Toronto Suburban Railway 24

TSR 24, October 1, 1988, after its arrival
to ERRS Carbarns.
©High Iron Photos, Don Scafe
TSR 24, on track 1 of the ERRS carbarn yard.
© Terry Thompson

Builder of carbody: Preston Car and Coach Company, 1914
Builder of traction truck: Taylor, c. 1897
Operated in: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Ft. William (Thunder Bay), Ontario, Canada
Operated by: Toronto Suburban Railway 24, 1914 - 1923
Canadian National Rys. 15702, 1923 - 1962
Years in Service: c. 1897/ 1914 - 1962
Acquired by ERRS: 1987
Restoration: 1987 - 1992
Status: Fully Operational, in Fort Edmonton Park since 1992

Two new semi-convertible carbodies were constructed by Preston in 1914 and placed on trucks which had previously carried open-bench bodies. The resulting cars were identified as Toronto Suburban 24 and 25. After TSR was absorved into Canadian National Railways in 1923, car 24 operated at Neebing Yard in Fort William, Ontario as CN 15702, where it carried switchmen alongside the hump tracks until the early 1960's. It then became part of the CRHA museum collection in Montreal, where it was stored outside until leased by ERRS in 1987. Restoration returned the car to its original configuration of 1914.

The Taylor truck is powered by a pair of GE 1000 traction motors which are believed to be the only operating examples of this pre 1900 technology.

TSR 24 is similar to Edmonton Radial 7, the only single-truck car ever operated in Edmonton. At Fort Edmonton Park, TSR 24 is normally sheduled for selected special events, and for light duties such as Saturday mornings.