the SkyPlaza, a new departure platform at the opposite side of the existing departure platform of Airport Station is proposed to provide immediate access for the passengers who arrive at Airport Station. The initial operation of the SkyPlaza is provided for departure passengers only and the Hong Kong bound platform will continue to serve the existing PTB at the arrival platform of the station.

The Project Agreement has been signed off between AA and MTR Corporation in July 2005. AA will take up the construction of new platform including civil works, building services, architectural finishes, two escalators and five lifts while MTR Corporation is responsible for the construction of systemwide engineering works and the modification of AEL train services to serve both the PTB and the SkyPlaza.

AA completed the new departure platform and re-layout of the existing back-of-house. The railway system works will be completed by MTR Corporation enabling the new departure platform for operation in line with the check-in counters at Skyplaza when it is ready to open, tentatively in the 1st quarter of 2007.

Progress Update – December 2006
Electrical & Mechanical system installation and architectural finishes at the new departure platform were completed. Statutory inspections and testing were substantially completed.

Link bridge for SkyPlaza

Customer service centre

New departure platform



Additional Tung Chung Line Trains

Project Description
The Corporation is committed to meeting the transport needs for the Hong Kong community by providing a safe, reliable and cost effective mass transit railway system. To meet the daily increasing transport demands, a research on train demands indicated that by 2016 four Tung Chung Line additional trains, two in 2006 and two in 2010, are required.

To address the difficulties in procuring a small order and the time constraint on train deliveries, four trains enhanced with features to suit the context of Tung Chung Line are procured in one contract C6522-04E with the first train delivered in the first quarter of 2006 and the last train in early 2007.

The scope of the Contract C6522-04E comprises the design, manufacture, supply, delivery, installing, testing, commissioning and rectification of defects to facilitate the operation and maintenance of the new Tung Chung Line trains which include the supply of special tools and test equipment, spare parts, operation and maintenance manuals and training.

All the four new Tung Chung Line trains will be tested and commissioned in contractor's test track in Korea, Siu Ho Wan Depot test track in Hong Kong and Tung Chung Line prior to their handing over to operations.


Commissioning of 1st train - 2nd quarter 2006
Commissioning of 2nd train - 3rd quarter 2006
Commissioning of 3rd train - 4th quarter 2006
Commissioning of 4th train - 1st quarter 2007

Progress Update - December 2006
3 new trains were commissioned satisfactorily and entered into passenger service.  The fourth and final train was delivered to Hong Kong in mid December, and the testing and commissioning are in progress.  The fourth train is expected to put into passenger service in the first quarter of 2007.

The fourth train car landed at Siu Ho Wan Depot

The fourth train car hauled to the depot stabling track

Testing of the fourth train at
Siu Ho Wan Depot



Lantau Airport Railway Noise Barriers

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Project Description
With the increasing demands of Tung Chung Line train service, the Corporation is committed to providing noise barriers at Tung Chung and Tsing Yi to mitigate the expected exceedances of the Noise Control Ordinance due to increased train frequency. Approximately 3300m of noise barriers will be installed along Airport Railway.

Tung Chung Noise Barriers

Tung Chung Noise Barriers, a design and build contract, was awarded to ACCIONA Infraestructuras in August 2005. The Contractor has mobilised their resources and has commissioned Mott Connell, the detail design consultant, to carry out the detail design works. This project is targeted to be completed by September 2007.

Progress Update - December 2006

  • Foundation works and erection of structural steelwork for the noise barriers were substantially completed.
  • 50% of the noise panels were installed.

Noise barriers adjacent to Fu Tung Shopping Centre

Noise enclosure adjacent to Caribbean Coast

Noise Barriers adjacent to Seaview Crescent

Tsing Yi Noise Barriers

  • Extending the noise enclosure on top of the exiting viaducts at the western end of Tsing Yi station by about 60m.
  • Construction of about 550m long, 2m high vertical noise barrier along the edges of the upper and lower viaducts further west from the proposed noise enclosure mentioned above. An octagonal noise reducer will also be installed on top of the vertical noise barrier to enhance the performance of the noise barrier.

Progress Update – December 2006

  • For the noise barriers, installation of steel posts and acoustic panels are in progress. 30% of acoustic panels were installed.
  • For the noise enclosure, procurement and preparatory works are progressing.

