March 7, 2007

ANN Part 7

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Remember, V is voiceover
And Oguri Shun is S now because he’s playing Shun-kun.

6 pages, handwritten.

V: Oguri Shun’s All Night Nippon. Radio Drama: (Fake) Shun-kun, episode 6.
V: After leaving the band and tying up the loose ends from his past, Shun-kun had no more doubts left. He headed for Tokyo, looked up another recording label, and was auditioning again.
Producer: Hey! You’re getting pretty good. I shouldn’t say this, but you may be too good for this band you’re applying to be part of. The thing is, there’s a vocalist who’s ready to debut next month, but we’re thinking of making him debut as part of a band. He’s already set to debut. What do you say about forming a band with him? He’s actually here today. Why don’t you just meet him first?
V: The producer just kept talking, and without even waiting for Shun’s reply, left. Five minutes later, the door opened.
J: Excuse me.
S: Oh. Hi.
J: Are you… Shun-kun?
S: Yes.
J: I’m Jun. I do the guitar and the vocal. Nice to meet you.
S: Oh. Yeah, me too.
J: Let’s see… what should we decide first?
S: What? Decide?
J: Oh, didn’t you hear? We’re goint to form a band. We still have to look for someone to do the base though.
S: What? We’re already a band?
J: What? You got a problem with that?
S: No, but…
J: You still need time to think?
S: Yeah… kinda.
J: I see. Then I guess it’s too early to decide on other things yet. Then… wanna watch TV? Least until the producer comes back?
S: Go ahead.

TV: Excuse me, but I’m from the police. I would like to ask you some questions.

J: I”m not in the mood for detective drama.

TV: I still like you, Ami.

J: Who cares about pure love.

TV: The criminal is among us! I stake this on my late grandfather’s name!

J: Ooh he’s a goner now. Oh well, there’s nothing good on. So what should we do? Do you want to decide something like… the goals for this band?
S: The goals? Hmmm…
J: I heard you used to be in a band with other guys. Is that what’s bothering you?
S: Yeah… and now I’m suddenly told to form a band with someone new… Say, weren’t you going to debut as solo initially, Jun-san?
J: Yeah?
S: Are you fine with this? I mean, forming this band.
J: I thought about it for a long time. It happened so suddenly, but I do want contract with a major record label. There’s no other choice, is there?
[ major record label is a word I picked up from VH1 this weekend. Am I using it correctly, lol? ]
S: BUt…
J: It’s fine! I’ve already made up my mind. Stop worrying about me. What about you?
S: I… I just…
J: Just what?
S: Just don’t want to leave the guys from before. I left once because they said my drum skills sucked, but now that I’m all by myself, I realized that I needed them. I don’t want to just debut. I want to debut with them.
J: You’re thinking the exact same thing I am.
S: Eh?
J: I used to be part of a band, too, just like you.
S: Really?
J: But this record label told me it’s better if I go solo, so I broke ties with the guys. I sacrificed all that, and now they’re changing their minds and saying I should form a band. I wish I can just say to them, “stop fucking around.” Honestly, I’m not interested in just debuting. I don’t want to ditch the guyus and debut alone. I want to live a life I can be proud of.
S: I see.
J: I really can’t believe them.
S: Then… let’s not make a band. I’ll go back to my buddies, and you go back to yours. And let’s both strive for a contract with a major record label. That should be our best choice, don’t you think?
J: That’s true…
S: The pride you were talking about earlier. That’s one thing you can never sacrifice, isn’t it? You don’t have to listen to what the label says. Not if you have to give up the most important thing to you. Who cares how long it takes to become a pro? That’s my opinion, anyways.
J: That’s true.
S: So… let’s end this.
J: Yeah, let’s end it. We’re breaking up this band right now.
S: Okay!
J: If I don’t ever get a contract, it’ll be all your fautl.
S: Don’t worry. I have a feeling you’ll get one soon.
J: Thanks. I think you will too… or not?
S: Haha, which one? Anyways, let’s meet up again somewhere. I’ll work hard.
J: I’ll talk to the producer myself. You just hurry up and go back to your buddies.
S: Okay!

V: Shun left happily and… the only one left in the room was Jun with a slightly dejected expression.

J: Guess I’m back to square one again. Hey, Shiro. You can come out now.

V: A small, snow-white dog poked its head out from Jun’s bag.
J: What? Shiro? Are you trying to make me feel better?

V: Shun, and now Jun. Their paths to success are still a long one.


  1. Yaayy!!! I wanna be forst to comment….. arigatou ne Lily…say if you want me to upload anything I can do that…. my U internet connection is pretty awesome so I can make good use of it…ganbare Lily.

    Comment by felza — March 7, 2007 @ 12:06 pm

  2. Interesting concept that Shun has here, making up his own mini-radio drama! I remember ages and ages ago hearing bout a radio show (Orson Wells movie) like War of the Worlds, where folks tuned in after it had begun, and the acting was so good, they thought they were actually being attacked by aliens! LOL

    I wonder if anything like that happened in Japan, listening to Jun and Shun on ANN talking about leaving their label and forming their own bands! LOL Eh!!! Johnny K. got an after-hours call, “Matsumoto-san is leaving JE!” ROFL! That would be too funny!

    Thanks for your hard work! Ganbarre!

    Comment by Katdiva — March 7, 2007 @ 12:25 pm

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