What Are You Playing This Weekend?

9 MAR 2007 — Bad news, folks. You won't have me to kick around next week. Tomorrow, I head to sunny Ireland for a week's worth of heavy vacationing, basking in the ... »

Nintendo Honored At AIAS Awards

10 FEB 2007 — Hot on the heels of the Twilight Princess' 1 million sales news, comes Nintendo's honors at the recent AIAS awards at DICE. Nintendo received nineteen nominations in ... »

Southwest Airlines Gifts Travelers with DS Lites

5 FEB 2007 — Southwest Airlines, famous for their no-frills flights and cattle-call boarding procedures, have teamed up with Nintendo to hand out free DS ... »

Korean Brain Age Hits Snags

1 FEB 2007 — For English speakers, it was the word "blue." Brain Age just didn't like it. But what about for Korean folks? ... »

Nintendo Honors Ageless Americans

22 JAN 2007 — Nintendo has chosen 100 Americans between the ages of 54 to 104 to receive their 'Ageless Award', which honors the type of people who don't let age get ... »

Why Video Games Are Hard To Give Up

27 DEC 2006 — Sometimes you just don't want to stop. I know that I've sunk weeks of my life into playing Starcraft, Tetris, and Advance Wars. So why is it ... »

Brain Age Rip-offs Come To PC

29 OCT 2006 — While trolling the lovely NeoGAF this morning for my pre-breakfast news, I came across this shameful Brain Age cash-in for Windows. A PC ... »
Brain Age

Brain Age, The Snow Globe

25 OCT 2006 — What better way to promote a game than by with a brain suspended in swirling white crap? Wired's Chris Kohler shows ... »
chris tarrant

Brain Age and DS Lite Sales Skyrocket Due to Spokesman's Marital Infidelity

21 SEP 2006 — Chris Tarrant, British radio personality best known for hosting Who Wants to Be a ... »
Brain Age

Clips: Brain Age Pwned?

19 SEP 2006 — There are tons of these vids floating around the Intertubes, making me think that there either a lot of people ... »

Rumor: Wii To Have Voice Recognition?

15 AUG 2006 — Interesting. An IGN Insider forum member who previously established some cred as a Nintendo insider by predicting the ... »
Brain Age

Brain Age Explodes Notion of What a Game Is

10 AUG 2006 — It's official, Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day is a hit... but mostly in Japan. The non-game sold ... »

Brain Age Prof. "Selling" Pervy Otaku Brain Trainer

31 JUL 2006 — Seniors aren't the only ones that need brain training. Dorks do, too. And now in Japan they can ... »

Study and Decipher Engrish with the DS

24 JUL 2006 — I'm learning English. Well, I think I am, or rather, I suppose I am. With the spate of "brain ... »

The Kotaku Effect, or The Price of a Guinness in Rathmines

17 JUL 2006 — Over the weekend, I went down to GAME on Dawson Street. At the counter, I had a small discussion with this ... »
DS Lite

DS Lite Brain Age Portfolio

17 JUL 2006 — I noticed this when I took my son to Toys R Us the other day. ... »

Brain Age Party for Old Folks

14 JUL 2006 — Nintendo just announced that in cooperation with the opening of a retirement community in the "gated country club ... »
High Score

High Score: The Best of Kotaku

10 JUL 2006 — We celebrated our independence from anything remotely interesting to play, but not from controversy and wild console speculation. ... »