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Spawn 2

I really hated the first Spawn movie. It's not that it was the worst film in the world (but it was pretty damn bad), but my displeasure was compounded by the fact that I was sooo looking forward to it. Some of the effects were pretty good for it's day, but overall it was just a junk movie.

Could redemption be in the cards? Apparently the Canadian creator of Spawn Todd McFarlane has announced that there is indeed a Spawn 2 that will be in theaters by the end of 2007. The good folks over at Hollywood North reported the following:

"I'm in the middle of the script and will have to do some rewrites, but I'm hoping by the end of the year, I'll be behind the camera," McFarlane said. "You can do wonderful movies for under $10 million...I've got the money, so I'm going to write it, produce it and direct it."

McFarlane said that the film will be focused on the character 'Twitch'. "Spawn doesn't utter a word in this film...the guy with all the speaking parts is Twitch...

A full length film like Spawn (that will require it's fair share of visual effects) for UNDER $10 MILLION BUCKS?!?! And a film where the main character doesn't even speak?!?! Hmmm... sounds like this one will turn out just as bad as the first. Hope I'm wrong about that.

Posted by John Campea at February 27, 2006 10:25 AM


There's a spin-off comic called Sam and Twitch. If I remember correctly, the main characters were detectives or something? I'm honestly not sure. Point being, it sounds like they're just going to capitalize on the connection to Spawn, but the movie is really going to be about the side characters. I could see how it would be pretty good, and wouldn't require a lot of special effects. Calling it a sequel to Spawn could really confuse and piss off casual fans, though. I don't know, I'll reserve judgement.

Posted by: Mojo at February 27, 2006 11:47

No I get it... I see what he's doing.
They omitted the word "animated" out of the story you see.

Todd McFarlane has contacted his American cousin Seth, to colaborate.

SCENE: Spawn and Twitch smash through a wall. On the other side is a girls locker room."

Twitch: "Giddidy !"

Posted by: Webbie at February 27, 2006 11:57

I've read about this a few months ago. What it sounded like to me was much less of a Spawn movie and more of a dark detective story. Twitch is the smarter of the 2 detectives from the series. I think that while all the Spawn stuff is going on, Sam and Twitch are attempting to track down the answers.

It could be interesting, but I think it's a lazy approach. Since he is funding the movie himself, there will be a major lack of effects. Characters like Clown, Violator, Vetabreacker, Overkill, Chapel, they will be no where to be found.

If I can't watch Dawn on the big screen I don't care about a fat donut eating detective and his skinny four eyed partner!

Posted by: Brad Shipston at February 27, 2006 13:07

Well, myself as a Spawn fan love Sam and Twitch. If you don't know about them there VERY intresting characters and nothing you'd really expect a couple of N.Y. detectives to be. There funny, smart, creative, and very uniq in there own way. The things they get into are pretty insane.

I can see them carring on a whole movie as the main characters. The Sam and Twitch stories them selves have gotten lots of craze and praise from comic critics. I too heard about this Spawn sequal quite a while back. It's set to be a kind of Seven meets Spawn kind of thing.

Spawn is use as like a ghost that pops in now and then to move the story along and help Sam and Twitch out here and there. Now while I'd love to see a full out big budget Spawn epic, with alot of the coolest characters, and amazing visual monster fights, plus so much more from there series, to me the core of the Spawn series is the amazing risk taking story telling it's given us for years. And it sounds like thats exactly what this movie is going to focus on.

Also Todd directing it himself is a huge plus. I thought one of the reasons the first Spawn wasn't that great is cuz he didn't direct it or have much else to do with it. And also I think, although he should redeem himself all out Spawn wise with this new one for the first one, he feels he did the all out fantasy thing with the first movie, now he's trying somthing more direct and focused.

Posted by: Kaneda at February 27, 2006 14:41

Hey the idea of having Twitch be the narrator for Spawn 2 sounds better then what they did in the original Spawn.

Posted by: Jose at February 27, 2006 15:05

sometimes youre right,John. But this time, subjectively or not, you're jumping a gun being down about this movie.

Let me explain...

The older issues of Spawn ( back before the first movie ) did this sort of narration thing quite a bit. And those were the best stories. These stories were usually both scripted, drawn and edited by the McFarlane one.

While I totally think the first spawn could have been WAAAY better, I am pointing out to you that this is a different day for Comic book movies. And that when they stay truer to the source material ( sin city / Batman Begins ) , the movie stands a MUCH better chance of success. I'm hyped for it.

but here is MY gripe...

since the first movie sucked so much ( and it did, even though I did enjoy it ) ... why call It SPAWN 2? why not restart the franchise? more than enough time has passed.

Those are the thoughts of the Mogulai.

Posted by: mogulus at February 28, 2006 05:11

I think they should call it "Sam and Twitch" and in the trailer show some clips of Spawn and stuff for marketing purposes but they should NOT call it "Spawn 2."

Other than that I'm pretty pumped. It looks like an art-house superhero movie. Anything that far from what it's expected to be sounds cool to me.

Posted by: Brayden at March 01, 2006 18:44

its not going to be called spawn 2!

Posted by: simon cleminson at March 03, 2006 07:30

i think that they should keep it real as far as effects. for example like spiderman one and two. Spiderman one was great no flaws. But although i liked spiderman 2 i notice after his fight wit doc oct. his masked was pretty banged up. NOW TELL ME why com when he went to rescue mary jane.....his suit was still in the same position but his mask was untouch no scratches. jus like the first movie keep it real and i think they should do the same for the new spawn movie. KEEP the special effects like the costume design and cape,eyes jus take away the animation like what they did to the incredible hulk witch made the movie unjoyable...i mean like we got millions and millions of body builders and you mean to tell me that they couldn't find someone to play hulk. it probably costed more with the animation anyways? also i would like to see spawn for what it is really known for and thats alot of blood and action scene. just make it were underage kids may not be permitted witout parents.Don't be another doom are tripple xxx were vin diesil and ice cube were invicible. give it that dark irrie feel like brandon lee's clasic the crow excellent. rest in piece. oh by the way i also liked fantastic four especially von doom's character....i jus didn't like when the thing punched him and he went flying back into the wall. it look like he was in a bugs bunny cartoon. in other words ya could tell he was being pulled back with a string. they could have had the thing charge at him like a line backer and knock him into the wall. in other words make the falls convicing as well as punches.

Posted by: Si Yah at March 10, 2006 19:07

oh by the way i herd that there may be an iron man movie maybe with tom cruise in it who knows also there making three more spiderman movies as well as x-men but in this tell spiderman will have to fight venom and sandman his friend hasn't turn yet but his transforming slowing into the hog gobblin. but he will be the cause for the other two characters also spiderman will be in a black suite jus like how venom became venom. so there kinda stickin to the story script

Posted by: Si Yah at March 10, 2006 19:15

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