Recently Completed Projects

West Rail Interface Works
The West Rail Interface (WRI) Works have been undertaken by the Corporation to facilitate the smooth interchange of passengers between the MTR system and the West Rail (WR) Phase I of Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC). The WRI Works consist of

The whole of the works were substantially complete in early September 2003.

Mei Foo Interchange

Mei Foo Interchange is a pedestrian link between the existing MTR Mei Foo Station and future KCR West Rail Mei Foo Station. The pedestrian link is designed to cater for a peak hourly interchange passengers of 25,000. Building the Interchange involves bulk excavation, demolition of part of the existing station structure, the construction of an underground pedestrian subway link under Lai Wan Road and Mount Sterling Mall at Mei Foo Sun Chuen and an entrance pavilion beside Lai Wan Road. In addition, the project includes the following modifications to the existing Mei Foo Station to accommodate the increased patronage:
New passenger lifts
Additional escalators and staircases
New entrance D at Lai Chi Kok Park
Relocation and renovation of entrance B, C1 and C2
Landscaping to Mount Sterling Mall and Lai Wan Road

Project Particulars
In view of the tight programme for the project, the works are procured under a main contract and a number of advance work contracts:

Contract No.
Contract Title
Mei Foo Station Interchange
Kumagai Gumi Co., Ltd.
Noise Enclosure and External Works
Kumagai Gumi Co., Ltd.
Station Entrance Canopies
Kikukawa Industry International Ltd.
Mei Foo Station Internal Works
Fong On Construction and Engineering Co., Ltd.
Mei Foo Station Tree Transplanting Works
Yee Sun Garden Ltd.

The whole of works of Mei Foo Station Interchange has been completed. All the new facilities, except for the interchange subway and Entrance D, have been open for public use upon completion. The interchange subway and Entrance D was opened at the same time the West Rail opened for public use in December 2003.

Mount Sterling Mall

Lai Wan Road


Entrance Pavilion and Landscape Roof

Interchange Subway

Bank of Ecalators


Nam Cheong Station

Nam Cheong Station (NAC) is a new Tung Chung Line (TCL) station between Olympic Station (OLY) and Lai King Station (LAK). The Station is located west of Nam Cheong Estate and is directly beneath the West Kowloon Highway.

NAC is also the southern terminus for the KCRC West Rail. It is jointly owned and developed by KCRC and MTRC as a major interchange station providing transfer between WR and TCL through a common concourse. Whilst the paid area of the respective railways is demarcated by a physical barrier line and transfer gates, the unpaid area will be common to the two railways.

Project Particulars
KCRC is responsible for the construction of NAC and MTRCL is responsible for the railway systems works in the MTRCL portion of the station. KCRC have procured the works under Contract No. CC402, which was awarded to Balfour Beatty – Zen Pacific Joint Venture.

MTR has procured the system-wide electrical and mechanical works under the following contracts:-

Contract No.
Contract Title
Signalling System
Alstom Transport SA
Platform Screen Door for NAC
Faiveley Far East Ltd.
Power Supply & Trackside Auxiliaries
GEC Services (Hong Kong) Ltd.
CLP Engineering Ltd.
Radio System
Radio Frequency System GmBH
Main Control System
CSEE Transport/Thales I.S. Joint Venture (Syseca)
Automatic Fare Collection (NAC)
ERG Limited

MTR Tung Chung Line service from the newly completed Nam Cheong Station started at the same time West Rail opened for public use in December 2003,to facilitate passenger interchange between MTR and West Rail.

Exterior of NAC

Station Control Room

Customer Centre


TCL platform



4-Tracking Works

In order to allow the interchange of passengers between TCL and WR at NAC, two additional tracks between Lai King Station (LAK) and Olympic Station (OLY) were constructed. The additional two tracks allow the TCL trains to stop at NAC without obstructing the passage of Airport Express trains.

Project Particulars
The 4-tracking works comprises the construction of 900m of new viaducts for the TCL and approximately 4 km of new dual tracks between LAK and OLY with related modifications and additions to the LAR track related systems. Construction works were procured under two contracts:-

Contract No.
Contract Title
Lai King to Olympic viaduct
NECSO Entrecanales Cubiertas, S.A
Noise barrier, trackwork and Overhead Line System
Leighton Contractors (Asia) Limited

Viaduct construction was completed in May 2002. Installation of noise barriers, trackwork, overhead lines and E&M systems has been completed recently. The TCL trains have been running on the new track since mid May 2003.


Kowloon Tong Station Interchange

With the expected increase in the overall rail capacity in the next 10 years, the interchange passenger volumes will greatly increase at Kowloon Tong Station. The KCR/MTR Kowloon Tong New Entrance Study (1998) identified that additional capacity could best be achieved by the addition of a new subway link between the new KCR Southern Concourse Extension and the east end of the existing MTR Kowloon Tong Station. Government also proposed that a new entrance (which is now named as Entrance E) be provided to the Education Resource Centre (ERC) and Public Transport Interchange (PTI) which are to be built above the new interchange link.

Project Particulars
Maeda Corporation Ltd. was awarded the 521 Kowloon Tong Station Interchange Construction Contract in June 2001. The scope of works in the contract includes:

A new concourse extension and entrance (Entrance E) serving the ERC and PTI, with a lift serving concourse level, ground level and the ERC podium level

A subway link (Entrance D) from the existing station to the new KCRC Southern Concourse Extension, including entrusted works for the KCRC portion of the subway
Foundations for the new ERC and PTI, which have been entrusted from the Architectural Services Department
Within the existing KOT station, a new SCR and rearranged BOH, a new AFC gate and kiosk arrangement, a new concourse to platform staircase and new ceiling and floor finishes to the concourse level

Completion of the works is scheduled in phases starting from September 2002, with all works completed in June 2003, 3 months ahead of prograrmme.

The new Entrance E has been opened to public in June 2003 while the new subway link (Entrance D) will be opened when the new KCR Southern Concourse Extension opens.

Escalator and lift of Entrance E (view from concourse)

Entrance D (KCR connection)

Entrance D passageway

Entrance D shops

Exterior of Entrance E

Entrance E at ground level

Lift of Entrance E (view from ground level)

Entrance D
(view from concourse)

Mong Kok Station Enhancements

As part of the ongoing programme to upgrade and improve the facilities of the existing MTR network the following enhancement works were implemented at Mong Kok Station:

Construction of a new external passenger lift adjacent to the existing Entrance A1 at Fife Street. The new lift provides step free access from street level to the Station concourse and improve access for the emergency services

At Entrance E the existing adit has been extended to allow provision of 2 new escalators which improve capacity and help reduce congestion at the existing entrance. All works for the new adit were carried out within Nathan Road with the restriction that no more than 1 traffic lane can be closed at anyone time

Project Particulars
Maeda Corporation Ltd. was awarded the C3820-2000C Mong Kok Station Enhancements construction contract in July 2001. Shortly after commencement the contract was merged into the 521 Kowloon Tong Station Interchange contract.

The new external passenger lift at Fife Street Entrance A1 was completed and put into service in December 2002. New entrance adit at Entrance E was opened in July 2003, 2 months ahead of programme. The new adit greatly reduces the passenger congestion previously experienced at Mong Kok Entrance E.


Entrance E (view from concourse)

Entrance E adit

Entrance E adit

EPL at Fife Street