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The Racquet is a student-produced weekly newspaper distributed for the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. The editorial staff assumes full responsibility for content and policies. The Racquet values accuracy and will publish corrections if necessary; please send them to Deadline for article submission is Friday by 5 p.m. To advertise with The Racquet, please contact our Sales Manager at

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231 & 232 Cartwright Center
1725 State Street
La Crosse, WI 54601

(608) 785-6575

(608) 785-8378


To reserve your issue of The Racquet, contact us at or (608) 785-8378. Issues are free on campus or available by mail for a subscription fee.

Fall 2006. . . . . . . . . 15 issues. . . . . $30
Fall 06 & Spring 07. . . 29 issues. . . . . $50

The Editorial Staff
(608) 785-8378

Co-Editors in Chief: Megan Buhrandt & Andrea Wilson

Co-News Editors: Christina Nelson & Ben Penlesky

Sports Editor: Steve Altstadt

Spotlight Editor: Jackie Bertling

Opinions Editor: Danielle Dahlke

Photo Editor: Ryan Heffron

Health Editor: Jenny Sponholtz

Weekly Staff

Writers: Jared Aeschbach, Shane Allen, Elena Bantle, Abby Berg, Chris Berner, Megan Berndt, Kelliann Blazek, Brad Carr, Carrie Dietz, Jennifer Dubert-Bellrichard, Erika George, Stacy Gnacunski, Adam Gruenewald, Matt Hegge, Miranda Helbling, Patrick Kolbe, Nate Kosher, Jaqueline Krall, Leeann Olson, Kelleen Nolan, Briana Nistler, Daisy Ratzlaff, Anna Schmidt, Julie Schmidt, David Seeger, Keith Simons, Jenica Simon, Sam Simons, Jenny Sponholtz, Angie Stanke, Molly Wagner, Josh Van Winkle, Drew Weger, Bill Wirkus, Katie Young

Photographers: Ryan Heffron, Bethany Rahn, Andrea Wilson, Josh Van Winkle

Comic Artists: Andrew Baumann, Shawn Dobbins, Michelle Gallagher, Daniel Sill

Circulation: Patrick Kolbe, Steven Fischer, Steve Altstadt

Business & Sales
(608) 785-8381

Sales Manager: Mike VanBeckum

Business Manager: Lori Popodi

Online Manager:


What's on your mind? We welcome your views, but keep them short. We allow up to 500 words.
Letters must include the author's name, date, phone number and status on campus or in the community if applicable.
Telephone numbers will not be published, but used for verification purposes. We do not run letters with names withheld unless there is a dire reason.
The Racquet reserves the right to edit letters for length and clarity. Although we try to publish as many letters as possible, we reserve the right to reject any letter for legal or other reasons.
To keep this as a forum for ideas, we also discourage a long list of people or sponsors. Please submit to: or to The Racquet, 231 Cartwright Center, 1725 State Street.


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