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Mike Jones

e-Science Consultant and Local Grid Support

Contact Details

Room 49.3, SVE,
Manchester Computing, Kilburn Building
The University of Manchester
Oxford Road
Manchester, M13 9PL

Email: mike.jones@manchester.ac.uk

Telephone: +44 161 275 7038 | Fax: +44 161 275 6800

Wap: http://www.sve.man.ac.uk/General/Staff/jonesM/index.wml



I work partly for ESNW the UK's North West eScience Centre.

I'm currently working on evaluations of two Grid Middleware, gLite and GridMP.

For more information about my role in the North West eScience centre follow this link: eSNW web page.

Local Grid

My main function is support for grid computing within the University. Currently this envolves:

  • maintaining the installation of the Globus Toolkit on CSAR machines,
  • following developments in grid middleware eg Globus, Unicore and software using these such as Netsolve,
  • researching authentication and authorisation issues which are emerging
  • publishing resources to the UK's "level 2 grid" and the National Grid Service
  • and helping other grid related projects around the university.

For more information about my role in Manchester's "Computer Sceince for Academic Research" Service follow this link: CSAR Web Page

Grid Support

I am one of the two Registration Authority Operators for "/C=UK/O=eScience/OU=Manchester/L=MC/" and the Manchester based "/C=UK/O=es-grid/". Before the apointment of the Grid Support Centre's Manchester Consultant, I was the main Manchester contact for Grid Support queries arriving at support@grid-support.ac.uk.

For more information about my role in the UK's eScience Engineering Task Force and Grid Support effort follow this link: Engineering Task Force Page

Some Presentations and Publications


I am a physicist that took too much of an interest in computing! After not submitting a physics PhD thesis, I resumed my studies doing a part time part PhD at the University of Manchester and graduated with a doctorate in July 2005. I work closely with the High Energy Particle Physics Group on Grid related topics.

I was working on gssklog and gsiklog for use with their contribution to EDG and BabarGrid. I have developed a Job submission and monitoring interface using globus, AFS and gridsite called Alibaba.

In the SAMD project, mentioned above, I developed a patch for mod_ssl to allow Globus proxy certificates as authentication to apache webservers via https. Andy McNab has created a plugin for Slashgrid to use a patch I developed for SAMD (mentioned above). Slashgrid is a grid certificate based file system developed by Andy in the HEPP group. The patch turns a mod_ssl, apache server into the same but allowing grid proxy certificates to be used for authentication. The plugin allows https access to the Slashgrid file system.

For more information about my role in the High Energy Physics Group follow this link: HEP Web Page


I bought the PS2 Linux Kit in September and have grid enabled it! Click here for details. If it's on (ie not at home being a games console!) it runs it's own webserver http://frik.mvc.mcc.ac.uk with gridsite. It runs the following Grid Middleware GSISSH, Globus GRAM, GSIFTP and GridCVS servers and a UNICORE TSI and Sun's opensource Grid Engine.

Personal Information

For more information about me please follow this link to my now very out of date personal web page: Personal Web Page

SVE @ Manchester Computing
tel: (+44) 161 275 6095
fax: (+44) 161 275 6800

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