¢¹Heukmeeju (Black Rice Drink)

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is a fruit bearing, broad leafed, plant belonging to the rose species. The fruit is red and has a pleasant scent. It grow extensively in the Korean peninsula and southern Manchuria. It is especially abundant in the northern part of the peninsula and southern Manchuria. Sansachun enhances appetite if drink before a meal, owing to its sour taste. This yakju is aged to improve it¡¯s strength and taste. It is a yakju of very high quality.


The legendary scholar Chou Kung(9th or 10th century B.C.) is said to have created this wine. It is named for a famous Korean scholar¡¯s school. Hwanleen-18-Pum is made with ginseng and Chinese matrimory vine in Baeckha-ju. The drink has a balance of taste and smell. This is part of the philosophy that food should harmonize with nature and the environment. Thus the body that eats it will also be in harmony with nature and its environment. Most fruit and herb drinks have the flavoring infused into the liquor after fermentation. However, for this drink, the flavoring is added to the fermentation mix and is a part of the fermentation process.



This is the most representative example of traditional Yakju.
The recipe has been handed down for a 1,000 years
. It is made only with sticky rice and the highest quality Korean Koji. This drink goes well with fish.



This is made using Red Koji

The difficult method of making this Red Koji was lost in history.
We were the first company to rediscover how to create it.
Rice wine with the fragrance of wild flowers and sour taste.
This wine goes well with BBQ and fish.



Heukmeeju (Black Rice Wine)

Black rice
has high nutritive qualities and produces a unique, fruity scent and beautiful color in sool.
Black rice was originally a wild rice native to southern China.
It has now been domesticated allowing us to develop Heukmeeju, a new and unique drink.
It is a dry liquor that goes well with meat and fried food.

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