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Here come the final four    2006-04-25

Episode Four was an express train of a show, with the fires stoked willingly by football-mad professional curmudgeon, guest judge Ian �Dicko� Dickson. And for one contender, the train was headed for a derailment.

But the highlight of the evening was the music � for the first time professionally produced by Musical Director John Forman in a proper studio with real live musicians (instead of having been fabricated on home computers, as most of the tracks were).

All of the five finalists sounded so much better than before but some had improved by greater margins than others, which evened up the contest. This was never more clearly illustrated than when Gerald Marko�s �Heroes And Dreamers� and Freedom Of Thought�s �Green And Gold� survived the slings and arrows of outrageous Dicko but ended up on the same points.

Dicko took exception to the �blind optimism� of most of the entries, claiming that back in England, football songs were meant to sustain you when you had your head in your hands while your team was at the wrong end of a five-nil defeat.
Perhaps memories of his beloved England having their butts kicked by the Socceroos the last time they played somewhat coloured his view.

However, he saved his most scathing comments for Bridget A�Beckett�s �Bring It Home�. While conceding that it was OK as a pop song, Dicko said it was more like a commercial for female hygiene products than a football song. So far so bad for Bridget who found herself in third place.

John Duffin�s quirky ditty �Here Come The Socceroos� was the only entry to get a decent score from Dicko and that helped to propel it into first place, although regular judges John Foreman and Damien Lovelock also recognised its potential as a novelty hit.

So when Richard Parker and Craig Adams� �Best of the Best� came off the bench it was between them and Bridget to see who survived.

Sadly for fans of �girl-pop�, Bridget didn�t make the cut. Perhaps if she could have held on for another week, the fairytale might have had a different ending: starting from the end of this episode, viewers can vote for their favourites.

Next week the four finalists leave the recording studio to perform live in front of our studio audience. They can all be quietly confident but there�s no place here for �blind optimism� either � after all, finally, the viewers have their say.



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