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  Development Plans for Jurong West

Several new development plans to make Jurong West a more vibrant town will be launched on Sunday 5 Oct 03 by the Minister of State for Defence, Mr Cedric Foo, who is also the MP for West Coast GRC.


2. Jurong West Town covers the areas bounded by the Pan-Island Expressway in the north, Jurong Canal Drive and Yuan Ching Road in the east, Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim, Corporation Road, Boon Lay Way and then Upper Jurong Road in the South. It was originally a tangle of mangrove swamps, jungles, farms and small kampungs. Development began in the 1960s to transform it into a residential town. Today, it is home to about 200,000 residents.

3. There are also numerous places of attraction such as the Chinese Garden, the Japanese Garden and a comprehensive range of facilities, including Jurong Stadium, Jurong Point and various other recreational and religious amenities. The new development plans will add to the richness of Jurong West and make it a more attractive and bustling town and home for its existing and potential residents.

Campus Town

4. Beginning with a development theme for the Town, Jurong West is proposed to adopt a "Campus Town" theme. Its proximity to Nanyang Technology University (NTU) and its distinct imagery in the area provided the inspiration to build an image of Jurong West as a youthful town that is progressive and culturally vibrant.

5. As a first step, the boundary that separates the Jurong West residents and the NTU community first needs to be dissolved. One of the ideas to achieve a "Campus Town" theme is by building a "University Activity Bridge" across the Pan Island Expressway. Not only will this Bridge improve access between NTU and Jurong West Town, it can also serve as a bustling meeting point as it could house shops, eateries, and cybercafes.

6. Another idea of achieving the proposed "Campus Town" theme is by developing clusters of activities. Five clusters of activities are proposed at different locations in the Town. These five clusters, each with a unique identify and serving a specific function are:


Located at the neighbourhood centre located closest to NTU, it would house bookstores, cafes, hip eateries, music shops, arts and craft shops etc as well as outdoor exhibitions and even a flea market, Stadium Cove style. Students no longer have to travel far for these activities, and residents can enjoy a whole new host of shopping and eating facilities.

The Marketplace:

The vacant land parcel, located at the east of Jurong Point, could be put to temporary uses such as local produce market, nurseries and be host to the occasional fun fair, so as to boost the image of the town centre as a central “marketplace”. Furthermore, the site at the corner of Boon Lay Way and Jln Boon Lay has been identified for the future Jurong West Park. This would provide a welcome respite from the heat and rest from shopping as well serve as a focal point for community bonding. Seasonal activities that could take place in the town park (e.g. dance / music performance).


Boon Lay Gardens is envisaged to be a vibrant, modern arts and cultural centre for learning and recreation. Boon Lay Community Club and Boon Lay Shopping Centre could be used to stage arts and photography exhibitions, calligraphy demonstrations, poetry readings, artists' market, etc. These activities can spill over to the adjacent neighbourhood park where jam sessions and arts installations can take place in a more natural setting.

Sports Zone

To capitalise on the existing Jurong Stadium, a sports cluster, named “Sports Zone” is proposed in Taman Jurong. It could see the introduction of multi-purpose hard courts for roller hockey and street soccer. For added recreation, there are possibilities for football fan clubs and skate / bicycle parks in this cluster. For those who prefer spectator sports, they can hang out at the sports themed cafes / snack bars and watch their favourite teams in action.


Recre-Hub is the venue for family recreation. Families can play ultimate frisbee, picnic, catch an open air concert/ movie screenings or do line dancing north of Jurong Lake. There are also possibilities for rock climbing.

Premium Homes

7. More homes will be built in Jurong West to enable the young to live near their parents and preserve family and community ties. Two condominiums with a total of about 1,100 units are coming onstream near Lakeside MRT Station by 2006. A better living environment will also be created when about 500 trees are planted along Boon Lay Way by the end of this year, resulting in a boulevard of trees.

Healthy Lifestyle

8. Residents in Jurong West can look forward to a new sports complex at Jurong West St 93 / Pioneer Road North by end 2005. The complex will comprise a stadium with running tracks, a swimming complex with fun pools, water slides and jacuzzi, an indoor sports hall, tennis courts and outdoor fitness areas.

9. A new 10ha Town Park along Boon Lay Way named Jurong West Park, will be ready by 2007. It will serve as a venue for recreation and bring more greenery to the residents.

10. There will be more park connectors to provide a seamless green link. The extension of Ulu Pandan Park Connector II to Jurong Lake will be completed by 2007, while the other park connectors in this region will be introduced by 2015.

11. In addition, a linear green link, named Jurong Green Mall, will be built along the drainage reserve of Jurong West St 64 / 62 from Boon Lay Way, with facilities for both pedestrians and joggers. Four new footbridges will be built over the drainage reserve along Jurong West St 62/64 and together with Jurong Green Mall, they are expected to be completed by end 2004 In all, the greenery will not only improve the ambience of this town, but also make it cosier and better linked-up as well.


12. Jurong West is served by two MRT Stations, Lakeside and Boon Lay. Currently Under study is the proposed Jurong Region Line, a light rail system to serve the residents in both Jurong East and West beyond the end points of East West MRT line. It will also provide the students and staff of NTU with a more convenient form of travel.


13. More shopping facilities will come on stream. Pioneer Mall will be ready by early next year and will house supermarkets, eateries and shops. A new mixed commercial/ residential development in the Town Centre, that will incorporate a new bus interchange, is also currently being planned.

14. A new Taman Jurong Market / Food Centre will be built to replace Corporation Drive Market/ Food Centre and Yung Sheng Food Centre. To be ready by end 2004, it will be a 5-storey building. The first floor will house the market while the second and third floors will house the food stalls. The 4th and 5th floor will be multi-storey car parks.

Community & Institutional Facilities

15. A new community building at Jurong West Central 3/ Street 64 will incorporate a community club (the Frontier – a community club @ Pioneer), community library and polyclinic. The Jurong Town Community Club will be upgraded and extended by mid 2005 to better serve the needs of the residents. An International School is proposed at Jurong West St 41.

Town Council.

16. Jurong West Town is within the boundary of West Coast - Ayer Rajah Town Council. This Town Council was set up in 2002 to manage and maintain the common areas. It has completed many improvement projects ranging from new and upgraded facilities such as senior citizen corners, children playground, fitness corners, pavilions and walkways. One of its latest projects is the construction of a covered walkway from Boon Lay MRT Station to Blocks 662C and 664B Jurong West St 64, to be completed in December this year.


17. The implementation of the ideas and possibilities requires the public's participation. Hence, HDB is carrying out a survey among them to find out their preferences and opinions. The findings will help towards refinement of the plans for the greater benefit of the residents and all the other communities in Jurong West.

Date Issued : 05 Oct 2003