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Politically Incorrect

They say you should never talk about politics or religion if you don't want to fight. Bob McAlister's Politically Incorrect throws that maxim out the window by exploring those issues and other controversial topics in the public square.

It's been a really bad day

Today started out a good day. It did not end that way.

A call from Mike Campbell, the governor's younger son, hit like a brick up the side of the head. He's dead. Heart attack. Mom wants you here at the hospital.

I cry in the shower. Carol tries to console me. Get dressed. Get to the hospital. Gas tank on empty. I never let the damn thing get that low. Why today? Why Carroll Campbell? Why Alzheimers? Why God?

I will not divulge the private conversations at the hospital, except to say that Iris, Mike and Tumpy, the older son, consoled me. Strong. Sure, sadness and tears. But rock solid. Their faith is strong. Their mutual support is strong. Iris is an amazing lady. She and Carroll married when they were teenagers. They had nothing. They scaled the heights. They hung together thick and thin. She ministered to him during the long goodbye as Alzheimers invaded Carroll's mind even as he fought it with everything he had.

He is now dead. We are preparing for the funeral Saturday. Thousands of details. Little time. Carroll's former security detail, led by Chief Robert Stewart, was at the hospital. The chief, a blessed man if there ever was one, escorted me to the place in the hospital where I broke the news to the world. He instinctively was watching over the family like a mother hen. He is the most loyal, dedicated man in the world. He loves that family and would take a bullet for them.

I've had so many wonderful messages today. Chief Justice Jean Toal left me one of the kindest messages I've ever gotten. So many others. They cry for Carroll and the family, but they're also concerned about me. Go figure.

None of this has sunk in. Too much to do tomorrow. I apologize if this makes little sense, but it's where my mind is right now. Carroll Campbell is a major historical figure in our state and nation. I have no idea how I wound up as the family spokesman. I don't deserve the honor. But enough about me; it's not about me. It's about a family that has done so much for so many. Please pray for them.

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Posted By: Bob McAlister (08/12/2005 2:35:56 PM)

Comment: To George, Rich and Debbie: Your kind words are undeserved, but much appreciated. Each in your own way has contributed greatly to our state and I appreciate being able to call you friends.


Posted By: Debbie Bass (08/12/2005 1:44:22 PM)

Comment: Dear Bob and Carol, Our hearts ache over the loss of our dear friend and leader, and for his family whom he loved so dearly. Like you, I have found myself crying, remembering and questioning why - why take this wonderful man who gave so much to so many. I am grateful that God allowed him to pass with dignity -quietly and peacefully. Bob, you have been a pillar of strength and the dearest friend a family could ever hope for. Dear friend, you have more than earned the right to speak on behalf of our beloved Governor and his wonderful family. God has blessed you with a kind, caring and loving heart, and I am confident He will continue to bless you with the strength, courage and wisdom you will need to manage the difficult tasks before you. Please know that you and Carol are in my thoughts and prayers. We must all hold fast to the incredible memories we share. I count my blessings everyday for having been given the opportunity to be a part of the Campbell team. Much love, Debbie Bass


Posted By: Rich McLawhorn (08/12/2005 12:07:23 PM)

Comment: Bob, thanks for helping Iris and the family, and for your eloquence about Governor Campbell. I still remember what the Governor told our Bible study group after he met with Billy Graham . . . how he stopped a discussion he and I we were having in his office, bowed his head and said grace . . . how he spoke with me about morality when I was working on something for him . . . how he fiercely stood behind his friends, etc., etc. May God bless us with more leaders like Carroll Campbell!


Posted By: George Johnson (08/12/2005 7:17:24 AM)

Comment: Thank you, Bob, for the heartfelt memories of one of South Carolina's finest modern leaders. I'll always remember Carroll's support of the 'Caring for Tomorrow's Children' program that you and I proposed to deal with SC's infant mortality program.


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