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Possibly Underage Gay Performer Worked for Cobra
By: Doug Lawrence
Posted: 10:35 am PDT 9-13-2005

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - "Brent Corrigan," who appears in at least four titles for Cobra Video, was possibly under 18 when he performed in them, according to information supplied by the performer's attorney, Chad Belville of Tempe, Arizona.

The Cobra titles named by Belville are Bareboned Twinks, Casting Couch 4, Every Poolboy's Dream, and Schoolboy Crush.

Pacific Sun Entertainment, which distributes Cobra Video titles, has notified all of its customers to pull the titles from their shelves, a Pacific Sun spokesman told GAYVN.

Belville would not reveal Corrigan's real name, but told GAYVN in a telephone interview that he was in possession of the performer's Idaho birth certificate which lists his date of birth as October 31, 1986.

In an email to GAYVN, Belville elaborated, "The four titles I listed appear to have been produced before he turned 18.  There may be other titles he appeared in after he turned 18.  His true birthday is October 31, 1986, so he was 18 in October 2004.  Anything made before that would be, by definition, child pornography.  My client's goal is to get the DVD's that were made before he turned 18 off the market."

When reached for comment, Cobra Video owner Bryan Kocis told GAYVN, "These are just allegations," and referred questions to his attorney, Al Flora of Wilkes Barre, Pa.

Sources close to the parties told GAYVN that "Corrigan" presented three forms of ID to Cobra.

The Free Speech Coalition, which also received information regarding "Brent Corrigan," issued a press release in which it recommended "until the facts in this case are clarified, all above titles and promotional materials should be immediately removed from circulation and distribution, and all content, online and offline, that contains the performer named Brent Corrigan should be removed and sealed for attorney review and consultation."  

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