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Voicing Halo: The Steve Downes And Tim Dadabo Interview

hile Bungie is working hard on “Finishing The Fight” we talk to two of the people behind this beyond-highly-anticipated Xbox 360 title in our first ever Game Informer Online podcast. We get the opportunity to chat with both Steve Downes and Tim Dadabo, most likely better known as their alter egos in the Halo universe, Master Chief and Guilty Spark.

Find out how they got involved in the Halo series to begin with and where things are as far as Halo 3. What is it like to be the voice of these extremely memorable characters? This half-hour plus podcast also delves deep into what goes into the voice actor's role in video games, the status of the Halo movie, how to get into voice acting, and much, much more.

While we usually transcribe most of our interviews, we felt that it would be much cooler to hear from Master Chief and Guilty Spark first hand.  We hope you enjoy our first podcast, and if you have any suggestions for future podcasts or like what you hear, please let us know!

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