Applied Imaging Technology

Fourth Edition

By John Heggie, Neil Liddell and Kieran Maher
December, 2001
ISBN  1-8752713-3-3
490 pages
AU$132 (plus postage & handling)

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This book has arisen out of an expressed need for a universal set of notes to be made available to all intending candidates for the RACR Radiodiagnosis I Examination for DRACR - Applied Imaging.

This edition represents a substantially revised version of the third edition, most particularly in regard to the newer technologies such as digital mammography, digital radiography and computed radiography.  Other technologies such as computed tomography, ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging and nuclear medicine have been expanded or amended to incorporate recent advances.  In addition, medical images have been included to enhance the reader's understanding of the accompanying text.

Kieran Maher
Updated:  15 Dec 2001