Noise barrier installation adjacent to Cheung On Estate

Noise barrier adjacent to Cheung On Estate

Rambler Channel Bridge Noise Barriers

  • Extending the noise enclosure on top of the bridge at the eastern end of Tsing Yi station by about 65m.
  • Construction of about 250m in length of trackside noise absorption panels along the upper north deck and 450m along the lower north deck further east of the proposed noise enclosure.

Progress Update – December 2006

  • The installation of trackside absorptive panels for both upper and lower decks were completed.
  • Detailed design of noise enclosure for upper deck is progressing and manufacturing of noise enclosure will be expected in early 2007.
  • Installation of the noise enclosure extension will commence in mid 2007 when the purposely built crane wagon is available.

Photo montage of 65m noise enclosure at Rambler Channel Bridge

Trackside noise panels installation at upper deck of Rambler Channel Bridge

Major Pedestrian Links

Project Description
The Corporation is committed to reinforcing the Government's policy of using the railway system as the transport backbone of Hong Kong by actively pursuing the pedestrian link projects in the form of pedestrian subways, footbridges, cover walkways and MTR entrances through Public-Private-Partnership approach with the Government departments, statutory authorities and private developers. The pedestrian link projects have enhanced the station accessibility and customer services thereby encouraging more people to use the safe, reliable, convenient, efficient and environmentally friendly MTR system.

Queensway Subway

  • A 280m long pedestrian subway underneath Queensway connecting Three Pacific Place with the existing Admiralty subway leading to Admiralty Station.
  • Civil works were completed. The electrical and mechanical final fixing and testing are in progress.
  • Opening of the subway is targeted in the first quarter of 2007.

Architectural Finishes substantially completed

Escalators completed

Architectural Finishes substantially completed

MTR Lai Chi Kok Station Cheung Lai Street Pedestrian Subway & Entrance Works

  • A 300m long pedestrian subway underneath Cheung Lai Street in Lai Chi Kok connecting the new residential developments South of Lai Chi Kok Road with MTR Lai Chi Kok Station. A new MTR entrance will also be provided at Cheung Lai Street.
  • Construction works tendering and tender assessment are in progress.  The construction is scheduled to commence in early 2007 and the opening of the subway is targeted in 2009.



Tseung Kwan O Extension (Phase 2)

Project Description
In planning of the Tseung Kwan O Extension in 1997, a dedicated station serving the Tseung Kwan O Area 86 development has already been included in the development blueprint. When the Tseung Kwan O South Station (TKS) is opened for passenger services in 2009, the Tseung Kwan O Line train service will bifurcate at Tseung Kwan O Station with trains running south to TKS adjacent to the existing Tseung Kwan O Depot, as well as north to the existing terminus at Po Lam.

The TKS Project will comprise the following elements:

  • Tseung Kwan O South Station and the Approach Structures;
  • Building Services and the Architectural Builders Works and Finishes;
  • Property Enabling Works including a temporary Public Transport Interchange;
  • Road L861 and Wan Po Road improvement works (Entrustment from CEDD to be agreed);
  • Trackwork and Overhead Line; and
  • Various Systemwide E&M works

Following several rounds of amendment to the Master Layout Plan for the development, the scheme design and implementation programme for the TKS are now being firmed up. Opening of TKS for revenue service is planned in 2009 in line with the property intake for Package One development which was awarded in January 2005.

Civil construction of TKS station was commenced in June 2006 and electrical and mechanical systems will be installed from early 2008. Road L861 and the temporary public transport interchange are scheduled to be completed and opened to public with TKS Station in 2009.

Progress Update - December 2006
The foundation works for TKS Station were completed. Consents for the station structures from Buildings Department have been received. The construction of the station platform level and approach track structure are progressing well.

The foundations works for Bridge A of Road L861 were completed. Scaffolding for the bridge deck and surcharging for the at-grade Road L861 is well underway.

Station platform construction

Surcharge filling
for Road L861

Scaffolding erected for bridge deck construction

All systemwide E&M contracts had been awarded. Contractor’s design and interface coordination works are progressing. Trackwork procurement and manufacturing are underway.