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Caulfield Grammar School

Success Story

Prominent grammar school in Australia replaces Microsoft environment with Novell cross platform solution, increasing infrastructure stability and enhancing desktop management.

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Caulfield Grammar School (Caulfield) is one of the most prominent private schools in Australia. With four campuses in Australia and one in China, Caulfield's 300 faculty and staff serve more than 2,700 students ranging from ages 3 to 18.


Caulfield Grammar School was utilizing Microsoft NT as its primary operating system and running Microsoft Exchange-an environment which proved to have a number of challenges. The school suffered from a decentralized, unstable environment, hindering the standardization of processes and procedures between campuses. Limited bandwidth links between campuses made the situation worse.

Caulfield's environment also lacked efficient desktop management and software distribution capabilities. The IT staff was required to travel to each campus to manually install educational applications to student workstations as well as address desktop repairs and upgrades, monopolizing much of the staffs' time and incurring substantial administrative costs.

The school needed to find a solution that would enable it to expand its current infrastructure's functionality while increasing overall stability and reliability.

Novell solution

"Simply put, we selected NetWare and ZENworks because there were no other products out there that could offer its stability, reliability, functionality and security."

Paul Butler
Head of Information Technology
Caulfield Grammar School

Caulfield's first step was to increase the bandwidth of its wide-area network (WAN). Next, Caulfield tapped into the expertise of Com Connexions, a Novell partner organization, to determine the most appropriate software solution. Serving as the school's integration company, Com Connexions introduced the school to Novell NetWare and ZENworks for Desktops.

"Simply put, we selected NetWare and ZENworks because there were no other products out there that could offer its stability, reliability, functionality and security," said Paul Butler, Caulfield Grammar School Head of IT.

Although NetWare has replaced Microsoft NT for file, print and security, Caulfield has retained NT and Exchange in its environment to run other applications. The cross-platform functionality of eDirectory is used to integrate NetWare and NT, allowing the school to leverage its existing technology and expand its functionality and services. NetWare, together with the additional bandwidth of Caulfield's WAN, has significantly increased the stability and reliability of the school's overall infrastructure.

Currently, all four of Caulfield's Australian campuses are utilizing the Novell solution to streamline and integrate infrastructure resources. This unity offers the school a central point of administration, offering additional services for its students and faculty, while laying a solid foundation for future technology implementations.

Caulfield looked to ZENworks for Desktops to solve its desktop management and software distribution needs. ZENworks for Desktops leverages and builds on the centralization offered by eDirectory and NetWare by enabling the school's IT staff to manage and distribute software remotely, from one location. By simplifying software distribution, Caulfield is able to deliver more resources-including hundreds of curriculum applications-to its students and staff, significantly enhancing its learning environment.

"We were looking for the most efficient application delivery solution and once we saw the ZENworks offering, we were convinced. ZENworks has been running well since the installation was completed," Butler said.

Caulfield is also using Novell BorderManager (NBM) as its firewall. Prior to NBM, the school's firewall was externally managed. With NBM, the school can manage its environment internally with increased efficiency and control as well as heightened overall security.

Caulfield's future plans include the deployment of an identity provisioning solution based on Novell DirXML, an XML-based, directory-integrated solution that automatically synchronizes information across different databases and applications.


Novell NetWare and ZENworks for Desktops have transformed Caulfield Grammar School's technology infrastructure into a centralized, productive, easy-to-manage environment. NetWare has significantly increased network stability and reliability, increasing overall efficiency and ease-of-use.

ZENworks for Desktops alleviates the need for its IT staff to travel to each campus to manually install applications or repair software, saving the organization a significant amount of time and money. By utilizing the remote control functionality of ZENworks for Desktops, Caulfield's IT staff can now take control of desktops from miles away and solve issues without ever leaving their desks, freeing up time for staff to address more pertinent IT issues.

"Microsoft just didn't have the functionality that ZENworks for Desktops offers, such as remote desktop management and the ability to push out fixes and repairs," said Butler. "We're so pleased with the solution that we plan to utilize ZENworks to rollout upgrades for Exchange and Windows 2000 in the near future."

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